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2) What renewable sources of energy are available? :
Current known renewable sources are geothermal energy, biomass fuel, solar energy,
hydroelectric power, Nuclear energy, and wind.

3) Which sources could be used to supply a household’s needs? How could each source
be used? : All of these could be used although, since Nuclear energy can give off
hazardous waste, it would not be one of the best types to choose. The water can be
uses by putting small turbines in sink, drains, and in toilets to create power for at least
the bathrooms, laundry room, and maybe the kitchen. You can put many solar panels
on top of your house to collect energy for the whole house. You would also build
some smaller turbines and use some wind energy for the whole house or for just the
outside. Beneath your house you could dig very deep and get geothermal energy if
you had this money and power the whole house maybe with it. If you have extra food
that is rotting, old, or just leftovers you don’t want, you could have a biomass energy
generator to capture the energy from it.

4) Where would the home have to be located to use each source? : You would want the
home to be somewhere that does not rain much, is fairly windy, and a wide open
space because you might need a big house/lot to have such energy generators near
your house. You also should be in a place that you can mine into to get the
geothermal energy.

5) What equipment would be needed? Where would this equipment be located? : You
would need Solar panels, turbines, money, water, food, and lots of professionals. You
might be able to find these at places where professionals in this field work to help you
build all of the generators and you could find the materials maybe online or have a
professional build it for you.

6) Since there are so many ways that you are getting energy, you could just have a wire
or something lead to all of them as a backup such as the solar panels and wind.
1. Which renewable energy sources did you use in your home? :

I used Biomass, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, and wind energy.

2. What are the advantages of using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels? :

The advantages are that you do not hurt our planet as much as we could using nonrenewable
sources. WE also most likely will not run out of the renewable sources anytime soon unless God
does something. It may be more expensive up front but the long term benefits may out-weigh
the short term cons.

3. Which renewable energy sources did you not include in your designs? Why didn’t you use
them? :

I did not use Nuclear energy as a source because it is much less stable and gives off radioactive
chemicals that should not be anywhere near a community environment.

4. Do you think people in the future will have homes like the ones you designed? Why or why
not? :

I think that they may if people are willing to put money into a cleaner way of living and if people
realize the damage that we are doing to our earth. They may not use all of the sources but
maybe they will choose one or two that work for them. They might not make houses like this at
all because of the short term money costs. Or, maybe people will kind of have hybrid homes
where they use some nonrenewable sources and some renewable ones. It is all up to us.