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Experimenting with Motion

Today I am going to test the effects of Mass on Force. I know that Newton’s second law
states that Force is dependent of the Mass and acceleration of an object. I am going to
drop 3 different objects and test my hypothesis. The greater the Mass, the more force
the object will have on impact.

 1 Bed of Sand
 1 Board with a hole in it
 1 Tape measure
 2 bricks
 1 level
 1 Piece of paper
 1 Folded Napkin
 1 Empty plastic film container
 1 Solid metal ball
 1 paper and pencil to record data
 1 Lab sheet

Today I am going to test the law of Force. I am going to use 3 different sized objects
with different weights. I am going to drop each one from the same height into a bed of
sand. I will then record the type of impression in the sand made by each object.
Newton’s second Law of motion states that the more mass an object has, the more
force it will make if they have the same acceleration, the one with more mass with make
more force. The heavier the object, the more sand will be moved.

An object with more mass will have more force.

1. Fill my container with sand making a nice thick bed of sand
2. Place my board on top of 2 bricks
3. Check to make sure it is level and measure the height. Mine is 14” high
4. Place the paper over the hole
5. Place the paper napkin over the hole
6. Remove the paper quickly and watch the napkin fall.
7. Record the data and shape of the sand around the object
8. Repeat steps 5-7 using the film container, and then the metal ball
9. Fill in the data table in the lab sheet.
10. Answer all conclude questions and see if the data supports the hypothesis
11. Submit and share to the teacher.
Data Table

Independent Trial 1
Paper napkin Only a few grains of sand moved. After I moved the napkin I could see a
folded difference
Plastic film There was a small crater in the sand about ¼” deep.
Metal Ball There was a large creator where the ball hit. The entire ball was covered
up in the sand. After I removed the ball there was still about a 1” deep

I was testing the second law of motion to see how much mass effects force. I used 3
different objects and dropped them all from the same height. I recorded how deep the
imprint in the sand below was after each one.
My hypothesis was correct. The more mass and object has, the more force it will have.
The folded paper napkin did not have a lot of mass and I couldn’t see any change in
the sand. The container was heavier and more mass and made a small dent. The metal
ball had the most mass and the most force when it hit.
It was a little hard to measure how deep each hole was, but you can tell easily which
object sank and which didn’t move the sand at all. Newton’s second law works.