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VOL.IV No. 29 JANUARY 2011


Social Security’s Online

Retirement Estimator
Available in Spanish at
Legendary TV Host Don Francisco Says
Using the Estimator is “So Easy!”

Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security, announced that

the agency’s most popular online service – the Retirement Estimator
– is now available in Spanish at

The Retirement Estimator uses a person’s own Social Security earn-

ings record to provide immediate and personalized benefit esti-
mates. To publicize the website and the new Spanish-language
service, Social Security has enlisted the help of the widely popular
and well-respected host of Sabado Gigante, Don Francisco.

“The Spanish-language Retirement Estimator and the other informa-

tion available on will help us provide a
broader audience with important information they need to plan for a
secure retirement,” Commissioner Astrue said. “I thank Don Fran-
cisco for volunteering his services to help us get the word out to the
Spanish-speaking community.” You can see Don Francisco’s Public
Service Announcement by visiting

“I ask my many friends to go to, not only for

themselves but also to help their loved ones,” said Don Francisco.
“There is a lot of great information there. Estimating your benefits
and learning about Social Security online in Spanish is so easy.”

The Retirement Estimator is interactive and allows the user to com-

pare different retirement options by changing retirement dates or
expected future earnings. It protects the user’s personal information
by providing only retirement benefit estimates -- it does not show
the earnings information used to calculate the benefit estimate, nor
does it reveal other identifying information. Almost four million
people have used Social Security’s English-language Retirement Es-
timator this year.

“The Retirement Estimator is the first of our online services avail-

able in Spanish,” said Commissioner Astrue. “But we are not stop-
ping there. We are working to make our online retirement
application and Medicare Extra Help application available in Span-
ish next year. Until then, visit to estimate
your benefits and learn more about Social Security.”

101 Year Old Dr. John Johnstone was

once General Eisenhower’s physician
By Joe Olvera ©, 2010

Insisting that he’s not im- the war he decided to settle down 1953, serving two terms until
here. “I liked the people, they were 1961. Before he became President,
portant, Dr. John Johnstone of El
very friendly and nice, plus I liked however, he successfully invaded
Paso once served as a physician to
the climate, so me and my wife, France and Germany in 1944-
General of the Army (five-star
Lady Ruth decided to move here 1945. And, despite Dr. Johnstone’s
General) Dwight David Eisen-
and open our clinic.” modesty, he was part of the med-
hower from 1941 to 1946. “I’m
Eisenhower, who was ical crew that was responsible for
not important,” Dr. Johnstone said.
Supreme Allied Commander of all removing a blackish nodule from
“Other people are more important
Allied Forces in Europe, became the trunk of Eisenhower’s body.
than me.” Johnstone also worked
President of the United States in Continues on page 7
as a physician in El Paso from
1947 to 1983, where he owned
Johnstone Clinic on Snelson

At age 101, Dr. Johnstone said he’s

still in good health, but, is a little
hard of hearing. “I’m still here,
ain’t I?” Dr. Johnstone said.
“When I was one of General
Eisenhower’s physicians, he was
in very good health, so I just did
small stuff for him. I just went
through the war with him. My job
was to see that nothing happened Southern Illinois, said he served
to him.” two years at William Beaumont
Army Hospital before he was part
Dr. Johnstone, originally from of Eisenhower’s Advanced Com-
mand Post as a Lt. Colonel. He
liked El Paso so much, that after

Dr. John Johnstone and his

wife Lady Ruth Johnstone

Department Offers the Gift of Social Security Column

Good Health This Season YOUR RESOLUTIONS

El Paso, Texas – The City of El
Paso Department of Public Health
FOR 2011
is offering free zoster/shingles By Ray Vigil paid Social Security taxes during
vaccines to those 60 years and Social Security Public Affairs your working years and a sum-
older, as well as a limited amount Specialist in El Paso, Texas mary of the estimated benefits you
of TDAP vaccine for adults 64 and your family may receive in re-
years and younger. The vaccines It’s that time of year: out with the tirement, survivors or disability
will be provided at all of the city’s old and in with the new. You may benefits as a result of those earn-
five Health Department clinics. be thinking about your list of New ings.
There is a limited amount of vac- Year’s resolutions for 2011. There
cines that will be offered free of velop shingles because VZV re- are many important things to con- 3.Visit the ballpark. Not that one;
charge, so residents are urged to mains in the nerve cells of the sider. May we suggest a few? the Ballpark Estimator. It will
call to make an appointment or body after the chickenpox infec- Each of these will take only a mat- help you do a better job of saving
visit as a walk-in as soon as possi- tion clears and VZV can reappear ter of minutes. for your future. It’s true that times
ble. years later causing shingles. Shin- have been tough lately. But no
gles most commonly occurs in 1.Get an estimate of your future matter how much you earn, it’s a
Shingles is a painful, localized people 50 years old or older, peo- Social Security benefit. In just a good idea to try to save. Check
skin rash that often includes blis- ple who have medical conditions few minutes, you can have an in- out the Ballpark Estimator for a
ters that is caused by the varicella that keep the immune system from stant, personalized estimate of projection of how much you
zoster virus (VZV), the same virus working properly, or people who your future Social Security bene- should save for a comfortable re-
that causes chickenpox. Anyone receive immunosuppressive drugs. fit. Our online Retirement Estima- tirement. Go to the ballpark at
who has had chickenpox can de- Continues on page 8 tor gives estimates based on your
actual Social Security earnings
record. This is valuable to know Deciding to diet, exercise, read
when you’re making plans for more books, or watch less televi-
your future. Check it out at sion are all good resolutions. But the ones we suggest don’t require
nearly as much work and won’t
2. Read your mail. Be especially nag you all year long. Take a few
careful about looking at mail that minutes now, and you could have
arrives from Social Security. this list of resolutions knocked out
About two to three months before in less time than it takes to put to-
your birthday, you should receive gether a list of resolutions.
your annual Social Security State-
ment. Your Statement is a concise, Happy New Year from Social Se-
easy-to-read personal record of curity. Feel free to visit us anytime
the earnings on which you have at

