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1. Which renewable energy sources did you use in your car?

My car runs mostly on solar energy, which is a cost efficient and safe alternative to fossil fuels.
My car can also run on biomass fuel made from food wastes and plant wastes, in case the solar
panels are unable to work.
2. What are the advantages of using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels?
Some advantages of using solar energy and biomass fuels is that it doesn’t pollute the earth like
fossil fuels do. We will also never run out of solar energy or plants, but based on how much
we’re using fossil fuels, we will eventually run out of them soon. Using biomass fuels is also a
good way to get rid of food and plants wastes.
3. Which renewable energy sources did you not include in your designs? Why didn’t you use them?
I did not include wind or hydroelectric energy because they didn’t seem as efficient as the
energy sources I used.
4. Do you think people in the future will have cars like the ones you designed? Why or why not?
I think people will have cars like these in the future because we’re using fossil fuels so much. We
will eventually have to switch to renewable energy.