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The house that I have designed was that they would use reusable wood and plywood and

recycled items such as card board, glass bottles and old brick from previous houses and buildings that
have had brick. The heating and cooling would mostly come from the solar panels or the electricity from
the shore generators. The electricity would be from the same shore generators because they might be
able to produce a lot of energy because the currents along the coasts are extremely powerful, and the
pull on the generators will cause them to spin and on the rig itself there will be turbines that rub against
an electrode like copper and metallic brushes that rub against the copper sheets. The static electricity
that will occur in these generators will become power that can supply the city or state.

The renewable sources that are available is water, air, and solar. The solar could be stored in
old car batteries like Tesla batteries. If the houses were going to use the ocean as an energy source they
would have to make special power plants out of reusable material and that will last a long time. The
generators would use the current as a power source like how the Hoover operates. The houses would
have to be closer to the oceans or where there is a place that has high winds and lots of sun all year
round. The generators would look like oil rigs but instead of pumps there would be large generators that
will be able to spin and make electricity. The equipment would be at least a mile from the shores if not
farther because it would be dangerous to have them so close to homes just in case there would be an
explosion. There should always be another generator that is close by, and there should be another back
up rig just in case one had a malfunction.

Generator Rig:
The renewable energy sources that I used was the renewable water power and solar. The
advantages of using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels is that the renewable power will
basically be unlimited and won’t produce pollution; whereas the fossil fuels limited and causes most of
our pollution and the depletion of the Ozone layer. I didn’t use air farming because there isn’t enough
power to produce for the whole country and most land would be used up for these air farms, and that
land could be used for farm land that has food for us. Also there are solar farms but if every house were
to have a solar panel there would be less of a solar farm. No I don’t think that people would use my
house because most people like new thing and not reused also the houses would be to “different”
because of how they look. The power generators maybe I can see that because the generators will make
more power than either solar or air.