69th Charter Anniversary

Ysleta Lions Club

Don & Irene Peppard

Henry & Rachel Gonzalez

Orlando & Gabriela Rodriguez

Mr. & Mrs.
Daniel Lucas

Cecil Roark, Jim, Charlie Black

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Leroux

Dr. John Johnstone

& Esther Lujan

Joe Rodriguez
Willie & Tobie Tobie & Dr. Johnstone

Governor Orlando Rodriguez &

Dr. John Johnstone Gilbert Blancas & Patsy Achim Esther & Armando Lujan Francis & Aubrey Cherry

Continued from page 3

The belief was that he had a ma-

lignant melanoma. Following his
tour of duty, Eisenhower was re-
cruited to run for President as a
Republican. He died of a heart
problem in 1969.
Being part of the medical
crew for the General was part of

Dr. Johnstone’s job, and

he’s not particularly
proud of having served
the President-to-be. “I
knew what I was doing,
and I knew what my job
was,” Dr. Johnstone said.
“I was just lucky to be at
the right place at the right
Dr. John Johnstone and his wife Lady Ruth Johnstone

RapidArc® radiotherapy technology,

a revolutionary breakthrough in cancer treatment that delivers
powerful tumor-destroying radiation with remarkable precision, is
now available at Cancer Radiation and Specialty Clinics of El Paso.

Varian RapidArc radiotherapy technology is an effective cancer treatment representing an

advanced new form of image-guided IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy).
This technology enables the radiation oncologist to program a linear accelerator to deliver
precise forms of IMRT up to eight times faster than other IMRT systems. It does this by
delivering the complete IMRT treatment to the patient in fewer rotations than traditional
IMRT. As a result, the tumor will receive the full radiation dose within less than two
minutes compared with 10 minutes or longer for conventional IMRT.

Treatment speed is important because it reduces the time that the patient must lie still and
avoid any movement. As treatment time is
reduced, Varian RapidArc has the potential
to improve both the quality of care and
Dr. Stephanie Han
comfort of the patients.

Dr. Stephanie Han

7812 Gateway Blvd East,
Ste 120.

fREE zostER/shiNGlEs
Continued from page 4 weeks. It can lead to pneumonia,
seizures, brain damage, and death.
Shingles vaccine was recently rec-
ommended by the Advisory Com- For an appointment, residents can Farmers promote alpaca fiber
mittee on Immunization Practices call (915) 771-5822 or visit one of By Wanda Combs room sit two large looms,
(ACIP) to reduce the risk of shingles the following locations: MEDIA GENERAL NEWS SERVICE where Joanie works on
and its associated pain in people 60
BENT MOUNTAIN, Va. some of her projects. When
years old or older. Henderson Clinic
A small farming opera- she is not weaving, she
721 S. Mesa
tion in Bent Mountain is knits and crochets. The
“Shingles is often initiated by stress,
setting a unique example. fiber she uses comes from
so this is the perfect time of the year Northeast Clinic
Ed and Joanie Kinser be- the alpacas.
to take some time for yourself and 5587 Transmountain
came alpaca farmers after
get vaccinated. In addition to the
their retirement from After they shear the al-
pain and discomfort, it can take a Tigua Clinic
other careers, but their pacas every year, the Kin-
person months before they recover 7862 San Jose
Enchanted Hill Farm goes sers send off the fiber to
from shingles,” said Roxann Parks,
beyond just raising the be washed and carded and
Nursing Program Manger, Depart- Ysleta Clinic
majestic creatures. ready to spin. They use
ment of Public Health. 110 Candelaria
“He works with the ani- one of the mini-mills, a
mals,” Joanie explains. “I cottage industry, that will
Meanwhile, diphtheria, tetanus, and Westside Clinic
like to play with fiber.” do small batches of fiber.
pertussis are serious diseases caused 5195 Mace
In the couple’s family Continues on page 10
by bacteria. Diphtheria and pertus-
sis are spread from person to person. For more information on the variety
Tetanus enters the body through cuts of programs and services offered by
or wounds. the City of El Paso Department of
Public Health, please visit:
Diptheria causes a thick covering in
the back of the throat. It can lead to
breathing problems, paralysis, heart
failure, and even death. Tetanus
causes painful tightening of the mus-
cles, usually all over the body. It can
lead to “locking” of the jaw so the
victim cannot open their mouth or
swallow. Tetanus leads to death in
up to 2 out of 10 cases. Pertussis
(also known as whooping cough)
causes coughing spells so bad that it
is hard for infants to eat, drink, or
breathe. These spells can last for

Ed Kinser interacts with an alpaca named Groucho Marx.

Full Moons
By: “Doppler” Dave speelman
I received saying calling the back side of the
an email moon (the side we never see) the
from a "dark side of the moon", but that's
reader ask- not really true. The next time you
ing about see a "new moon", remember the
Full dark side of the moon is getting all
Moons of the light, we just don't see it
and how from earth.
we get
them. We The moon is more than just a re-
had our last full moon Tuesday, ally cool night light for the sky.
December 21 – called the “Cold The gravitational pull of the moon
Moon” because of the long, cold actually bulges the water in the
nights in December. oceans out from the earth's surface
toward the moon. The gravitational
Full moons are really neat. Why pull on the side of the earth oppo-
can't we have them site the moon is not as
all the time? Why is strong so the oceans
the moon never the don’t bulge on that side.
same? The four dif- This constant push and
ferent phases of the pull tug-of-war with the
moon - first quarter, oceans by the moon is
full, last quarter, and what causes the tides at
"new" moon - have the beach. So the next
to do with the rela- time you find yourself
tive positions of the standing on a full,
sun, the moon and moonlight night on the
the earth in the moon's monthly beach, think about the moon trying
orbit of the earth. It can get pretty to pull the water out of the ocean.
confusing because of all the differ-
ent orbits and rotations; the moon Here are the traditional names
orbiting around the rotating earth, given to each month's full moon:
the earth and moon orbiting around
the sun. But remember; the light of
the moon is actually the light of
the sun reflecting off the face of

