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Marriage 101: Common Problems and Solutions for a

Happy Marriage

Marriages have their own share of problems. These issues should be resolved
promptly instead of being ignored. The article below elaborates on marriage
problems and solutions.

Debopriya Bose Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017

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Issues in marriages are inevitable and keep cropping up now and then.
However, a knowledge of the common marriage problems and solutions
for them prepare us to deal with situations better. If you wish to avoid most
marriage problems, ask yourself the question "Am I ready for marriage?"
before taking your vows. Many of us rush into the institution just because
we feel that we are running past the right age for marriage, while others
commit to the relationship because all their friends are doing the same!

The best way to avoid marital problems is to enter into the institution only
when you feel that you have found your soulmate and are ready to ful ll
the responsibilities and obligations that come with it. Despite this
measure, couples go through a number of relationship problems. Some
common problems in a marriage and their solutions are discussed in the
following lines of this article.

Once we are married, we de nitely assume that our spouse is our friend
for life. However, do you feel lonely despite being married for quite a few
years now? Is it that when you need to talk, your spouse is not the rst one
that springs to your mind? Do you and your spouse feel the urge to go on
vacations separately? If the answer to all these questions is 'yes', then you
de nitely know where you are heading! It isn't that marriage is bliss all the
time. Small relationship issues just keep cropping up every now and then.

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However, major problems usually start as inconsequential ones which if

not recognized and corrected on time, may become severe enough to deal
that nal blow to one's relationship. Here are some common marriage
related problems and the ways to deal with them.

List of Problems and Solutions

Marriage is a lot about love, certainly, but other elements do play a
part too.
Feelings and respect for the other are de nitely the most important
aspects of any relationship, be it marriage or friendship. However,
let's be realistic, money does play a big role in today's world.
While some believe in spending it to ful ll each and every desire,
some of us are more comfortable with the thought that we have
saved enough for the future.
In her 2nd memoir, 'Committed', Elizabeth Gilbert states that
nothing breaks a home more than a nancial crunch. She has
certainly got this right.

The best solution about this problem is to talk about this aspect in
detail before committing to marriage and be clear about whether
you and your partner will be able to work around the issue.
It also helps for engaged couples to discuss nancial
responsibilities that each would shoulder after getting married, as
this is another question regarding money that can cause bitterness
between couples.
These are some of the common, very apparent marriage problems.
However, sometimes money is not the cause of rift in a relationship,
but the medium that indicates other deeper problems For
but the medium that indicates other deeper problems. For
example, in manyPost
cases, nancial
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or your re photos.
couple ect other much deeper
problems, like power struggle and differences in values.

Yes, handling 'in-laws' is the inevitable and the most dif cult fact of
The problem again lies in the fact that our values and beliefs differ
from each other and more diverse the background of each partner,
greater are the adjustment issues.
These problems become more severe in case of in-laws because of
the generation gap.
The second reason of rift with in-laws is the fact that most of us lack
the same level of understanding with our in-laws that we have with
our spouse.

This further makes adjustment with them more dif cult. The best
solution to this marriage problem is to be ready to listen, forget, and
Your spouse changes himself to some extent, but he de nitely can't
have a new set of parents! However, if you want to keep the in-laws
problem at bay, then the best that you can do is start working on it
right from the beginning.
Don't commit more than you can deliver. Don't go overboard trying
to please your in-laws.

Whenever possible communicate to them in a rm yet polite way

Whenever possible, communicate to them in a rm, yet polite way
about your limits. Post love quotes or your couple photos.
Every parent knows that things won't be the same with their
children once they get married, and most are open to these
However, it is you who can prevent them from resenting the
changes. It all depends on how you convey the message.
But before this, one important marriage advice for women and
men alike is that they should decide the limits to which they would
allow their parents' interference in their lives.

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With the joys of a child, comes another potential cause for rift in
Children in the family mean added responsibilities, emotional as
well as nancial.
As the family expands, it sees changes in the roles of the couples.
They have less time to spend together and more worries, like taking
children to the doctor, picking them up from school, and attending
their games of soccer.
The best solution for this is to be sure about when one wants to
have children. It is important that both parents are ready when they
plan for a baby.

Chores of the Family

The honeymoon usually lasts a couple of months and then there is
the fact of sharing responsibilities of one's own family. And there is
always the possibility of things not going your way because now
always the possibility of things not going your way, because now
there is hardly anything
Post lovearound
quotes orthe
couple that is personal.

Paying bills, doing the laundry, etc., sound like paltry chores, but if
this is how you continue to feel about these jobs throughout your
married life, then congratulations! You are one of those lucky ones
because believe me, it is small chores that take a toll on many

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One of the tips for a healthy marriage that would help you to deal
with this marital problem is to be ready to divide the responsibilities
equally with your spouse.
You also need to be exible in doing what your spouse ought to
have done but could not for some reason - however serious or
inconsequential that might be.

Unmet Emotional Needs

Money, in-laws, children, and daily responsibilities are all different
aspects of marriage. However, they came in the picture because
two individuals commit to love and take care of each other.
If they fail to ful ll this promise, then the whole institution will
collapse. Just as the problems can be serious if couples fail to
connect emotionally, with strong emotional bonds, every problem
of a married life can be dealt with.
Trust and communication are crucial for couples to understand
each other, and once they do that, they can nd a solution to

whatever challenge life throws their way.

Marriages may be made Post
in heaven, butorwe
love quotes yourhave tophotos.
couple make them work out
here, on earth. Every couple faces marriage problems and solutions are
something that can be easily found if they love and trust each other.

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