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HP ProCurve

Mobility Solutions Overview

Peter Bronson
Enterprise Sales Rep

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Leadership across the board
Worldwide data for calendar CQ3 2008
Blade Servers 54.7% #1
x86 based Servers 36.9% #1
Unix + Linux + Windows Servers 34.4% #1
Branded Tape Drives4 42.7% #1
Disk Storage Systems 19.8% #1
SAN Systems 14.7% #2
Distributed Automated Software Quality6 44.8% #1
Distributed System Management Software6 15.8% #1
IT Asset Management Software6 21.4% #1
6, 7
Software Support and Training Services 5.2% #2
IT and Business Services6 4.2% #2
Inkjet printers4 50.0% #1
Laser printers 39.0% #1
Ethernet switches 4.6% #2
Workstations1,3 38.1% #2
Notebooks1,2 20.4% #1
Desktops 17.0% #1
Thin clients1 30.3% #1
*Sources (for details see Notes page):
IDC CY08-Q3 Worldwide Quarterly Tracker Data (Server, PC, Workstations, Hardcopy Peripherals, Disk Storage,
IDC CY07 Annual Services and Software Data
“Goal: Provide a truly unified wired and
wireless network that adapts to a
changing environment, is feature rich
and secure, while maintaining a great
value proposition, and best total cost of
ownership in it’s class”
HP ProCurve Today
• Second largest Ethernet switch
vendor in the world
• Fastest growing provider of Layer 2-
7 Ethernet switching
• Design, manufacture and sell
network solutions for wired, wireless,
data center, security and
• Strong mid-market presence,
growing in enterprise/data center
• Open, standards-based networking
• Networking Solutions from the
Largest IT Company in the world

5 February 2009 – HP Restricted.

HP ProCurve Networking
Robust and full line of products engineered to HP quality standards
— backed by ProCurve’s service, support, training and industry-best warranty
• LAN Switches
• Wireless LAN
• Data Center Switches and
• Network Management
• Network Security
•HP ProCurve solutions (Enterprise and SMB):
• Security
• Mobility (Wireless LAN)
• Communications and collaboration
• Data center
• Network systems and management
•Full suite of NSG Services available on ProCurve

6 February 2009 – HP Restricted.

Magic Quadrant:
Enterprise LAN (Global), 2009

in Gartner’s
The Gartner Magic Quadrant is copyrighted April 2009 by Gartner, Inc.,
and is reused with permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical
representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It
depicts Gartner’s analysis of how certain vendors measure against
criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not
endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the Magic Quadrant,
and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors
placed in the “Leaders” quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is intended solely
as a research tool, and is not meant to be a specific guide to action.
Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this
research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose.
The Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc., as part of a
larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire
report. The Gartner report is available upon request from HP ProCurve.
Magic Quadrant for Enterprise LAN (Global), 2009,
Mark Fabbi, Tim Zimmerman,
30 April 2009.

ProCurve: Customer Care


Lifetime Warranty

Technical Phone Support / Firmware Upgrades

Open Standards

Progressive Network Management Platform

WLAN Evolution
HP ProCurve MultiService
Controller and Access Points

Wireless Edge Services Module and

Radio Ports Unified WLAN

4th Gen.
Optimized WLAN
Architecture Wired/Wireless
420 and 530
Access Points
Centralized WLAN 3rd Gen.
• Chassis-based
Performance and controller
Scalability • Integrated
Standalone 2nd Gen.
• MultiService management
Access Point
Controller and • Consistent wired
intelligent AP’s and wireless
Management • Distributed access services
1st Gen.
• “Switch” and forwarding
Open Standard • Non-blocking
thin APs
Connectivity 802.11n
• 802.11 a/b/g
• Intelligent AP’s support performance

9 15 June 2009
Distributed Intelligence – Best Architecture

MultiService Mobility
MultiService Mobility Centrally control WLAN system
Controller Create traffic handling policies
Configure MAPs
Backbone Handle guest access traffic


MultiService Access Points

Edge Provide wireless access
Deliver wireless traffic
Enforce networking policies
Provide wireless backhaul
MultiService Detect and prevent intrusions
Access Points

Management and guest traffic

Client traffic

10 15 June 2009
MultiService Mobility Solution -
• Edge Devices – Wireless Access Points
• Providing Wireless Connectivity
• Single, Dual and Tri-Radio Models
• Indoor and Outdoor Units
• Wireless Client Bridge

• Core Devices – WLAN Central Controllers

• Providing Wireless Management and Control
• Standalone and Blade Module for Chassis Switches

• Security – Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention

• Wireless Security IDS/IPS
• Security Appliance and RF Sensors

− Software and Tools

• Guest Management Software
• Administration and Management Software – PCM / PCM+

11 15 June 2009
MSM 700 Series Controllers
Centralized Management
•Reduce errors and save time
• Central AP configuration ensures consistent
policies (QoS, VLAN, ACL) and security across
the network
• Controller provisions AP allowing out of the box
deployment with no pre-configuration
•Single pane of glass administration
• Make local and global changes quickly and
• Wireless solutions is managed and performs like
the wired network utilizing same resources
•Easily manage guest and temporary Blade Module

access ProCurve 5400zl

•Non-technical staff can setup and dole out ProCurve 8212zl
temporary credentials with no compromise of
security. Frees up IT resources