Wheater Trivia:
the moon. The reason we don't see
any light on the moon during a
new moon is because the far side
of the moon is getting all the light, If we could take a 747 jet and fly to the moon, how
while the side we see is cast com- long would it take?
pletely in shadow. When we have a
full moon it's because the moon is A. 10 Days C. 26 Days
facing us AND the sun, so we see B. 14 Days
its light reflected fully. The other
D. 1 Month
phases are the stages in between. miles away.
We always see the same side of the Answer: C. It would take 26 days. The moon is about 250,000
moon. The moon rotates on its axis
while orbiting the earth; it just
“Doppler" Dave Speelman is the chief meteorologist at KVIA-TV in
does one rotation on its axis for
El Paso. You can watch his forecasts at 4, 5, 6 and 10 pm on ABC-7
each revolution it makes around
(channel 6 cable). If you would like Doppler Dave to address
the earth, so it keeps the same side
(explain) any weather issues you can email him at
facing the earth. There's an old

alpaca fiber
Continued from page 8 shorter hair.”
Ed does the shearing. Joanie
The Kinsers know exactly assists. Sometimes a neighbor
which alpaca the fiber comes is called upon to help lay down
from. They also have the op- the animals. Shearing starts in
tion, Joanie notes, of using the morning when it is not too
fiber from two animals and hot, and the Kinsers can shear
getting it drafted in a certain about 5–7 alpacas a day. It
way. In addition to using takes 10 days to two weeks,
fiber from their alpacas, the depending on the weather, to
Kinsers are doing what they shear the whole herd.
can to promote the use of it Joanie, a retired nurse, came
on a broader scale, and up with the idea of raising al-
Joanie adds, with the green pacas. She just wanted one for
movement, there is a wide- the fiber. They soon found out
spread interest in knitting you cannot have just one, and
and weaving with natural the herd grew. Ed adds alpacas
fiber. are companion animals and
dent. An alpaca from Alpaca babies are born with
owners need to have at least
Canada, Celestia has gone fuzzy fiber, Joanie explains.
But it all ties back to the two of the animals, and if
through two surgeries and is Everything sticks to it. “It’s
joy of raising the gentle and you’re considering just two (for
an amputee. Following her like Velcro.” The spring ba-
beautiful alpacas. The ani- fiber), males are the better
medical emergencies, she bies at Enchanted Hill get
mal’s needs are simple and picks.
also gave birth to a daughter, sheared within a couple of
include fenced pasture land
which the Kinsers named
and protection from preda- It’s like Christmas at the
tors. The Kinsers started Kinser house when a shipment
their farm with goats and the of yarn arrives back from the
There are names for all of
needed fences for them, so mill, says Ed. Joanie says the
the alpacas, and since the
the alpacas were a good fit. ability to choose the animal or
Kinsers know they will al-
To guard their alpaca herd animals she wants for the
ways have babies in the pas-
from stray dogs and coyotes, yarn and also the way she
ture, they keep a list of
they added two Great Pyre- wants it blended, from 2–8 ply,
prospective names on sticky
nees. is important. The couple also
notes in the kitchen cabinet.
In the summer, the alpacas has a personal attachment
The names often carry family
eat the grasses in the fields. with the alpacas through the
significance, for instance
In the winter, the Kinsers things she makes with the
feed them hay (from finer fiber.
second cuttings) and alpaca Before she weaves, Ed also
months to avoid getting so
food pellets. “They are most helps her set up the loom,
much debris in their fiber and
efficient for converting food which is laborious process, she
also to get them in good
into energy,” Ed comments. says. “Setting up in weaving
shape by the time hot days
“Two to three pounds of hay takes longer than weaving it-
a day for one alpaca, plus self.”
some pellets.” The alpacas are pets, and
The alpaca fiber is fine and
when some must be sold, it is
has no lanolin. The fiber from
One of the farm’s favorite sad making decisions, Joanie
Izzy, the mother of Isabella, young animals, one to three
alpaca families began with says. “We put it off as long as
who in turn had Izbo. Since years, is best. Ed points to
Maria from Chile. Maria had we can. The hardest thing is
all the alpacas must be regis- Groucho Marx waiting in the
Oh Be Joyful, who in turn trying to decide who leaves.”
tered, names with family pen before being released to
had Appalucy and Groucho
connection make the process the pasture. “His hair is 6–7
Marx (named for his bushy Wanda Combs is a writer for
easier. inches long when sheared.
eyebrows). Celestia will also the Floyd Press in Virginia.
Older females tend to have
always be a permanent resi-

Home remedies from the old days often find new converts
By Jacqueline Baylon

In a shop in Sacramento, Calif.,

Valentin Curiel stands in a corner
near the meat counter, waiting for
customers who need his help — the
mothers whose babies have colic, the
insomniacs, people with skin infec-
Curiel, in his 60s, grew up in Mex-
ico when most families did not visit
the doctor if they got sick. Instead,
they relied on herbs, minerals and
botanicals — and the advice of elders
on how to use them.
Residents in his neighborhood —
many of them Mexican immigrants
who’ve heard of Curiel from friends
or relatives — tell him about their
ailments and get his suggestions for
“Some of the home remedies I know SHNS PHOTO
about really work,” Curiel said. Maria Dorais looks at some of the different herbs for sale at La Mexicana Bakery. Dorais, who has
Continues on next page medical insurance, said that she grew up never going to a doctor; her grandmother knew about many
plants to use for remedies.

