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Duration: Three Hours

Maxlmron Marks: 100

Read Ute followfnginstructioBII carefully.

1. This question paper contains 16 pages including blank pages for rough work. Please check: all pages and report discrepancy, if an)'.

2. Write your registration number, your name and name of the examination centre at the specified locations on the right half of the Optical Response Sheet (OKS).

3. Using HB pencil. darken the appropriate bubble under each digit of your registration number and the Jetters corresponding to your paper code.

4. An questions in this paper are of objective type.

5. Questioos must be answered on the: ORS by darkening the appropriate bubble (marked A. B, C, D) using HB pencil against the question number on the left hand side of the ORS. For eadI questioa urk.m tilt: bubble of lbc wned aD5Wer. In case you wish to clwtge an answer, erase the old answer completely. More than one answer bubbled a,gaiPSl a questIon will be lIeaEed as an iocomxt response.

6. Tbele are a total of 65 questions f;afl'}'.ng 100 marks.

7- Questions Q.I -Q.2.S win carry l-mark each. and questions Q.26 - Q.SS wUl omy 2-marlcs each.

8. Questions Q-48 - Q.5 L (2 pairs) are c::onunon dauI. questions and quesrioa pairs (Q..52. Q.53) and (Q . .54. QS5) are linked answer questions. The answer to lhe second question of me linked answer questions depends on the answer to the flrst question of the pair. If the first question in the l.nked pair is wrongly answered or is un-attempted. u-.en the answer to the second question in the pair will not be evaluated.

9. Questions Q.56 ~ Q.65 belong to General Aplitude (GA). Questions Q.56 - Q.60 will carry l-mark each. and questions Q.6l - Q.6.5 wiJI carry l·marb each. The GA questions will beg." on a fresh page SlMting from page 11.

10. Un-attempted questions will carry zero marks.

1 l. Wrong answers win carry NEGATIVE marks. For Q.l ~ Q.25 and Q.56 - Q.60. % mark wiU be deducted for each wrong answer. For Q.26 -Q.51 and Q.61- Q.65, ~ mark wHl be deducted for each wrong answer. The question pairs (Q.52. Q.53), and (Q.:54, Q.55) are questions with linked answers. There will be negative marks only for wrong answer to the firSt question of the linked answer question pair i.e. for Q.52 and Q.54. ~ mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. Tbere is no negative marking forQ.53 and Q.S5.

12. Calculator (without data connectivity) is allowed in the examination. hall.

13. Charts. graph sheets or tables are NOT allowed in the examinatioa hall,

~ 4. Rough work can be done on the quest ion paper itself. Additional! y. blank pages are prov ided at the end of the question paper for rough work.





Q.l - Q.2S carry one mark each.

Q.l Isentropic efficiency TJd of a subsonic diffuser is defined as

(Note: La' represents the ambient, .1' represents the Ult of the diffuser and 's' represents an isentropic process)

T.~ -T TC£f + T~ P..~ -p t: -P01J
(A) D_., iii (B) (C} o~, ~ (0)
TC)1 -Ta To~ + t; Po"2 -~ I! - Pro
Q.2 Two position ind ica Led by - {x.} V, ~{;:} If a2 +b' =1. then the
vectors are VL = Yl and - [a -b]- - -

operation V 2 = b a V 1 amounts to obtaining the position vector V 2 from V. by

(A) translation (B) rotation

(C) magn ification

(D) combination of translation, rotation, and magnification,

Q.3 An aircraft is climbing at a constant speed in a straight line at a steep angle of climb. The load factor it sustains during the cJimb is:

(A) equal to 1.0

(C) positive but less than 1.0

(B) grea(er than 1.0

(D) dependant on the weight of the aircraft

Q.4 In a general case of a homogeneous material under tbermo-mechaeical loading the Dumber of distinct components of the slate of stress 1S

(A) 3


{C) 5

(D) 6


The linear second order partial differential equation 5 a'~ +3 a!(J + 2 a~~ +9 = 0 is

dx (hay cry

(A) Parabolic

(B) Hyperboli-c

(C) Elliptic

(D) None of the above

Q.6 All other factors remai n i ng con Slam, if t he weight of an aircraft increases by 30 % then the takeoff distance increases by approx i mate I y:

