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A House of the Future

Solar power is an old technology but it should be our futures energy source for homes of the
future. People around the world are already using solar to help power their homes. Some have gone as
far as selling the extra power back to the electric companies. We use solar power since our home is rural
and we aren’t hooked up to the power grid. Solar is a good if you live in states with plenty of sun.

Smart technology like low energy appliances should be in the homes of the future, items that
are not harmful to the environment. Some examples are smart TV’s and EV electric car charging

Homes of the future should also conserve water. Low flow faucets and showerheads with smart
sensors allow the home owner to monitor their water usage. There are even leak sensors that let you
know if there are leaks in the home. Solar hot water systems heat water with the help of the sun. This
helps with power use since there is no use of power.

The house of the future could be built to help with heating and cooling issues. Smart windows
that allow heat from the sun to enter the house in the winter and block out the sun in the summer.
These windows could have built in tinting that can be activated with a device.

The future homes should also have solutions to waste and recycling. Today we already have
technology that can help recognize different recycling materials so that the home owner knows what
and where things can be recycled.