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Temperatures Off of the Charts

Nolan Duff

Mona Shores High School


Temperatures Off of the Charts

If someone is to ever think of a place where temperatures are on the rise and people are

losing their houses to fires and natural disasters, they think of an underdeveloped country with no

laws. This could soon be a reality for the entire planet if humans cannot figure out a solution to

the climate change crisis. Global Warming is an increasing problem and is being caused by

humans’ mistreatment of the planet, false information, temperature rise, and fossil fuel



Global warming is the artificial heating of the Earth’s surface due to human activities

(Frank 2018). Another name for global warming is climate change. The two words are

interchangeable with each other. Climate change is a hard-hitting topic and one of the main

fights between the left and right in today's political climate. A noticeable change began in the

late 19th century with the industrial revolution when humans began using more and more fossil

fuels leading to increased carbon emissions (Mast 2019). This rise in pollution can lead to the

depletion of the ozone layer which will ultimately lead to a rise in temperatures or smog and air

quality degradation. This is exactly what is happening to our beloved planet today.

Mistreatment of the Earth

The first reason that global warming is an increasing problem is that humans are

mistreating the Earth. Pollution from humans is a huge cause for climate change and is only

getting worse: “The company's (Ineos) 75 manufacturing facilities across 22 countries are

responsible for chemical leaks, fires, explosions, and air and climate pollution” (Hauter 2019).

Ineos, a privately owned chemical company, is building more and more factories and causing

lots of ecological damage (Hauter 2019). The emissions from the factory are directly affecting

the climate. This type of pollution is called point-source pollution. Point-source is when a source

of pollution can be directly located. This type of pollution has the largest effect on the climate

since it is direct.

Furthermore, humans’ mistreating the Earth is the use of aerosol cans and power plant

emissions in the atmosphere. Aerosol cans and power plants are causing a rise in temperature

(Union of Concerned Scientists 2013). Aerosol cans are another example of point-source

pollution and are a huge cause of climate change. While the emissions of aerosols have slightly

gone down with more knowledge in the US, the emissions in less developed countries are still


False Information

Second, global warming is an increasing problem is that information is being falsely

spread or not spread at all. In Nepal, 58% of farmers are unaware of the effects of climate change

on their crops and how it is happening. Only 42% of farmers are even aware that climate change

exists at all (Shrestha and Baral 2018). This is an alarming statistic and shows that scientists and

governments need to better inform the public on this topic. The reason this is a problem in Nepal

is that they have fewer regulations on their crops and farmlands so the farmers do not know what

they could potentially be doing to the planet. Nepal is a fantastic example of ignorance from

governments in less developed countries. 15% of the farmers that had heard about climate

change said that they heard about it from other farmers (Shrestha and Baral 2018). Farmers

hearing from other farmers is important because of the fact that word of mouth can spread faster

than news or media in less developed parts of the world like Nepal.

Temperature Rise

The third reason that global warming is an increasing problem is that there is evidence of

a rise in temperature. Effects of global warming can be seen through the increase in temperature

around the world: glaciers are melting in the Arctic, Nepal is recording record highs, and the

twelve warmest years have come in our past fifteen. The polar ice caps are melting at an

alarming rate-24 cubic miles per year (Conway 2014). According to Grace Sattelite, Antarctica is

losing mass (Conway 2014). Loss of mass from the Arctic glaciers is a direct result of an

increase in temperatures from climate change. Another example is that it is predicted that all

Himalayan glaciers could be melted in the next fifteen years (Evers 2013). The area is increasing

in temperature by .08 degrees Celsius per year. Himalayan glaciers also represent a temperature

increase. Nepal is recording record highs every year and has increased by 1.7 degrees Celsius in

the last thirty years.

A claim made by former President Barack Obama(2019) is that the United States has

seen twelve of the warmest years recorded in history within the last fifteen years (Obama 2014).

This statistic is a clear sign from our planet that the human race needs to take control of climate

change and stop the Earth from heating. With more record high years in the books than ever, that

can only mean that more will come. The only way to reverse these effects is through human


Increase in Fossil Fuels

The final reason that global warming is an increasing problem is because of an increase

in human fossil fuel emissions. A new pipeline was approved in Canada that would output 277

million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. That is as much as 58 million cars driving

on the road. Canada promised to reduce emissions by 30% by 2030 and would struggle to

accomplish this with its current carnage to the atmosphere (Johnson 2019). This increase in fossil

fuels can contribute to the rising of temperatures and destruction of habitats. The Canadian Prime

Minister has promised reduced emissions but needs to cut out some of his reckless deals for the

greater good of the planet.

Carbon emissions do not only come from the creation of pipelines; they come from

power plants a lot of the time. 40% of carbon emissions are from power plants alone (Obama

2014). Cutting down the use of coal-fired plants and investing money into safer, cleaner energy

is a more efficient use of government money. Some alternatives to coal plants are hydropower

(water power), nuclear energy, solar energy, or even harnessing the energy from the sun. This

change would drastically reduce the amount of carbon put in the atmosphere and could

potentially save the world.

What is Being Done

Although the World is facing hardships right now in regard to global warming, some

humans are trying to stop it. The US and UK devoted 50 million dollars to figure out why the

Thwaites iceberg in Antarctica is collapsing (Mast 2019). These countries want to figure out how

to stop what has already been done to the Earth. They know that climate change is a real problem

and need to know how to stop it. Things are looking up for the Thwaites iceberg in Antarctica.

After the research was done by the US and Uk, it was found that rising bedrock could stop the

iceberg from melting. While this is a good break for the world, lucky breaks like this cannot be

relied on in the future.


Another claim is that the use of fossil fuels could be cut down if the world went-carbon

free. Kalmus(2019) went carbon free to an extent for years and has been able to still lead a

healthy life and be a part of society without emitting lots of carbon. The most carbon emitted

from Kalmus(2019) was when he rode in a plane in 2012 (Kalmus 2019). If people lived like

this, the problem of fossil fuels being emitted into the atmosphere would not be a problem for

society. People are still hung up on living to their own needs and not living for what the world

could potentially need.

Something else that is being done to prevent the effects of climate-changing is reducing

immigration. It is believed that immigration is a contributor to the changing of the Earth’s

climate (Lamm and Cafaro 2019). The United States is feared to soon be over carrying capacity

for its people. Adding immigrants to the mix will only increase the need to burn more fossil fuels

for electricity and produce more food on farms. It is also believed that keeping the immigration

rate down would increase worker productivity and reduce the unemployment rate. While climate

change is usually a view from the left side and immigration control is a view from the right, a

compromise could be met in the middle to meet the needs of both sides of the aisle. Each side

wants to have what the other one needs.


While some things are being done to stop climate change, the issue is being neglected by

politicians who cannot see the facts. The president once tweeted: "The concept of global

warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing

non-competitive" (Trump). If the United States President believes that climate change does not

exist then he must be right. He has access to all the science in the world, but he is simply wrong.

The evidence provided above has shown time again that climate change is a pressing issue that

needs to be stopped.

Conclusion and Food for Thought

Climate change is a hard-hitting topic and one that needs to be front and center in

mainstream media. Global Warming is an increasing problem and is being caused by humans

mistreatment of the plant, false information, temperature rise, and fossil fuel emissions. While

temperatures are still high, there is no telling what will happen to the Earth, but with science and

collaboration, hope can be seen for the world.



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