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A Car of the Future

Problem How could renewable energy sources be used to power a car?

Devise a Plan

1. Consider what you learned about renewable energy sources. Use what you learned to design a
car that operates entirely on renewable energy sources.

My car will need to use energy instead of gas. Gas burns fossil fuels that pollute the air. This car
will need to use the environment around it to function. Such as, a solar powered car, or a wind
powered car, or even a hydropower car. The metal used on the car can be recycled metal from
other things in the world. Each and every component of this car has to help the car function and
burn less fossil fuels.

2. Think about the following issues: • •


What renewable sources of energy are available?

I can use Solar Energy, Wind power, Hydropower, or geothermal energy to power my car. They will all
burn less fossil fuels and they all are renewable resources that can be used.

Which sources could be used to operate the car? How could each source be used?

If I were to use wind power as the main source to operate my car I could but a fan at the back side of the
car. The fan would then push the car forward. The fan would work by charge. I would need to charge the
fan to be able to use it. One way I could possibly charge it is by using solar energy.

If I were to use solar power as the main source to operate my car I could place solar panels on the hood
of the car. The solar panels would connect to a motor inside the hood of the car. The solar panels would
charge the motor with energy. The minute you were to stick the keys into the ignition and turn on the
car the motor would start using the solar energy and it would push the car forward with the motor

If I were to use hydropower as my main source to operate my car I would need water and a fire or
something hot. Instead of placing gas into the gas tank you would place water into the gas tank. The gas
tank would fill up with water. Once you turn on the car and the engine starts the engine would heat up
and begin to burn the water. The water would then in turn be able to fuel the car and it would begin to

What equipment would be needed?

Different equipment would be used for different types of cars you have. For example if I were to use the
solar energy powered car all I’d need were some solar panels, a mechanic, and an old car. I could also
use recycled medals to build this car. The wires needed to hook the solar panels to the engine will also
be needed.

Where would this equipment be located?

You could find the equipment needed for this project anywhere around the world. Hardware stores and
other easily accessible places. But to build the car I would need to place the solar panels on the hood of
the car, or I could turn the solar panels into the hood of the car. Then I would need wiring to connect the
solar panels to the engine of the car.

What backup systems should be included?

In case of emergency there should be trigger that you can pull in the front. If its needed the car will
switch into emergency mode. The solar powered car would probably have a wind power system for back
up. If the solar mode fails hopefully the wind power mode will work and bring the car and the driver to
safety if necessary.

2. On a separate sheet of paper, draw your designs for a renewable-energy car. Label your
drawings to identify the energy sources you used and to explain how each system works.
Analyze and Conclude

1. Which renewable energy sources did you use in your car? Solar Energy and Wind power. Those were
the two renewable energy sources I used in my car.

2. What are the advantages of using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels? It protects the
world from all the greenhouse gasses building up by all the fossil fuels. With using renewable energy it is
burning little to no fossil fuels so greenhouse gasses aren’t as big of a threat.

3. Which renewable energy sources did you not include in your designs? Why didn’t you use them? I
didn’t include Hydropower or geothermal energy. I believe the two renewable resources I used will do
enough for the car to carry it forward. I’m not sure if in reality my car will work as well as I think it would
in my mind.

4. Do you think people in the future will have cars like the ones you designed? Why or why not? I believe
if people can find the technological advancements in the future to design and build the car I have
designed here today it would be possible. I believe now in this timeline it is possible to make the car ive
designed but there would be much work needed to be done. I believe in the future greenhouse gasses
will become more of a threat and people will have to begin to use cars like the one ive designed today.

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