Home remedies...
Continued from page 11 people it can heal the heart
and calm the nerves just by
Manzanilla, or chamomile, holding it while in the shower.
can soothe stomachache or in- For people who have skin in-
somnia when drunk as tea, he fections or gastritis, he sug-
tells them. If the manzanilla gests a plant called
doesn’t work, he recommends cuachalalate that can be
hierba buena, or mint tea. soaked in water and be rubbed
Dr. Hillary Campbell of on the skin. He also tells them
Kaiser Permanente Medical to drink the leftover water as a
Center in Sacramento said tea.
she found a survey from the
World Health Organization Curiel treats his own dia-
while researching alternative betes with nopalitos, a cactus.
medicine. It suggested that 80 He said it also can be used to
percent of developing coun- But she doesn’t use all the “It is important that we as lower the need for cholesterol
tries use herbal medicine. handed-down remedies, doctors ask if they are using al- medication and treat gastroin-
“And now most people using among them softening the ternative medications and pay testinal disorders, skin ail-
alternative medicine in West- pain of tonsillitis by swallow- attention to these forms of ments and viral infections. He
ern society are those who have ing an egg yolk sprinkled with medications,” Wolfe said. tells people to cook the nopali-
immigrated from developing sugar. Or warming a banana Too much of an herb can be- tos and eat them on their own
countries,” she said. peel and placing it on the bot- come toxic, and it can be un- or drink them in a smoothie.
tom of her foot to soothe a sore safe to take some of them with A couple of doors down from
Many combine the home throat. prescribed medications. where Curiel dispenses his ad-
remedies with modern medi- “I am more cautious now vice, many of the herbs he rec-
cine, working with doctors and I probably would take the But alternative medicine can ommends are for sale at La
who teach them to avoid bad kids to the doctor for things also complement prescribed Mexicana Bakery.
combinations or overuse of al- that may seem more serious,” medicines, Wolfe said.
ternative treatments. Gonzalez said. Miguel Campos and his
A 2007 National Health In- mother, Gloria Campos, said
Like Curiel, Rebecca Gonza- Dr. Ashby Wolfe of the de- terview Survey found that 38 that, in a good day, 10 to 15
lez’s grandmother was known partment of family and com- percent of adults reported customers will buy herbs for
in her town in Mexico as the munity medicine at the using complementary and al- various treatments.
woman with the remedies and University of California, Davis, ternative medicine in the pre- “Our store is known to be the
knowledge. Gonzalez said that Medical Center, said a lot of vious months. place to go for these remedies,”
back then, in the rural town, her patients are Latino and Wolfe and Campbell both Miguel Campos said.
even if people wanted to go to many have used some kind of said they believe doctors don’t
a doctor it was impossible to alternative medication. get enough training in comple- These days, many of them
find one. It’s her routine to ask every mentary and alternative medi- come in cellophane packages
“So part of it may have been patient. cines. with labels marked in Spanish
necessity, but part of it may and English.
have been a way of life,” she Curiel’s training has come Gonzales said she believes
said. from experience. And the suc- her children will continue the
cess of his advice relies partly home-remedy tradition.
Gonzalez said she still relies on faith.
on teas to help with a sore “Not all the home remedies “These remedies are part of
throat or insomnia before that I know of work for every- their culture and they come
she’ll go to a doctor or take a one, but staying hopeful and with the story of ‘This is what
pill. And in the winter, to positive definitely helps,” he my grandmother did,’ so
avoid getting sick, she said, said. maybe it will work,” Gonzalez
she always has cinnamon or For depression, Curiel sug- said.
mint tea brewing. gests showering with palo de
Brazil, or Brazilwood. He tells

My summer adventure: Hip-replacement surgery

By Tom Zucco gets increasingly painful and, watched an entire 90-minute
SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE in some people, you can even hip operation. With narration.
Today’s topic is the rebirth hear a clicking sound, a I did learn this: Hip-replace-
of the hippie movement. bizarre Morse-code message ment surgery is like advanced
The number of Americans your body is sending. shop class. There’s sawing,
who have hip-replacement Translation: “This is bad. hammering and dust.
surgery is expected to jump Get the checkbook.” WARNING: Here comes the
from about 250,000 this year pound of metal in you that There are other, less radical gory part. A 6-inch incision is
to more than 500,000 in 2030. wasn’t there before, and that’s procedures like resurfacing made toward the back of your
To be clear, no Americans if you only had one hip done. the joint. But mine was too far hip, the head of your femur is
with hip replacements will Here’s a myth that needs to gone. I bought the whole pack- sawed off and a metal ball
jump. They can’t. The num- be debunked: It’s not always age. and stem are hammered into
bers will. elderly or overweight people, However, before that could place. The socket is reamed
Unlike the 1960s, for this or those who injured their hip, happen, the surgeon and the and fitted with a metal cup,
movement you’ll need serious who need a replacement. I’m hospital wanted about $6,500 with a smaller, plastic cup in-
cash and/or really good health 58, I exercise daily, I’ve never as a down payment. Like I side, and the new ball joint is
insurance. The cost of a hip been overweight, and I’ve was buying a Buick. The anes- attached.
replacement is about $50,000. never been seriously trauma- thesiologists hit me up later Then a guy with “Ned” on
And it’s not like you can buy a tized. for another grand, and then his shirt wakes you up and
discount hip and upgrade But I developed osteoarthri- there were the home-health- tells you your car is ready.
later. tis, which is a Latin term care people who had to come Total time: about 90 min-
I know. I checked. meaning “there goes any to my house and change my utes.
But hot, new social trends thought of a vacation.” dressing the first week. When will someone who’s
should not be missed, and It can happen to anybody, Even with health insurance, had a hip replaced be com-
pain can be ignored only so and this is how it starts: my out-of-pocket cost was pletely better? I asked my
long. So I had the procedure ■ It keeps getting harder to
about $8,500. surgeon, Dr. Robert Swiggett,
done in late June. run or walk short distances. Important tip: DO NOT log that question.
The surgery went fine and ■ Getting in and out of low
onto YouTube and watch an It depends on your age, gen-
the people at the hospital seats takes longer and longer. operation you plan to have. der, weight, physical condition
were wonderful. I have less ■ People keep asking why
It’s not like you can assist in and the type of procedure, he
pain and more range of mo- you “walk funny.” the surgery, and it’s only going said. “It could be three
tion than before. But the re- What’s happened is that to make you want to drive to months. Maybe four or five.”
covery is not as easy as you there is little or no cushion Wyoming and live under an “Patience,” I said.
may have heard. You’re walk- left between the ball of your assumed name. “Is a virtue,” he said.
ing around with about a hip joint and the socket. This I broke this rule and Right on.