{A} 15%

(B) 30%

(C) 70%

(D) 105%

Q.7 A verti cal slender rod i So suspended by a hinge at the top and hangs f reel y. It is heated until it alta i ns a uniform temperature, T. Neglecting the effect of gravity, the rod has

(A) Stress but no strain (C) Both stress and strain

(B) S train but no stress

(D) Neither stress nor strain

Q.g An aircraft stalls at a speed of 40 rn/s in straight and level flight. The slowest speed at which this aircraft can execute a level tum at ;I bank angle of 60 degrees is:

(A) 28.3 m/s

(B) 40.0 mls

(C) 56.6 mls

(D) 80.0 mls

Q.9 The eigen- va lues of a real symmetric mat(lX are ill WilYS

{A) positive (C) real

(B) !lIlaginary

(D) complex conjugate pairs


Q, 10 Too concentration .l of a certain chemical species al lime r in a chemical reaction is described by the dx

differernial equal ion dr + kx = O. with x(r = O} = ),"~I· Gi ... en thal I! is the base of the natural

logari th ms, (he concerurat ion ~ at t = _!_


(A) fans to the value O-Sx(l (C) f alls to the value .'1,


(B) ri ses to the value 2Xo (D) rises to the val ue tXo

~l dx Q.] 1 The definite integral J-2 _] X

(A) does not exist

(B) is equal to 2

(C) 1$ equal to 0

(D) is equal to -2

Q- J 2 The absolute ceiLing of an aircraft is tbe altitude above which it: (A) can never reach

(B) cannot sustain Je v el flight at a con Slant speed

(C) can perform accelerated flight as well as ~lra;ghl and level flight at a constant speed (D) can perform straight and level tHght at a constant speed only

Q. l3 A thin rectangular plate made of isotropic maieri al which satisfies lhe octahedral (i.~ .• Von M i sesI D istort ion energy ) fail Ute criterion has yield strength of 200 MPa under uniax i ill tension. As shown in the figure. If jt is loaded wilh uniform tension of ]:SO MFa along the .l-<iireclion. the maximum uniform tensile stress (hal can be applied along the j-direction before the plate starts yielding is

about 0'O'"f

a~, = l50 MPa

(A) 227 MPa

(B)77 MPa

(C) 87 MPa

(D) 114MPa


Consider an incompressible 2·0 Couene flow of water between two walls spaced J m apart. The lower wall is kept stationary. What is (he shear stress acting on the lower wall jf the upper wall is

moving at a constant speed of 2 mls? (J.l_ ;;;; 7 x l 0- ~ N.slm2 )

--------- -- ........ 2 mfs


I rn:




{A} 3.5 x 1 O·~ N/m~ (B) 7 x 1 0-) N/m~

Q. J 5 The angular momentum. about the centre of mass of the eanh, of an artificial satellite 111 a highly elliptical orbit is ;

(A) a rna x ; mu m w hen I he satell i te is f arthest from lhe earth (D) a constan l

(C) proport i onal (0 the speed of the sarell he

(0) proportional ro rhe square of the speed of the satellite


2010 A~

Q.16 A column of length 1 and flexural rigidity £1. has one end fixed and the other end hinged, The critical buckling load for the column IS

1r~EI (B} -----:(O.7t)2

Q.17 A horizontal cantile ... ered steel beam of rc.cumgu tar cross-section having width b and depth d is vibrating in the vertlcal plane. The natural frequency of bending vibration is highest when





(A) b = 10. d = 10 (B) b = 20, d:::: 5 (C) b ~ 5, d = 20 (D) b::; 25, d = 4

Q-18 Consider an incompressible 2·D viscous flow over a curved surface. Let the pressure distribution

on the surface be p(s):;;;; 2 +Sin( ~ + s JNfm~. where S is the distance along the curved surface from the leadi ng edge. The flow separates at

(A) s -= (2fJ)Jr m

(B) s; (3/ 2)n m

(C) s = (JZ' f 2) m

(D) S:;;:-1l m

Q.19 For a multi-stage axjaJ compressor with constant diameter hub (A) Blade height decreases in the flow direction

(B) Blade height increases in [he now direction

(C) Blade height remai ns consia nt

(D) B lade height first increases and then dec reascs in [he flow d i recti on

Q-20 In a 2-D, steady, fllny developed, laminar boundary layer over anal ptaie, if X is the stream-wise coordinate. y is the wall normal coordinate and u is the stream-wise velocity component, which of lhe follow i ng is true;

au au

(A) -»-

dJ: iJy

au au

(B) -»dy ax

au au (C) -==-

d.x dy

au au (D) -;::;---

ax ay

Q.21 How does the specific thrust, at constant turbine inlet temperature, produced by a turbofan engine change wi (11 an i ncrease in compressor pressure ratio?

