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9.00 Introduction to Ion Channels 1 SJT Pha N L Regulating transcription initiation SM Pha MM L Macrophages FM Pha I L Receptor Molecular Biology MR Pha S L 9.00
Advances in ion channel structure, gating and permeation SJT 3 N S
10.00 Pattern recognition receptors MJA Pha I L Overview of the cardiac action potential PS Phy M L The role of Chromatin in gene expression SM Pha MM L From single channel to action potential SJT Pha N L 10.00
1 11.00 FHS refresher session for Medics (11.00 - 12.00) Chair LT All 11.00
12.00 12.00
Monday 2.00 Introduction to cardiac physiology DJP Phy M L Introduction to Ion Channels 2 SJT Pha N L 2.00
11-Oct RNA processing / techniques SM 3 MM S Complement structure and links to diseases SML 3 I S
3.00 Endocrine Paracrine JFM Pha S L 3.00
4.00 Cell and genome organisation SM Pha MM L Second Messengers GCC Pha S L Peacemaker mechanisms DAT Phy M L 4.00
Hormone Action HCC 3 S S
5.00 CD8 T cells PK Pha I L Cardiac ion channels ABP Phy M L 5.00

9.00 Ion channels in pain and sensation SJT Pha N L RNA export and stability SM Pha MM L Unconventional T cells MS Pha I L G-Protein-Coupled Receptors GCC Pha S L 9.00
Channelopathies SJT 3 N S
10.00 Dendritic cells AJ Pha I L Sudden cardiac death DJP Phy M L Controlling translation SM Pha MM L Postsynaptic mechanisms: Excitation MDG Pha N L 10.00
2 11.00 Statistics Workshop SIGNUP REQUIRED 11.00
12.00 11.15 - 12.45 12.00
Monday 2.00 Arrhythmias DAT Phy M L Ligand gated ion channels and ionotropic receptors SDB Pha N L Additional mechanisms controlling gene expression / 2.00
18-Oct SM 3 MM S The anatomy of immune responses KJM 3 I S
3.00 Signals & Drug Discovery GCC Pha S L Presynaptic mechanisms: transmitter release MDG Pha N L techniques 3.00
4.00 Co-ordinating RNA processing & transcription SM Pha MM L Receptors and drugs DAT Pha S L Electrophysiological modelling (4.00-5.00) DN Phy M L Mechanical modulation of heart rate PK Phy M L 4.00
Bioinformatics of cell signalling proteins JP CAL S S
5.00 CD4 effector T cells KJM Pha I L Clinical management of arrhythmias MON Phy M L Cellular mechanisms of mechanical modulation PK Phy M L 5.00

9.00 Postsynaptic mechanisms: Inhibition KL Pha N L Beyond neurotransmission.... (9.00-10.00) SJC Pha N L NK cells specificity and signalling FC Pha I L Calcium entry mechanisms ABP Pha S L Synapses in networks: Synapses in networks: hippocampal 9.00
JC 3 N S
10.00 Antigen receptors signalling... OA Pha I L Calcium signalling DAT Phy M L X chromosome inactivation and fragile X syn. GKB Pha MM L Optical control of targeted neurons in functioning circuits GAM Pha N L rhythms and behaviour 10.00
3 11.00 Statistics Workshop SIGNUP REQUIRED 11.00
12.00 11.15 - 12.45 12.00
Monday 2.00 Calcium handling ABP Phy M L Chemical monitoring of monoamine transmission... MEW Pha N L Paired receptors (2.00-4.00) ANB 3 I S 2.00
25-Oct 3.00 Calcium Release GCC Pha S L Prader-Willi and Angelman syndromes (3.00 - 4.00) GKB LT MM L Synapses in networks... (2.00-4.00) TJE UG N S 3.00
4.00 Genomic Imprinting GKB Pha MM L Calcium and cell function GCC Pha S L 4.00
Autonomic control (4.00-6.00) DJP Phy M L pH regulation in the heart RV-J Phy M L Fluorescent techniques GCC 3 S S
5.00 The use of genetic diseases to understand CD8... GMG Pha I L Frank-Starling mechanism PK Phy M L 5.00

