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Renewable Energy Electric Car

There are a lot of different renewable energy you can use, but for a car I think
solar power will work the best. Solar power will give cars energy all throughout
the day. At night there will still be some power, but in case there will be a backup
charging cable. At stores, restaurants, movies, anywhere you can park there will
be a charging station. The charging station will only be used at night time,
shutting off in the morning, when the sun rises.

The solar power will be connected to the battery and engine, giving the car power
to move. The charging cable will also be connected to the battery and engine.
Depending how big the car is, will determine how many solar powers you have on
your car. On my drawling of the car, it is a regular sized car with two solar powers.

I think that solar powers on cars will be in our future. With more of these cars we
will have less pollution, helping not destroy our world.