(A) Increases

(C) First increases. and then decreases

(B) I)e(: reases

(D) First decreases and then increases

Q.22 If rfJ is the potential function for an incompressible irrotational flow, and u and v are the Cartesian velocity components, (hen which one of the following combinations is correct?

arfJ (B) u:= - dy ,




a; 0"

(C) U;;;;--, v=-

dy oy

0' o¢

{D) u;;;;-, v;;;;~

ox ay

Q .23 Among the c hoices gi yen be 10 W, (he S pee i fic ] mpu I se is max i m u rn for a

(A) Cryogenic Rocket (C) Liqu i d Roc ket

(B) Solid Rockel {D) R~mjet





0.24 For a flow across an oblique shock which of the following statements is UUe?

(A) Component of velocity normal to shock decreases while tangential component increases, {B) Component of velocity nonnal to shock increases wh.Je tangential component decreases.

{C) Component of velocity normal (0 shock if> unchanged while tangential component decreases. (D) Component of velocity normal to shock decreases while tangential component is unchanged.

Q.25 The max i mum operating fl ow rate through a cemrifuga I compressor at a given RPM is ~imited by

(A) Impeller stall

(C) Choking of d j ffu ser throat

Q.26 - Q.55 carry two marks each.

Q,26 A spacecraft of mass 100 kg. moving at an in nantaneoas speed of 1.8 X 104 m/s, picks up interstellar dust at the rate of 3.2 X l O-~ kg/so Assuming that the dust was initially at rest. the

(B) Surge

(D) In let flow d i stortion

instantaneous rate of retardation of the spacecraft is:

(A) 7.9 x 1O--l! mls1

(B) 2.3 x 10-3 mls"

(C) zero

(D) 5.8 x 10-1) mls~

Q.27 Following stress state is proposed for a 2·D problem with no body forces; <77J, = 3x2y+ 4yl.

un :=: l + 14xy t Try = -3.t)'l -7.xl -It satisfies

(A) Equilibrium equations but not compatibility equation (B) Comparibi I ity equation but nOE equ i libri um equat ions

(C) Neither equilibrium equations nOJ" compatibility equation (D) Both equilibrium equations. and compatibiUty equation

Q-28 A uniform cross-section rigid rod of mass m and length I .• s hinged ac its upper end and suspended like a pendu [urn. [t_s natural frequenc y for small OKm ation sis

(A) f8 V2i

(B) Jf

(C) J¥

(0) f38 f21

Q.29 The thin rectangular plate shown in the figure is loaded with uniform shear. tD• along all edges and uniform un i ax ial ten sion in the y-d i rec tion, The appropriate Airy' S stress function to sol lie for

stresses is given by 0'(>


xr ~ ~

(Al -r rv-(T -+ (7 (x - y )

r(rJ-..r rr 2 .~

x (B) t r'\I - <7 -

,,-J "2


x" 4 ~

(D) T AV + (j ~ + 0" (x - v )

I'l' - fJ' 2 .f~ ".