12 15 June 2009
MSM 700 Series Controllers
High-performance, multiservice networking
Customize network services profiles One WLAN, Many Uses

• Outline QoS, bandwidth shaping, VLAN and

Point of Contact information
security policies by; user (employee), group
(corporate guests), application (video) or device • QoS: Priority 3
(phone) • Security: WPA2
• Flexible configuration options using MS Active
Directory, RADIUS AAA and/or Virtual Service Wireless VoIP
Community profiles and/or HTML login. Internally- • QoS: Priority 1
or externally-based RADIUS AAA services. • Security: WPA
• Adaptive Edge Architecture (AEA) performs
decision making and policy enforcement at the
Inventory tracking
edge of the network.
• QoS: Priority 2
• Secure internet connection with built-in • Security: MAC authorization
Stateful Firewall & destination filtering

Guest Internet Access

• QoS: Priority 4
• Traffic segregation
Wi-Fi device proliferation – • Access Control and Billing
it is not just the PC

13 15 June 2009
Central Controller – Line Up

MSM-710 MSM-730 MSM-750

MSM-765 Blade

Service Pack Access (basic) Mobility Access (basic) Mobility Access (basic) Mobility

Services • WLAN Mgmt • WLAN Mgmt • WLAN Mgmt • WLAN Mgmt • WLAN Mgmt • WLAN Mgmt
and Control and Control and Control and Control and Control and Control
• Guest • Guest • Guest • Guest • Guest • Guest
Access Access Access Access Access Access
• Roaming • Roaming • Roaming
Scalability 802.11 a/b/g: 10 802.11 a/b/g: 40 802.11 a/b/g: 200
802.11n: 10 802.11n: 40 802.11n: 200

Simultaneous Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Simultaneous 100 500 2000
guest access

14 15 June 2009
ProCurve Access Points
• Enhance application delivery and performance
• Provide anywhere, anytime wireless access
• Deliver rock-solid security right at network edge
• Capabilities to handle most all scenarios; indoor,
outdoor, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, etc.
• Simple out of the box deployment

Provide wireless access to 802.11

client devices
• Centrally managed by MultiService Mobility
Controllers to lower deployment and operational

15 15 June 2009
What did we gain by this design?
•Decision making at the edge
• Traffic is processed at the Edge
• No bottle necks at the core
• Less network traffic
• Fewer hops, faster application delivery
• Security at edge
• Best choice for real-time applications Application
Server Edge

•Least cost migration to 802.11n

• Supports a 500% increase in wireless traffic with a 0%
increase in controller capacity
– Most other vendors require a 500% increase in controller
capacity to support a 500% increase in wireless traffic
•Data Security • Source-to-destination
traffic forwarding
• No data can be recovered from stolen APs • QoS and security applied
at network edge

Lifetime Warranty on Indoor Access Points

16 15 June 2009
ProCurve Access Points – mesh

Anywhere, anytime deployment flexibility

Local Mesh
Indoor and outdoor coverage

Local Mesh to extend wireless to areas where

Ethernet is not available
• Inside hotels, factories, hospitals, outdoor campus, LAN bridge
between buildings
• Self-healing, self-optimizing
• Multiple configuration options for wireless access and backhaul

17 15 June 2009
MSM Access Points

Single radio Dual radios Triple radios

MSM325 MSM335
MSM310 MSM410 MSM422 MSM320
Sensor/AP Sensor/AP
a/b/g + a/b/g +
a/b/g n n + a/b/g a/b/g + a/b/g a/b/g + a/b/g
Indoor Indoor
Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor
Outdoor Outdoor

Client access Client access Client access Client access Client access Client access
Local Mesh Local Mesh Local Mesh Local Mesh Local Mesh Local Mesh
Packet capture Packet capture Packet capture Packet capture Packet capture Packet capture
RF security RF security

All ProCurve Access Points run at “full-power” on 802.3af

18 15 June 2009
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Enterprise Outsiders

Connection to
AP configured

RF Manager
with improper
wireless IDS/IPS

Rogue AP
9 Laptop-to-laptop
adhoc network
Authorized users connected
to authorized APs Hacker honeypot/
evil twin X

19 15 June 2009
ProCurve RF Manager IDS/IPS
• Continuously pinpoints and blocks security threats from
unauthorized wireless intrusions
• Protects wired and wireless network
• Operates simultaneously with client access without
impacting application performance
• Companion products: MSM-325 AP/Sensor and MSM-
335 AP/Sensor
Locates and displays rogue devices on floor plan for
quick removal

Does not interfere with the performance of authorized

• Extremely important for voice and other real-time
Delivers policy and compliance reports
at custom-defined intervals
• Pre-defined reports for HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley

20 15 June 2009
ProCurve M111 Wireless Client Bridge
• Extends the life of legacy equipment
by wirelessly enabling it
• Supports strongest security encryption
• Plenum rated metal enclosure
• External 5 VDC power or 802.3af
POE power
• Fully manageable as part of the
ProCurve Intelligent Mobility Solution
• Solves Point-of-Sale and PCI
compliance opportunities.

