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A Car Of The Future

The renewable energy that I thought would be best to use for cars is solar energy. The
people would have to somehow design a car that collects solar energy from the sun, and
then find a way to make sure that the energy that is collected stays in the storage area.
They can make micro solar panels, and then out them all over the exterior of the car,
then send the collected energy through to the storage, which would have to be next to
the engine. Also, the engine would be much smaller because it does not have to burn
the gas up to create the power. That means that the only thing they would need to
make the car is the body, the micro solar generators, wires to translate the power over
and the power dispenser. Power dispenser meaning the thing that will provide energy to
the make the wheels turn, provide A/C, lights, pretty much anything that requires
technology in the car. Also, it would require a power storage system that can store
enough power for 5 days’ worth of nonstop driving without any outside energy being
collected. The solar would help out a ton, just think about oil trades through the U.S. We
would be selling outside countries oil and never really having to buy it because we
wouldn’t use it. Also, there would need to be a backup generator that takes in the
excess power that the original generator can not hold, meaning less wasted energy.
Another thing that could be added is wind turbines because there is a ton of wind while
driving, so if somebody could put wind turbines and solar turbines in a car, wind
turbines for colder places where it snows a lot, then they could have tons of energy
even without the solar. They would have to put the turbines inside of the grill and if you
put enough down then they will constantly be producing energy, and the amount of
energy produces would be multiplied by almost 10 times while driving on a main road,
almost 20 while on the freeway with 4-5 mph wind speed.
The best part about this car would be that the source that is being used for power uses
motion for wind and the suns heat for solar, meaning that it would be almost impossible
to run out of energy. Also, that means that we could use gas and other power sources of
cars on different things, such as selling and use in factories. We would have more of it
and would not have to buy as much oil. I do think that there could be people that build
the car I have designed, but I think it would be a while before it happens, especially
because I’m not even sure if the type of technology I mentioned has been invented yet,
and if so then it would be very expensive. I did not use plants as an energy source,
because burning them for energy will not produce enough energy. Natural elements are
better to use because they are constantly occurring.
A House of the Future
I think a good source of renewable resources for a house would be wind turbines, and
solar. In my opinion pretty much whatever it is wind and solar energy are the best
sources of energy, mainly because they are constant and will never stop happening
outside unless the sun magically loses it’s energy. Solar panels in the past have worked
well, but they are very expensive, so not many people have them . Like the car, I think if
people can put mini solar panels on their roof, then they will have an almost constant
stream of energy for 12 hours. Now, in places that are usually cloudy then wind turbines
could work well. If the wind turbine farm areas can produce enough energy for San
Diego, El Cajon and Los Angeles I think they’ll be able to power one house for a long
time. You would just need multiple power storage areas. If somebody put ten down
imagine how long they would have power for. Their utility bill would be almost
nonexistent and then they would have to focus on water(which the city provides),
getting a filter into the water, making sure the power works for the water throughout
the house making the tubs, sink, shower, filtered water, the hose, pretty much anything
that requires water to use. Also, for A/C all that would have to happen is that you take
an A/C unit and run the power to that, meaning that you would have an unlimited
supply of power going into the machine. And then if the turbines ever stop working then
using the generators that have a ton of storage in them it can power the house, until the
turbines get fixed so it would be hard to run out of power. Another thing is that you
would be running on your own power, except for the water, meaning that if there is
ever a city wide black out then you would still have power for however long your
generators last. Then if somebody wants to they could make their own water supply for
that specific reason, taking water from anywhere then putting it inside of a backup
storage place, meaning that you won’t run out of water during a blackout.

Like the cars, using fossil fuels can eventually run out, so any way we can save them by
using a renewable energy source is beneficial. Also, using natural elements for power is
constant and would therefore be the best for power. I think people will have a
somewhat close design with the same end result that my design has. I think the design
may have a few flaws but the end result will want to be the same.