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A House of the Future:

My project is the house of the future. The house will be located in Tucson,
Arizona near a hillside. My house design will be an A-frame house with a
basement. The house will use three sources of energy which will include
heating and cooling, hot water, and electricity.

Use of Renewable Energy for Electricity:

For electricity I will use on the A-frame, sets of solar panels on each side of
the roof. This will supply my electric needs by harnessing the energy form
the sun. On average, there are 286 sunny days per year in Tucson, Arizona.
This electric energy from the sun will be used to power the house. The energy
from the solar panels will be converted to a generator which will then make
electricity. The generator would be situated outside beside the house.
Use of Renewable Energy Sources for Heating
and Cooling the House:
For heating and cooling I will use nature for example, during the winter the
windows in the front and back of the house would collect heat from the sun
and a fire place would keep the house warm. During the summer time a
basement would be used to sleep in because like a cave it maintains a
temperature of 68 degrees all year round. During the summer time there
would be reflective sun screens to keep the heat out. Inside the house there
would be a ceiling fan to circulate the air which is run from electricity from
the solar panels. On the ceiling alongside the ceiling fan would be an aperture
for hot air to escape.

Use of Renewable Energy for Hot Water:

For hot water I would have a reservoir of water facing the sun stored in black
pipes to absorb and retain the heat of the water. The duct would be located
outside on the hillside near to the house.

Cost and Feasibility of the Futuristic House:

My house uses current technology such as solar panels, generators, and black
pipes which is currently being used in today’s houses.

In conclusion the renewable energy sources that I used in my house was solar
energy. I took advantage of the environment and location where I lived which
is a desert. The advantages of using solar power is that it is cheap, abundant,
and is easy to use in order to make electricity and heat water. The best part is
that it does not do damage to the environment in any way. The renewable
energy source that I did not use if wind energy. Why I did not use wind
energy is that there is more sunlight than wind in Tucson, Arizona. If I lived
in the coast I would use the wind. I believe that in the future it will be more
common to have homes that have solar panels because the technology is
getting better and it makes sense to use solar energy when living in a desert
because there is a lot of sunlight in the desert.