calendar of upcoming events for

El Paso/ southern New Mexico
are from January 2011

if you want your upcoming event listed in sPotliGht’s out & About section, please send all your relevant data by e-mail to:

NoRThEAST/ days (private readings not included day and Saturday, and 5:30 p.m.
with admission). Free admission Sunday. Tickets: $5 general admis-
CENTRAl with active duty military I.D. In- sion; $10, $15 and $20 reserved.
formation: 345-6245 or elpasopsy- Information: 479-PUCK (7825) or
‘Parallel Lives’ - El Paso Com-
munity College's Performers Stu- • Jan. 7-8 — Fresno Monsters
dio present comic montage by Mo Monster Truck Spectacular • Jan. 21-23 — Tulsa Rampage
Gaffney and Kathy Najimy based — The “Thunder Slam “ monster
on the “Kathy and Mo Show” 7:30 truck show is 7:30 p.m. Friday and WESTSIdE
p.m. Jan. 28-29 and Feb. 4-5, at EASTSIdE Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday,
the EPCC Transmountain Campus Jan. 14-16, at the El Paso County
Forum. Directed by Lisa McNiel. EPSYOs Winter Concert —
Tickets: $10 ($5 students/se- The El Paso Symphony Youth Or-
Sunland Park Race Track
niors/military). Information: 637- chestras, under the direction of — The 2010-2011 live horse rac-
4029, 831-5056 or Andres Moran, presents its winter ing season runs through April 10.
concert 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 30, at Race days are Tuesdays, Fridays,
Beauty and the Beast — the Plaza Theatre. Ticket informa-
Kids-N-Co. presents its version of tion: 532-3776 or
the classic fairy tale Jan. 22-
Coliseum, 4100 Paisano. Tickets:
Tejanos baseball — The Te-
$17.50-$22.50, plus service
janos of El Paso Community Col-
charge. (Ticketmaster).
lege take on Scottsdale
Community College Jan. 28-30, at
the Valle Verde Campus Baseball
An Evening with the Stars –
Field. Game time is 2 p.m. Friday, El Paso Chapter, The Links Inc.
noon Saturday (doubleheader) and hosts its 4th annual elegant
11 a.m. Sunday. Admission is free. evening of dinner, dancing and
Information: 831-2275. awards beginning 6 p.m. Saturday,
Jan. 8, at the Wyndham Airport Saturdays and Sundays, except
Hotel, 2027 Airway. Tickets $50). during the Christmas/New Year’s
El Paso Psychic Fair — The holiday season. Races begin at
Proceeds help benefit the youth
fair is 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday 12:15 p.m. each race day. General
Feb.13, at Kids-N-Co. Perform- and elderly in El Paso. Informa-
and Sunday, Jan. 15-16, at the admission is free to the track and
ance Center. Showtime is 7:30 tion: Joyce Snead, 598-9499 or
Hawthorn Inn, 1700 Airway (at casino. Turf Club seating is $5. In-
p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and Sandra Reid, 877-3647.
Boeing). Admission: $5 for both formation: (575) 874-5200.
2:30 p.m. Sundays. Ticket infor-
mation: 351-1455 or MISSIoN EPSO with Elena Urioste
‘The Unexpected Guest — VAllEY and Carter Brey — The guest
The Agatha Christie mystery is violinst and cellist joins conductor
Jan 7-29 at El Paso Playhouse El Paso Rhinos — El Paso’s Sarah Ioannides and the El Paso
2501 Montana. Directed by Junior League ice hockey team Symphony Orchestra at 7:30 p.m.
Melissa Spalding. Showtime is 8 home games are at the Sierra Prov- Jan. 28-29 at The Plaza Theatre.
p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 idence Events Center, next to the Tickets: $11-$37. Information:
p.m. Sunday. Ticket information: Coliseum, 4100 E. Paisano. Regu- 532-3776.
532-1317, lar games times are 7:30 p.m. Fri-

