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How could renewable energy sources be used in a house?

Devise a Plan
1. Consider what you learned about renewable energy sources. Use what you learned to design
a house that operates entirely on renewable energy sources. Focus on three major needs: (1)
heating and cooling; (2) hot water; and (3) electricity.
2. Think about the following issues:
 What renewable sources of energy are available?
 Which sources could be used to supply a household’s needs? How could each source
be used?
 Where would the home have to be located to use each source?
 What equipment would be needed? Where would this equipment be located?
 What backup systems should be included?
3. On a separate sheet of paper, draw your designs for a renewable-energy house. Label your
drawings to identify the energy sources you used and to explain how each system works.
Analyze and Conclude
1. Which renewable energy sources did you use in your home? Solar power.
2. What are the advantages of using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels? It causes
less pollution.
3. Which renewable energy sources did you not include in your designs? Why didn’t you use
4. Do you think people in the future will have homes like the ones you designed? Why or why
not? Yes because many people are already using solar power.