9.00 Sensory Transduction AJP Pha N L Mitochondrial genetics GKB Pha MM L Lymphocyte receptor triggering: models and biophysics EJE Pha I L Calcium signals and disease AG Pha S L 9.00
Tinnitus: ringing in the ears or in the brain? FRN 3 N S
10.00 Antigen receptors: diversity, structure and function PAvdM Pha I L Myocardial ischemia (10.00-12.00, Small LT) RV-J Phy M L Mitochondrial diseases, nuclear control of mtDNA stability... GKB Pha MM L Neural Codes JS Pha N L 10.00
4 11.00 11.00
12.00 12.00
Monday 2.00 Myocardial biology of NO BSC Phy M L Neurons as Filters, Signals and Systems JS Pha N L Clinical School Open Day (1.00-4.00) JR Clinical Genetic aspects of triplet expansion diseases (1.00- NKT cells recognition of pathogens... (2.00-4.00) MS 3 I S 2.00
1-Nov AHN 3 MM S
3.00 Calcium buffering ABP Pha S L Academic Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital 3.00) The ascending auditory system... (2.00-4.00) VMB UG N S 3.00
4.00 Myotonic dystrophy and Huntington disease GKB Pha MM L Spatial and temporal calcium ABP Pha S L contact for information Cardiac metabolism DT Phy M L GCC 4.00
Calcium journal club 3 S S
5.00 Negative and positive selection in B and T cells... RJC Pha I L Inotropic agents DAT Phy M L Sensory Representations and Perception (5.00-6.00) JS Phy N L & AG 5.00

9.00 Sound and the Ear JS Pha N L Ovarian function and fertility SAW Pha MM L Towards vaccination strategies MCM Pha I L Ion channels ABP Pha S L The role of the cholinergic basal forebrain in central auditory 9.00
10.00 Introduction to mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis SDB Pha I L Complex Sounds, Speech and Pitch (10.00-11.00) JS Pha N L Apert syndrome: FGFR2 mutations and… AOMW Pha MM L Visual Signals and Pathways AJP Pha N L processing and plasticity 10.00
5 11.00 Statistics Workshop SIGNUP REQUIRED 11.00
12.00 11.15 - 12.45 12.00
Mon 2.00 Sodium & volume homeostasis RJW Phy M L Spatial Hearing JS Pha N L Egg activation JP 3 MM L Host-pathogen interactions... (2.00-4.00) KJM 3 I S 2.00
8-Nov 3.00 Ion pumps 1 RJW Pha S L Learning to localise sounds... (2.00-4.00) FRN UG N S 3.00
4.00 Sperm Development JP Pha MM L Ion pumps 2 RJW Pha S L Renal pressure homeostasis RJW Phy M L 4.00
Volume regulation RJW 3 S S
5.00 TB Vaccinology HM Pha I L Vascular smooth muscle ABP Phy M L Analysis of imprinting Gene Expression... (4.00-6.00) JP2 3 MM S 5.00

9.00 Striate Cortex AJP Pha N L Embryo Implantation FAB Pha MM L Bacterial Immune System Evasion SML Pha I L Diseases and transporters DCIG Pha S L 9.00
Connectivity between auditory and prefrontal cortices VMB 3 N S
10.00 Bacterial secretion systems SML Pha I L Adrenocorticoid control of the circulation HCC Phy M L Immunology of Human Pregnancy ILS Pha MM L Mechanisms of Attention AJP Pha N L 10.00
6 11.00 Statistics Workshop SIGNUP REQUIRED 11.00
12.00 11.15 - 12.45 12.00
Mon 2.00 Cerebral blood flow PCGN Phy M L Visual Motion AJP Pha N L Neisserial strategies... (2.00-4.00) CMT 3 I S 2.00
15-Nov Workshop on ethical/legal issues surrounding ART IG 3 MM S
3.00 Ion channels and disease ABP Pha S L The role of descending connections... (2.00-4.00) VMB UG N S 3.00
4.00 Stem Cells and Early Development LR Pha MM L pH regulation PS Pha S L 4.00
pH Signalling PS 3 S S
5.00 Toll Structures VK Pha I L Local metabolic & myogenic control of tissue flow FF Phy M L Binocular Vision (5.00-6.00) AJP Pha N L 5.00