‘Spamalot’ — Broadway El presented by Elegant Penguin Pro- Bach’s lunch events and film se-
Paso presents the Monty Python ductions. The event gathers ex- Binational Independent ries. Information: 833-9400 or
musical Jan. 25 at The Plaza The- perts in all aspects of weddings Film Festival — The 11th an-
atre. Ticket information: 544-8444 and quinceañeras, and features nual binational festival is Jan. 7-
or three fahion. Grand prizes include 15, at El Paso Public Library’s UTEP Men’s Basketball -
two 4-day honeymoons. Admis- Main Branch, 501 N. Oregon. Home games are at the Don Hask-
sion: $5 (free for children under Movies begin at 5:15 p.m. Infor- ins Center. Game time is 7:05
age 10). Information: 592-8897 or mation: p.m., unless otherwise listed. Indi- Admission fees bene- Independent and documentary vidual tickets: $14-$50, plus serv-
fit the El Paso Child Crisis Center. screenings also planned at the ice charge. Information: 747-5234
UTEP Uion Cinema. Other venues or
Gabriel Iglesias — The in El Paso and Juarez will be an- • 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15 — Rice
nounced. • 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 26 —
El Paso Chamber Music
Festival – El Paso Pro-Musica’s UTEP Women’s Basketball
22nd annual festival presents — Home games are in the Don
Spring Home Show — The El world-class chamber musicians Haskins Center. Information: 747-
Paso Association of Builders pres- Jan. 5-31. Concerts, recitals and 5234 or
ents the 2011 show Jan. 21-23 in other special events will be of- • 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 6 — East
the El Paso Convention Center. fered at various venues. Guests in- Carolina.
The show features booths provid- clude Rubens String Quartet, • 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 16 — Hous-
ing exhibits, demonstrations and violinist Joseph Silverstein and ton
seminars aimed at the needs of a Harlem String Quartet. Tickets: • 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 20 — Rice
homeowner, whether building a “fluffy” comedian and El Paso fa- • 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 27 —
$25 per performance; $25; $20
home or remodeling Information: vorite performs at 7:30 p.m. Fri- Tulsa.
seniors; $5 students; free for
1-800-756-4788 or HomeShowEl- day, Jan. 14, and 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15, at the Plaza Theatre. Igle-
sias’s second one-hour special and
Days of Remembrance DVD “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy:
Bridal & Quinceañera Live from El Paso” premiered on
Comedy Central in 2009 after
Faire — The 20th annual event is being filmed in front of two sold-
11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 16, out crowds earlier that year. Tick-
at the El Paso Convention Center, ets: $42.10, includes service
charge (Ticketmaster).

Tango Buenos Aires — The

tango dance troupe performs Sun-
day, Jan. 9, at the UTEP’s Magof-
fin Auditorium. Tickets available

through Ticketmaster. Informa-

tion: 747-5234.

SoUThERN at Opera House in Pinos Altos,

The El Paso Museum of Art is
N.M. as part of the Mimbres Re-
NEW MExICo gion Arts Council's Folk Series.
Tickets: $5-$20.
accepting applicants
‘One-Act Play Festival’ – Information/showtime: (575) 538-
Las Cruces Community Theatre, 2505, 1-888-758-7289 or mimbre-
for the volunteer tour guide
313 N. Downtown Mall, presents
its annual evening of short plays
Jan 7-16. Directors and titles to be Fishtank Ensemble - Mimbres Looking for something new to do in 2011? The El Paso Museum of
announced. Performances are at 8 Region Arts Council presents the Art is looking for volunteers, from college students to retirees, to be-
p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 2 eclectic gypsy jazz band Saturday, come tour guides, also known as docents. Classes are free, and no
p.m. Sunday. Tickets: $5. Informa- Jan. 29 at WNMU's Fine Arts previous knowledge of art is necessary. Docents have a desire to
tion: (575) 523-1200 or Center Theatre in Silver City, learn and share information about the arts and humanities, enjoy N.M. Tickets: $5-$20. Informa- working with youth and adults, can devote four months to training
tion/showtime: (575) 538-2505, 1- sessions now, and commit to giving tours after training is success-
Slaid Cleaves - The Austin 888-758-7289 or fully completed. Bilingual skills are welcome but not required.
singer/songwriter performs Jan. 7
‘Lord of The Dance’ — Classes are on Mondays, 9:00-11:00 a.m.,
Michael Flatley’s international from February 7 through May 16, 2011.
dance sensation is 7 p.m. Sunday,
Jan. 30, at NMSU’s Pan American
Center. Tickets: $29, $45 and $55,
plus service charge. (Ticketmaster)
Information: (575) 646-1420.

Learn about:
• The El Paso Museum of Art’s permanent collection
• Early Italian Renaissance to High Renaissance Art
• Spanish Viceroyal Art and Retablos
• Early American Art and American Modernism
• El Paso, Santa Fe, and Regional Art
• Impressionism, Surrealism, Abstract Art, Cubism, and Minimalism
• Sculpture and Contemporary Art

Join a fun and creative

group of museum support-
ers while helping area stu-
dents appreciate and look
at art in new ways. Trained
docents receive a compli-
mentary membership to
the museum as well as free
parking during trainings
and tour visits.

For more information and to apply, please call (915) 532-1707 ext.
23 or email Laura Zamarripa, Assistant Education Curator at


When to
cock your
Levers are multipliers of
power, and the human
body’s leverage system can
be an integral part of your
golf swing if you know how
to use it efficiently.
Leverage, i.e. the angle that
wrist-cocking produces, lit-
erally multiples your
strength when the angle is
unleashed through impact.
You’ll notice a huge increase
in distance when you add
this lever to your swing.
At what point in the back-
swing should you add this
power-producing wrist cock
to your swing? The answer
is, it depends. Some good
golfers cock their wrists late
in their backswing (Juli
Inkster and Jack Nicklaus),
while others like to cock
them earlier (Ernie Els and
Anthony Kim).
But be it late or early, the
wrists must hinge to create
an angle between your lead
forearm (the left for right-
handed players) and the
club shaft. This angle gives
you the power of leverage,
an essential ingredient in
adding force to the motion of
your swing.
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cock YoUR WRists...
Fan for power Continued
from page 17
The Power Fan creates
Generally, the
resistance and allows the
momentum of
golfer to feel a delayed re-
a swing will
lease. It is also beneficial
cause the
for building strength in
wrists to cock
the golf muscles.
without a con-
Swinging it 20 to 25 times
scious attempt
a day should be enough to
to make it hap-
develop power.
pen, but if this
A fin decal provides the
isn’t occurring
player with an easy refer- Waiting too long to cock the wrists can increase the
naturally in tendency to lift the club with the arms, producing
ence while swinging. Set up
your swing, use limited coil and minimum leverage — and that spells
so the fin with the decals is South Florida long-driving loss of power. If you lift too much with your arms, try
the following as
square to the target. You championship, played in the cocking your wrists earlier.
a guideline for
shouldn’t be able to see the USGA Senior Open and the the “when” and
decal clearly, just the edge of PGA Senior Championship. “how” of wrist
the fin. At 75, Wiren still hits it a long cock.
The golfer demonstrating way — length he attributes in
the Power Fan here is teach- part to swinging the fan every Assuming
ing professional Gary Wiren, day. normal flexi-
who is also an expert in fit- The Power Fan costs $55 at bility and an
ness. He has won the South average body
Florida Seniors PGA title, the m. build, when
your hands