~ .r

(C) --T r\I+U -

(l-.,7 ., 2



20~O AE

Q,30 A propeller powered aircraft. trimmed to attain maximum range and flying in a straight line, travels a distance R from its rake-off point when i[ has consumed a weight of fuel equal to 20% of its take-off weight. Jf the aircraft continues (0 fly and consumes a total weight of fuel equal to 50% of its take-off weight, the distance between it and its take-off point becomes:

(A) 1.5 R

(8) 3. I R

(C) 2, l R

Q-3] The given thin wall section of uniform thickness, I. is symmetric about x-axis. Moment of inertia is

. be I 35 J J f h' ..

gl Yen to " =. - t l _ Shear ,en ter or t IS secuon I s located at




3 (A) .x == --h 8

9 (B) X= --h


35 (C) x=--h 36

]7 (D) x=--/! 35

Q.32 During an under-damped oscillation of a single degree of freedom system. in the time-displacement plOl lhe third peak is of magnitude 100 and the tenth peak is of magnitude 10. Tbe damping ratio , is approximately:

(A) 0,052

(8) 0_023

(C) 0.366

(0) 0_159


Given lhat the Laplace transform of y(t) = [I (2cos 2t - sin 2t)

rs yes) = 2j·,

(.~ + l)- +4


Laplace transform of yr(t) = er (leos 21-sin 21) is

2(s~ 2) (A) (s -u' + 4

2( . ..-+ 2}

(B) ,

(s+3y +4

(C) 2(s + 2) (.~ + 1)2 +4

2(s -I) (D) (s -l)~ +4



In a certain region a hill is described hy the shape zt», y) = _x4 + y! - xy -3y. where the axes x 50


and yare in the horizontal plane and axis z points vertically upward. If j > j and k are unit vectors

along .r, J' and z, respectively. (hen at the point x = 5, y =. 10 the unit vector in the direction of (he steepest slope of the hill wi I) be:


(A) i


(B) j


(C) k


(D) i + j + k

Q-35 An aircraft is cruising at an altitude of 9 km. The free-stream static pressure and density at this altitude are 3-08 x 1O~ N/m~ and 0.467 kgfm·~ respectively. A Pitot tube mounted on the wing

senses 01 pressure of 3,31 x 1O~ N/m~ . Ignoring compressibility effects, the cruising speed of the aircraft is approximately

(A) 50 rnfs

(B) 100 mls

(C) 150 m/s

(0) 200 m/s





Q.36 The trim curves of an aircraft are of (he form C == (0-05 ~ O.20~) - 0. leI. where the elevator

rrJ,. Ii

deflection angle. (j~. is in radians. The static margin of the aircraft is :

(A) 0.5

(B) 0.2

(C} ui

(D) 0.05

Q -3 7 The funct ion f ( x. _v) = x2 + /- _l)' - 3 y has an extremum at the poi nt

(A) (1.2)

(B) (3,O)

(C) (2.2)

(D) {I.I}

Q.38 Consider the flow of air (p = 1.23 kg/m' ) over a wing of chord length 0.5 m and span 3 m, Lei the free stream ve loch y be U :;;; lOOmis and t he a verage circulati on around the wing be r = 10m 2/~ pel unit span. The lift force acting on the wiug is

(A) 615 N

(B) 1845 N

(C) 3690N

(D) 4920N

Q.39 The stagnation pressure and stagnation temperature inside tbe combustion chamber of a liquid rocket engine are l5 MPa and 2500 K respectively. The burned gases have y :;;;;:: 1.2 and R = 692.83 J/kgK. The rocket has a converging - diverging nozzle with a throat area of 0.02.5 m1 and the flow OIl the exit of the nozzle is supersonic. lf the now through the nozzle is isentropic, what is the mass flow rate of the gases out of the nozzle?

(A) l8.5 kgls

(B) 31.2 kg/s

(C) 29.7 kgls

(0) J 9_4 kg/s

Q.40 In finding a root of the equation: x2 ~ 6x + 5.;:: 0 the Newton-Raphson method achieves an order of con vergence eq ual to:

(A) 1.0

(B) 1.67

(C) 2.0

(D) 2-5

QAl Consider a i-n adiabatic, inviscid, compressible flow of air ( R =- 287 J/Kg~K. c, =; 718 l/Kg-K ) through a due l of constant cross-sectional area A = 1 m ~. If (he volumetric flow rate is Q = 680 m"'/s and stagnation temperature ~:> Tn == 580.05 K. then the air temperature inside the duel is

(A) 300 K


(C) 400K

(D) 450 K

Q_42 A two stage chemical rocket, having the same specific impulse (I,p) of 300 s for both the stages is designed in such a way that the payload ratio and the structural ratio are same for both the stages. The second stage of tbe rocket has following mass distribution:

Propell ant Mass = 10208 kg Structural Mass == J 134 kg Payload Mass = 17()O kg

g~ = 9.8 mfsl

If the roc ket j s fi red from rest and it [lies in II zc ro gra vity fie Id and a d rag free en viron ment, I he fi na 1 veloc it y atta i ned by the payload is

(A) 9729.3 mls

(B) 897.3 mls

(C) 9360.2 mls

(D) 8973_2 mls

Q_43 A missile with a Ramjet engine is flying in arr. The temperature at the tnlel and tbe outlet of the combustor arc 120U K and 2500 K respectively. The heating value of the fuel i~ 43 MIIkg and the burner efficiency is 90%. Considering the working fluid to be air (er = W05 JlkgK and Y= 1.4).lhe m

fuel/air ratio ( f ;;;; ---!- ) for this engine is equal to:


(A) 0_032

(B) 0-036

(C) 0_042

{D) 0.026



Q.44 The trim curves of an aircraft are of the form C ...... ; -= (0_05 - 0-20~) - O. Jei. where tbe elevator deflection angle, J~, is in radians. The change in elevator deflection needed to increase [he lift coefficient from 0.4 to 0.9 is :

(A) -0.5 radians

(B) -0.25 radian};

(C) 0.25 radians

{D) 0.5 radians

Q _4 5 If e is the base of the nat ural logarithms then the eq uation of l he tangent from the origin to the curve y =e.( is

fA) y=x

(B) v= nx

x (e) y:-


Q.46 Consider a potential flow over a finite wing with the following circulation distribution

nYl=IOOJI-e:J m'l.


I"Q = 100 m!ts A-,

~ I ,

I r= ny) I


v">': ..


If the free stream velocity is 100 m/s, tbe induced angle of attack is

(Al 0-] 25 radians

(C) O.I25JI - ( ~ J radians

(B) -0.125 radians

(D) -O.I25JI- ( ~ J radiens

Q.47 The inlet stagnation temperature for a single stage axial compressor is 300 K and the stage efficiency is 0.80. Following conditions exist at (he mean radius of the rotor blade:

Blade speed = 200 mls

A~ial flow velociry = ] 60 mls Inlet bl ade angle P, = 44 f> Outlet blade angle /h = ] 40) Cp= 1005 IlkgK and r= ].4

Whal is the stagnati On pressu re rati 0 (P RS ) for tn i s compressor?

{A) 1.4J

(B) J .37

(C) 1.5J

(0) 1.23




Common Data Questions

Common Data for Quutlons 48 Ilnd 49~

Consider a simply supported beam of length L, carrying a bracket welded at its center. The bracket carries a vertic al load, P, as snow n in r he figure. Di men si ons of bracket are a =0.1 L. The beam has a square cross section of di mension h x h.




Bending moment diagram is gi ven by (A)








0-3PL 0-2PL

(D) M


Q,49 Maximum value of shear stress is

(A) 0_67 Pi1('

(B) 1.33 p/h2

(C) 1.5 p/h2

(D) 0.9 Plh2



Common Data for Questions 50 and 51:

Consider a potentia I flow over a spi nning cy I inder, The st ream function is given as Rl r r

VI = (V_rsin 8)(1-7) + 2Jr In R


Free stream velocity, V_ = 25 mls

Cylinder radius. R = l m Circulation, r :;;; 50n m ~ Is

Q.:50 The radial and azimuthal velocities on the cylinder surface at (j:; 1! 12 are

(A) V~ = 0 m/s, Vo == -75 rn/s (B) V~ = 0 m/s, Va = 75 mls

(e) v, = 0 rn/s, Va = -25 mls (D) V, = 0 mis, Vtl == 25 mls

Q.:5 l The stagnation palms are located at

(A) 21W and 33~

(B) 240° and 3()()<:1

(el 30" and iso-

(D) 60" and 120"

Linked Aoswer Questions

Stalemfut for Linked Answer Questions S2 and 53:

An aircraft with an IDEAL Turbojet engine is flying a1 200 rn/s at an altitude where che ambient pressure lS equal to 0.8 bar- The stagnation pressure and temperature at the inlet of d-.e turbine are 6 bar and 1400 K respectively, The change in specific enthalpy across the compressor is 335 kJlkg. Assume the fuel flow rate to be very small inc ornpa rison to the ai r flew rate and COns ider C p = 1117 J IkgK and y = 1. 3.

