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A Short List of Long Swims

Certainly channel swims, solo marathon swims and relay marathons are long endurance
events, but so are the world’s longest solo, non-wetsuit, competitive open water swims. This
is a short list of marathon swims over 16K that are held annually around the world:

1. 88K (54.6 miles): Maratón Internacional Hernandarias – Paraná in Argentina

2. 81K (50.3): India National Open Long Distance Swimming Championship in West Bengal,
3. 57K (35.4 miles): Santa Fe-Coronda Marathon Swim in Argentina
4. 36K (22.3 miles): Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli in Italy
5. 34K (21.2 miles): Traversée Internationale du lac Memphrémagog in Quebec,
6. 32K (19.8 miles): Traversée Internationale du lac St-Jean in Quebec, Canada
7. 30K (18.6 miles): Ohrid Swimming Marathon in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia
8. 26.5K (16.4 miles): International Self-Transcendence Marathon in Lake Zürich,
9. 45.8K (28.5 miles): Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
10. 38.6K (24 miles): Tampa Bay Marathon Swim
11. 33.7K (21 miles): British Long Distance Swimming Association Two-way
Windermere in Lake Windermere, England
12. 30K (miles): International Swimming Marathon of Messiniakos Gulf in South
Peloponnesus, Greece
13. 30.5K (19 miles): All India Sea Swimming Competition in West Bengal, India
14. 28.1K (17.5 miles): Ederle Swim from New York to New Jersey, USA
15. 25K (15.5 miles): U.S. Masters Swimming 25K National Championships
16. 25K (15.5 miles): Cruce del Puerto Rosario in Argentina
17. 25K (15.5 miles): St. Vincent's Foundation Swim Across the Sound from
Connecticut to New York, USA
18. 25K (15.5 miles): Villa Urquiza – Paraná in Argentina
19. 25K (15.5 miles): FINA World Swimming Championships and LEN European
20. 24K (14.9 miles): St. Petersburg to Kotlin Island in Russia
21. 22K (13.6 miles): Ijseelmeerzwemmarathon in the Netherlands
22. 22K (16.1 miles): Toroneos Gulf Crossing in Nikiti, Greece
23. 21K (13 miles): International Marathon Swimming Beltquerung from Denmark to
24. 21K (13 miles): Travesia En Aguas Abiertas Por la Ruta de Olaya in Lima, Peru
25. 20.2K (12.6 miles): Distance Swim Challenge in Santa Monica, California, USA
26. 20.1K (12.5 miles): Swim Around Key West and FKCC Swim Around Key West
27. 19.7K (12.2 miles): Rottnest Channel Swim (Rotto Solo) in Perth, Australia
28. 19K (11.8 miles): Medunarodni Plivački Maraton (Jarak-Šabac Marathon Swim)
in Serbia
29. 18K (11.1 miles): Fiji Swims in Fiji
30. 16.2K (10 miles): La Jolla Cove Swim Club 10-miler in La Jolla, California, USA
31. 16.2K (10 miles): Kingdom Swim in Lake Memphremagog, Vermont, USA

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32. 16.2K (10 miles): Deer Creek Lake Swim in Charleston, Utah, USA
33. 16.2K (10 miles): Swim The Suck in Tennessee River Gorge, Tennessee, USA
34. 16K (9.9 miles): Faros Marathon Swim in Croatia
35. 16K (9.9 miles): Lake Trichonida Crossing in Greece
36. 16K (9.9 miles): Swimming Peace Marathon from Greece to Turkey

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