Gillette cuts Tiger

high in the
takeaway, the
lead arm and Setting the club (cocking her wrists) by the time the lead
wrist should re- arm is parallel to the ground allows this player the leverage
A team at the Tepper eral major sponsors cut ties tain the she needs to make a powerful swing, but if your swing is
School of Business at with Tiger Woods,” reports too handsy, experiment with a later set.
straight-line re-
Carnegie Mellon recently Timothy Derdenger, an eco- lationship they had at address. Since the wrists have yet to
used the saga of Tiger Woods nomics professor who helped elevate the clubhead, the shaft at this point is parallel to
as a case study to measure conduct the research, “Nike the ground. Additionally, you should check that the shaft is
the effects of celebrity en- did not. So we examined the directly above your toe line — an imaginary line formed by
dorsement on product sales net effect on Nike’s sales and the tips of your toes that is parallel to the target line. From
when the celebrity generates market share. What we found here, you cock your wrists, creating a 90-degree angle be-
bad publicity. “Although sev- is that by maintaining their tween your lead arm and the club shaft.
relationship with Tiger
Woods, Nike’s overall profit Remember that this wrist cock should happen in response
in golf ball sales was $1.6 mil- to the momentum of the swinging clubhead. If your current
lion greater than it would wrist cock isn’t working, there are two ways to proceed:
have been without him.” First, relax your grip pressure
Despite the research, Tiger ABOUT THE WRITER
and focus on relaxing both your
was dropped from yet anoth- Dr. T.J. Tomasi
hands and your forearms. Then,
er sponsor this week. Gillette is a teaching
experiment with a different set,
has decided to end its nation- professional in
Port St. Lucie, or cock, of the wrists. You may
al campaign with the Gillette have to make it happen in prac-
Fla. Visit his
Champions and cut Tiger and tice until you can train yourself
Web site at
dozens of other athletes. to let it happen.

Tips for keeping seniors warm, pain-free in winter

By Dr. Marty Becker and Gina the frequency and diminish the in- household adjustments, don’t for- cleaned under anesthesia, because
Spadafori tensity of his exercise. Instead of get to make an appointment for a gum infections and mouth pain
Universal Uclick taking your dog to the park once a senior dog checkup, ideally twice a will affect his comfort and health.
week to chase tennis balls until year, to improve your odds of The senior dog checkup is
People flip over puppies, but to he’s exhausted, take him for a long catching little problems before also a good time to determine if
me, a well-loved older dog is one walk daily. If your dog is having they become big ones. Your veteri- your dog’s slowing down means
of the most beautiful creatures on problems with physical activity, narian will likely recommend some his diet will need to change to take
earth. An older dog has a nobleness talk to your veterinarian. Non- diagnostic tests in addition to a excess weight off his joints.
about him, a look in the eyes that steroidal anti-inflammatory med- physical examination — typically Helping to keep your older
speaks of years of the special love ications may help, as may blood work and an X-ray — to dog healthy and fit will mean his
that only a pet can give — trusting, supplements such as glucosamine spot problems early, or to establish senior years will be happier and
nonjudgmental and unwaveringly and Omega 3 oils, or complemen- a baseline of what’s normal for more comfortable. And that will be
true. tary treatments such as acupunc- your dog. You should also discuss good news for you both.
ture. Your veterinarian can also having your dog’s teeth treated and
prescribe medications that may ad-
dress the confusion and anxiety
some old dogs experience.

Your dog has no real sense of

shame or embarrassment, so he
suffers no loss of face if you come
up with some ideas to make his life
A soft, thick bed is a godsend to an a little easier. Here are a few tips to
older dog with stiff joints. get you thinking:
• Beds. Think soft. Think
Your dog’s health as he cushioned. Think low. Think
ages is not entirely in your control, heated. Your dog will thank you
but you can have a real impact on for all of these thoughts, especially
his attitude. Your dog doesn’t at this time of year.
know he’s getting older. His gray • Clothes. Older dogs, like
hairs concern him not, nor does he older people, have a more difficult
worry about the other visible ef- time maintaining their body tem-
fects of time — the thickening of perature. This problem is even
his body, the thinning of his limbs. more pronounced in slender, short-
He doesn’t count the number of coated breeds like the greyhound
times he can fetch a ball before tir- or whippet, or in tiny dogs. So
ing and compare that to his per- check out the sweater selection at
formance when he was a young your local pet supply store.
dog in his prime. • Ramps and steps. If your
A dog lives in the now. Just dogs are allowed on the couch and
as he doesn’t reflect on his past, he the bed, consider buying or build-
can’t imagine his future. Your dog ing steps to help the dog who can
takes his cues from you. When no longer make it in one jump. You
you’re upbeat, encouraging and wouldn’t want to watch TV with-
loving, he’ll be at his best, no mat- out your dog at your side, would
ter his age. you? A permanent ramp going
This time can be a special down the back-porch step or a col-
one for both of you, and it’s up to lapsible one to help your dog into
you to make the most of it. the car will also be appreciated.
As your dog ages, increase • While you’re making

