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How could renewable energy sources be used in a house?

In a house, renewable energy sources would be used to

create energy for the resident’s utilization. Such as doing
things like heating or cooling, using hot water, and getting
The house has three major needs to focus on:
 Heating and Cooling
 Hot water
 Electricity
What renewable sources of energy are available?
 Solar Panels- energy provided from the sun’s rays
 Hydroelectric power- electricity produced by flowing water
 Biomass Fuels- wood, leaves, food waste, manure, are made
from living things. May be burned as fuels or also can be
converted to a mixture called gasohol
 Geothermal energy- intense heat from Earth’s interior that
warms magma
 Wind Turbines- kinetic energy is converted into mechanical
Which sources could be used to o Where would the home have
supply a household’s needs? How to be located to use each source?
could each source be used? o The home would have to be
 Electricity: Solar Panels could be located above an underground
installed above the house for geothermal heat pump in order to
additional energy that may be used receive the heat that is needed to
to create electricity in the home. warm the hot water.
 Hot Water: Geothermal energy o Also, the house would have to be
could be used for hot water located in an area where the solar
because the heat from earth’s panels could reach direct sunlight
interior may warm the water in and not be blocked by any
homes. shadows.
 Heating and Cooling: Wind Turbines o Lastly, the house of the future
could be used to cool and heat the would need to be in a place that is
house of the future by converting fairly windy to cause the wind
kinetic energy to mechanical turbines to be able to spin.
power. Thus, the mechanical power
can be used to both cool and heat
the house.
What equipment would be needed? What backup systems should be
Where would this equipment be included?
located?  If the equipment that is being used
 The equipment for the house would be fails, that means that an additional
located by where it would receive and system should be included just incase
provide the most energy for the house of an issue occurring.
to use. The solar panels would be  Biomass fuels could be burned to get
installed on the roof of the house and the required energy for the house to
they would send the energy use. They could be burned in the
throughout inside the house to make basement in a sealed off area from the
electricity for the house to use. house so that it would affect the
 The house would also need an oxygen that the residents would
underground geothermal heat pump breathe.
to warm the hot water. This equipment  Or on the other hand, hydroelectric
would be located under the house power could be used to make energy
because it needs to use the earth’s for the house. If a certain type of water
interior’s heat. fall that flows into a turbine that spins to
 In order to get heating and cooling, produce energy.
the house would need to have wind
turbines on the roof also so that it
would produce enough energy that
the house could be able to heat and
cool. These wind turbines would be
located on the roof of the house, but
away from the solar panels.
In conclusion, I used solar panels, a geothermal heat pump
and wind turbines to power my house without using any
nonrenewable resources. If people use renewable
resources instead of using fossil fuels it will help to conserve
all of the fossil fuels so that way they don’t run out. That
way we have a big supply of them, and we aren’t just
being wasteful. I didn’t include hydroelectric power to my
house because I felt like it would be very difficult install a
big turbine that is moved by water to produce energy
outside of the house. It would possibly require a big river or
lake to move the turbines enough to make energy. I also
decided not to include biomass fuels because I thought
burning them would effect the air quality in the house. Yes,
I believe that people will have homes like the one I’ve
created in the future because it is a great way to
conserve nonrenewable resources and to keep our
nonrenewable resources save so that we don’t run out.