9.00 LTP induction NJE Pha N L Axis formation in vertebrate embryos SS Pha MM L Thymus organogenesis PJF Pha I L Brain control of thyroid HCC Pha S / N L 9.00
Synaptic plasticity seminar TBC 3 N S
10.00 Sites of early hematopoiesis PJF Pha I L Cardiovascular effects of anaesthesia RDE Phy M L Genetic regulation of segmentation CW Pha MM L The dentritic spine NJE Pha N L 10.00
7 11.00 11.00
12.00 12.00
Mon 2.00 Cardiovascular performance and exercise DJP Phy M L LTP expression NJE Pha N L CW & 2.00
22-Nov Techniques in Developmental Biology 3 MM S Stem Cell Therapies PJF 3 I S
3.00 Signalling the LH surge JFM Pha S / N L JLB 3.00
4.00 Patterning events in the oocyte and early embryo CW Pha MM L Brain stress signalling HCC Pha S / N L 4.00
Neuroendocrine pulses JFM 3 S/N S
5.00 Molecular mechanisms of hematopoiesis PJF Pha I L Cardiac hypertrophy BSC Phy M L Aerospace physiology & medicine TGS Phy M L 5.00

9.00 LTD NJE Pha N L Limb patterning JLB Pha MM L Brain control of appetite JFM Pha S / N L 9.00
Synaptic plasticity seminar TBC 3 N S
10.00 Selection of the T cell repertoire PJF Pha I L Atherosclerosis 2 DRG Phy M L Left/right axis determination DN Pha MM L 10.00
11.00 11.00
8 12.00 12.00
2.00 Vascular endothelium CJG Phy M L Spike timing and plasticity CA Pha N L The role of autophagy in T cell repertoire selection (2.00 - Heart development SS 3 MM L Thymic selection of regulatory T cells (2.00-3.00) SPC Pha I L 2.00
Mon 3.00 Control of circadian rhythm RGF Pha S / N L 4.00) Evolutionary developmental biology PWHH 3 MM S Synaptic plasticity in learning and memory (2.00-3.00) JNPR LT N S 3.00
29-Nov Hox and homeotic selector genes CW Pha MM L
4.00 Signalling for parturition JFM Pha S / N L 4.00
Hyperlipidaemia & statins (4.00-5.00) RC Phy M L
Seminar: Primary literature on atherosclerosis DRG Phy M S Dendrites and lactation JFM 3 S/N S
Mechanisms and consequences of Thymic Involution PJF Pha I L
5.00 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy HCW Phy M L 5.00
Atherosclerosis 1 (5.00-6.00) DRG Phy M L

KEY TO FHS TIMETABLE: Site Phy Sherrington Building, DPAG Type L Lecture Exceptional time/place of lecture
Options N Neuroscience Pha Department of Pharmacology S Seminar To be confirmed
MM Molecular Medicine Path Sir William Dunn School of Pathology W Workshop
M Myocardial, vascular & respiratory biology LT MSTC, Lecture Theatre
I Infection & Immunity 3 MSTC, 3rd Floor Seminar Room See individual option timetables for key to lecturers
S Signalling in Health & Disease UG MSTC, UG Floor Seminar Room
Double-badged CAL MSTC CAL Lab