Flexible Provides wireless capabilities to non-

Applications wireless Ethernet and serial client

21 15 June 2009
ProCurve MSM317 Access Device
Benefits: Applications
• Integrate 2.4GHz Access
Point - 802.11 B/G •Hospitality
• 4-Port 10/100 Managed •Student Housing
Switch •Board Rooms
• Centrally configured and •Classrooms
managed by MSM7xx •Event Centers
Controller •Conference Rooms
• Power by 802.3af POE •Offices
• Powers other POE •Common Area
devices via power POE Power Forwarding Port
forwarding 7.5 watt Pass-through Port for Phone or Data
• Uplink port on back RJ45
and/or 110 Punch-Down

Projected Release Spring 2009

22 15 June 2009
ProCurve Guest Management Software
• Allows authorized employees
across the organization to create
guest user accounts
• Frees IT staff to concentrate on
strategic tasks
• Designed to be operated by non-
technical staff
• Temporary credentials self destruct
on expiration
• Can be used to create printable

Companion products: MSM7XX

23 15 June 2009
Enterprise WLAN Necessities
High Reliability – Field proven products, backed by lifetime
Effortless Management – Unified LAN/WLAN simplifies
deployment and operation
Strong Security – Integrated, robust LAN/WLAN policies built-in
and enforced at network edge
Scalable Performance – non-blocking architecture that scales
to 802.11n speeds without forklift upgrades
MultiServices – Network adapts to business needs
Best Price Performance and Total Cost of Ownership

24 15 June 2009
HP ProCurve Mobility Value
Summary - Best in Class Architecture

Highest efficiency LAN backbone usage

• ½ the load on backbone

Fastest application delivery

• No added latency, no additional hops

Most flexible traffic delivery

• Simultaneous traffic handling options for multiple applications

Rock-solid security
• Non-stop perimeter security, security credentials tested at the edge

Unparalleled system price/performance

25 15 June 2009
Physical Architectures: Option 1
• Devices are connected to the wired network but
there are wireless access points for notebooks.

Wired Ethernet Network

Usually 802.11
Wireles (a, b, g or g/b)

Physical Architectures: Option 2
• Similar to option 1, however one or more devices
may be wireless as well.

Wired Ethernet Network

Equipped with Wireles

Wireless JetDirect
card in the free s
EIO slot or
Parallel/USB Access
Options Too.
Physical Architectures: Option 3
• Similar to option 1, however the device also has a
wireless device attached for ad-hoc printing.

Wired Ethernet Network

Usually BlueTooth
Equipped with
Wireless JetDirect
card in the free
EIO slot or
But 802.11 in an
Options Too.
Ad-Hoc mode is
another option.
HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One Printer
• Prints water-resistant
documents on plain
paper, using HP
Officejet pigment inks
designed for the office
• High-speed, full-
AiO productivity with
two-sided printing
Print professional color quality • ENERGY STAR®-
for up to 50 percent lower cost with paper-saving
per page and energy use than features
HP Printing Sales Guide
HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One Printer

HP Officejet Pro HP Officejet Pro 8500 HP Officejet Pro 8500

HP Officejet AiO 8500 Wireless Premier
Part number CB022A CB023A CB025A
250-sheet input tray Standard Standard Standard
250-sheet input tray 2 Optional Optional Standard
10/100Base-T wired Ethernet
Standard Standard Standard
Built-in wireless networking Not available Standard Standard
Display Two-line LCD Touchscreen CGD Touchscreen CGD
Automatic two-sided printing
Standard Standard Standard
Automatic document feeder 35 sheet 50 sheets (reversing) 50 sheets (reversing)
HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer

Print high-quality color documents

or photos virtually anywhere, with
or without wires.

• Mobility
• Flexible connections
• Convenience

HP Printing Sales Guide

HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer

HP Officejet H470 HP Officejet H470b HP Officejet H470wbt

50-sheet input tray Standard Standard Standard
HP lithium-ion battery Optional Standard Standard
Bluetooth adapter Optional Optional Standard
Printer sleeve Optional Optional Standard

Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor and used by Hewlett-Packard Company under license.
HP Jetdirect 690n (J8007G)
Strategic Focus – SWT-H, WG, Dept.
• Monochrome
• Color
• Multi Function – Lasers and PWA

Key Messages
#1 Full Featured EIO Wireless 802.11g Print Server with IPv6 and
IPSec capability
#2 Superior performance with Fast Ethernet speeds, broad compatibility
with HP printers, and backed by legendary HP reliability
#3 Expand business capabilities with extensive access to market-
leading solutions, including Web JetAdmin and Easy Printer Care

Key Features
#1 EIO Wireless 802.11g connectivity backwards compatible with Fast
Ethernet Networks
#2 IPv4, IPv6 and IPSec compatible
#3 Increased memory capacity

34 15 June 2009
Technology for better business outcomes