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Devise a Plan

What renewable sources of energy are available?

- Windmills
- Gas stove
- Space heating
- Space cooling
- Solar hot water

Which sources could be used to supply a households needs? How could each source be used?
- Jars instead of plastic
- Paper bags/canvas bags instead of plastic
- Reusable water bottles
- Grow your own food
- Reuse/recycle clothes

Jars instead of plastic- when you purchase food the food is usually contained in plastic,
instead of buying everything packaged try to do inventory and determine which things can be
found in a grocery store that has bins of food. Get glass jars and fill them up.

Paper bags/canvas bags instead of plastic- when you go to some grocery stores they give
you the option of paper, plastic, or your own bag you’ve brought from home. Try to limit the use
of plastic by using paper or reusable bags.
Reusable water bottles- majority of people use plastic water bottles that are not reusable. If
you limit the amount of plastic water bottles being thrown away by using a reusable water bottle
it will help the environment.

Grow your own food- when you grow your own food you can control the pesticides going onto
the plants. My family had a garden and never used pesticides and our plants were never
affected by animals, only caterpillars. There are safer alternatives to pesticides, and you can
control that when growing your own food.

Reuse/recycle clothes- reusing clothes is helpful because it decreases greenhouse gases. It

also help reduce the size of landfills, it can also help people who are need of clothes. There are
bins outside of places that accept clothes and give them to people in need.
Where would a home have to be located to use each source?
You would need to live somewhere with a lot of land where you can have windmills. You would
also need the land to grow food. If more people move to where there is just land and far from
cities, then the support of land being torn down for buildings would decrease.

What equipment would be needed? Where would this equipment be located?

Some of the equipment required to make this home perfect and environmentally safe is hard to
acquire and would take lots of money. If you are unable to purchase windmills and solar
heating/cooling you can still do things to contribute to the earth. Jars, paper bags, canvas bags,
water bottles, and recycling clothes are accessible steps that can help the earth.

Analyze and Conclude

Which renewable energy source did you use in your home?

My family uses canvas bags, plastic water bottles, we recycle clothes and have a garden where
we grow tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries, watermelons, and cantaloupe.
What are the advantages of using renewable resources instead of fossil fuels?
If we use sources that are not renewable we will run out of the resources we need to live, there
are alternatives to fossil fuels and we should use them. We are also not the only species being
affected by the lack of resources, there are many animals that suffer from it as well.

Which renewable resource energy sources did you not include in your design? Why didn’t you
use them?
One way to help that I wrote down but did not include was to separate your trash into compost,
recycled things like paper and class, and things you cannot recycle like styrofoam, and plastic. I
didn’t include it because I didn’t think it was a renewable energy source. It is a way to help
reduce non biodegradable waste.

Do you think people in the future will have homes like the ones you designed? Why or why not?
There are people now who live like my future home, and I think more people will begin to live
like this as time goes on. People will realize the seriousness of using up all of our resources and
begin to convert to living a more environmentally friendly life.