Various Travel Authors

Sundance is Robert Redford's re- POWDER
sort valley utopia and unofficial
Wild West museum. The famous MOUNTAIN
actor who won't cave into a Holly-
wood-requisite facelift hasn't let Ogden is a historic railway town
his ski resort suffer one, either. that's no stranger to sinful enter-
The Sundance arts campus and ski tainment. In the 1940s 126 trains
paradise inhabits a spectacular rolled through daily, including
rock valley nook sprinkled with 92 troop trains taking breaks at the
woody cottages and 10 mountain local bars and brothels. Epitomiz-
rental homes. It has the feel of a ing a stopover town, this was the
national park but with attractions. terminus (and link-up site) of the
The 440 skiable acres feel like Central Pacific and Union Pacific
2,000, especially at night. lines. Uncharacteristic for a state
that's 60 percent Mormon, Al
Redford initially bought two acres Capone noted that Ogden was too
here in 1961 for $500 —- he now wild for his taste.
owns 6,000 Wasatch Mountain Continues on page 23
Range acres, with only 500 of
those acres developed. He contin-
ues to evolve the noble task of si-
multaneously promoting nature,
sports and the arts.

The Tree Room restaurant and sur-

rounding buildings double as
American history archives with
classic movie-shoot photos, Native
American blankets and Kachina
dolls on display. The waiters in
The Tree Room wear B-52s-style
cowboy shirts, which seem more
suited to a San Francisco-themed
nightclub, but everything else
rings faithful to the mountain
A skier plows through Utah's legendary waist-deep powder. West. The freestanding Owl Bar,
Photo courtesy of Ski Utah. once the original Butch Cassidy
and Sundance Kid hangout in
By Bruce Northam can't help but run across one even
Thermopolis, Wyo., has been
if they get lost. Utah's steep-and- transported here and remains an
Eeny, meeny, miny, snow. When it deep myth has merit, but every re- archetypal merriment den.
comes to high-altitude recreating sort can also accommodate skiing
in Utah, the only bad choice is not and boarding beginners. Here are Perhaps most significant, Sun-
making one. three outstanding options to ride dance pays recurring homage to
the heart of the Rocky Mountains the great American hearth. This
Utahans calibrate snow in feet, not blanketed by the greatest snow on place belongs in the Fireplace Hall
inches. With 10 ski resorts within Earth. of Fame.
an hour of Salt Lake City, skiers

41 Mediterranean 21 The Red, and others

island 25 Fire remains
43 Actress Garr 26 Our father
44 Fourth of July 27 Pocket bread
sound 28 Shapely space, at 19
45 Shots Across
47 Activities 29 Tax percentages
49 White water fan 30 Of the U.S.
51 Hebrew month 33 Noble Italian house
52 TV alien 35 Phone
53 Beauty spot at 36 Hen’s pride
19 Across 38 More lucid
58 Footnote ab- 39 Noons
breviation 42 Word of disapproval
60 Board game 44 Trail closely
61 Tear 46 La ___, Wis.
63 Art ___ 48 Crewman
64 Wise ones 49 Forays
65 Stare rudely 50 Dramatist Edward
66 Viewed 51 Assent
67 Gaelic 54 Fly high
68 Hired gun 55 Work units
56 Therefore
DOWN 57 ___ contendere
59 Put on
1 Police call, for
62 Write
2 Highway advi-
3 Winnie
the ___
4 Nurse’s
ACROSS 22 Big head 5 Hilo hello
23 One of Columbus’ trio 6 Saint’s aura
1 Nile snakes
24 Board cleaner 7 “___, Brute!”
5 Attention getter
26 Top of the orbit 8 Was sloppy
9 Partly open
29 Edible red root 9 Nabokov novel
13 Gambit
31 Airplane maneuver 10 Designer of 19
14 Candidate list
32 Paper measure Across
15 Wall decoration
34 Task 11 Old saw
16 Clod
37 One ___ time 12 Helicopter part
17 Young horses
38 Orderly methods 14 Play background
18 One of a Latin trio
40 Large 20 Even score
19 Candidate’s goal

Continued from page 22

Today, Ogden's legendary 25th

Street is lined with bars, shops and
international restaurants. A few
Prohibition-era tunnels still exist,

Ogden is 30 minutes from Powder

Mountain, which boasts the most
skiable terrain in the United States
— 7,000 acres. Its 135 runs are all
accessed from only seven lifts. It
snows enough here to bury a man-
sion, creating a perfect combina-
tion of groomed runs, untracked
powder and backcountry touring.

SOLITUDE Several Utah ski resorts are just a short drive out of stunning Salt Lake City. Photo courtesy of Ski Utah.

MOUNTAIN in Utah: drive-thru bank: www.monaco- Solitude Mountain:www.skisoli-
Solitude Mountain is close to wel-
Salt Lake City's Hotel Monaco, the
coming Salt Lake City's interna-
swankest place in town, drips with Sundance:
tional airport —- just 25 minutes
history. The 225-room beacon is Bruce Northam is a freelance
from baggage claim to a white-
the place to indulge guilty pleas- travel writer.
peak paradise. Sol is the root word
ures — and ponder life when the Powder Mountain: COPYRIGHT 2010 CREATORS.COM

here because the sun certainly does

14-story landmark was a classic
shine. There are nifty night op-
tions, as well. The Yurt Experi-
ence, hosted by winter leisure guru
Packy, is a deluxe five-course din-
ner inside a humongous Mongo-
lian-style tent. Part of this cozy
culinary adventure is snowshoeing
or cross-country skiing to and from
the yurt in the dark. Back on cam-
pus there's also an option for re-
fined fireside dining.

Redefining the alpine retreat, these

slopes invite every skill level to a
crowd-free experience. For those
hoping to avoid surgery, there's an
endless array of wide groomed
runs yielding options to ride the
mountain instead of hunting for the
leg-burning chop of moguls.

For more information about skiing A snowboarder makes a perfect turn in Utah powder. Photo courtesy of Ski Utah.
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