Q.52 What is the stagnation pressure at the inlet of the nozzle?

(A) 2-8 bar

(B) 5_7 bar

(C) 2-] bar

(D) 6.3 bar

Q.53 What is the specific thrust produced by this engine under the given conditions?

(A) 586 Nslkg

(B) 745 Ns/kg

(C) 686 Ns/kg

(D) 500 Ns/kg

Statemc: .. t for Linked Answer QuestiollS.54 and 55:

An aircraft is in straight and level flight at a constant speed v, It is disturbed by a symmetric vertical gust, resulti ng ina phugoi d ascii! arion of ti me period T-

Q.S4 Assuming that g is the acceleration due to gravity, T is given approximately by:




JrV (B) -


{el r: v21lg


~2Jr-v (0)--


Q.55 ]f v = 200 m/s then the wavelength of the phugoid oscillations. assuming g = 9.81 mI~~. is, approx imatel y:

(A) ]_28 x 1O~ m

(B) 1.30 x 10~ m

(C) L8l x JO-t m

(D) 9] 8 m




General Aptitude (GA) Questions

Q.56 - Q~60 carry one mark each.

Q.56 Which of the following options is the closest in meaning to the word below:


(A) cyclic (B) indirect (C) confusing (D) crooked

Q.57 The question below consists of a pair of relaud words followed by four pairs of words. Select the pair-that best expresses the relation in the original pair.

Unemployed: Worker

(A) fallow; land

(B) unaware: sleeper (C) wit: jester

(D) renovated : house

Q.58 Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the- following


If we manage to our natural resources.. we would leave a better planet ror

our (bildreu.

(A) uphold (B) restrain (C) cherish (O) conserve

Q.59 Choose the mas: appropriate word from 'he oprions given below to complete the following


His rather casual remarks On politics ~~ his lack of seriousDess about the subjetL

(A) masked

(8) belied

(C) berra yed

(D) suppressed

Q.6{} 25 persons are in a room- 15 of them play hockey. ] 7 of them play football and 10 of them play both hockey and football. Then the number of persons playing neither hockey nor football is:


(B) 17

(C) 13

(D) 3

Q.61- Q.65 carry two marks each.

Q.6l Modern warfare has changed. from large Kale c .... $hes of armies to suppression or civilian populations. Chemical IlgeDl5 that do their work sHenUy appear to be suited to such warfare; and regretfully, 1here exist people i .. milit. ry establishments who think that chemical a~nts are userul tools for thei r ca use.

Which oj the following statemems best sums Ill' the meaning of (he above passage: (A) Modern warfare has resulted in civil strife,

(B) Chemical agents are useful in modem wan are,

(C) Use of chemical agents In wan are would be uncles i rable.

(D) People in military establishments like to use chemical agents in war.



tole) AE

Q.62 If en + 276 = 435 how milch is 73J + 6727

(A) 534

(8) 1403

(0 1623

(D) 1513

Q.63 5 skilled workers. can build a wall in 20 days; 8 semi-skilled workers can build a wall in 25 days; 10 unskilled workers can build a wall ttl 30 days. l! a learn has 2 skilled. 6 semi-skilled and 5 unski lled workers. bow long will i l take to build the wall?

(A) 20 days

(8) 18 days

(C) 16 days

(D) IS days.

Q.64 Given digits 2. 2. 3. 3. 3. 4. 4,4. 4 how many distincE 4 digiE numbers greater than 3()00 can be formed?

(A) 50

<B) 5]

(C) 52

(D) 54

Q.65 Han (H), Gita (G), Irfan a} and Saira (S) are siblings (i.e. brothers and sisters). All were hom on 1 lot January. The age difference between any two s uccess j ve sibl ~ngs (that is born one after another) is less than 3 years. Given the following facts:

L Hart's age + Gila' s age > Irfan' s age + Saira' sage.

ll. The age difference between Gita and Saira is 1 year. However, Gila is not the oldest and Saira i So not t he youngest.

ru, There are no t wins.

In w hal order were they born (01 dese first)?




(D) mso





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