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2010 Global Open Water Swimming Conference – Impressions
I wanted to personally convey my appreciation for the hospitality that you forwarded to me whilst I was in LA. I really appreciated the efforts you went to, ensuring that I was looked after and made to feel a part of the conference and meet. I cannot express how much I enjoyed the experience and I only hope that I can return the hospitality and respect that was given to me. Additionally I also wanted to congratulate you on the outstanding work you did in putting together the Global Open Water Swimming Conference and USA Open Water Swimming Trials. Both were an outstanding success and you should be commended for the professionalism and passion that you brought to both activities. You bring a lot of knowledge and credibility to our sport and I can tell you that on behalf of both our athletes and I, we are grateful for this support and wish you all the best for the future. Greg Towle, Olympic and National Open Water Swimming Coach, Swimming Australia Ltd. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for all your efforts during the USA Swimming Open Water National Championships and World Championship Trials at Long Beach Marine Stadium. The Global Open Water Swimming Conference was a spectacular event, the first ever to bring together this far-flung community. You've done a great service to the sport. Many thanks for putting in the mountain of dedicated work to make it possible. I learned a lot and enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Congratulations! David Clark, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee and board director Great work last weekend. Congrats on a great Open Water Swimming event at USA National Open Water Swimming Champs this weekend in Long Beach, USA. In a word WOW! What a week. Fun friends and fellowship with my passionate open water mates. Thank you so much to for your amazing hospitality! Cheers. Shelley Taylor-Smith, Champion Mindset Consulting Founder and 7-time World Marathon Swimming Champion I would like to say THANK YOU!! for the great job you did. The Conference was great and we (Mexico) learned a lot!!! Mauricio Garduño, Mexico Swimming Federation and Acuática Nelson Vegas
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nationally-ranked swimmer and coach THANK YOU for the opportunity to meet so many people.openwatersource.what a labor of love. direction and help really from Matt Dixon and Gerry Rodrigues. some of the sessions really relieved some of her concerns over the venture. As Victoria continues her training for the Catalina Channel. 2 . THANKS! Eney Jones. as Penny detailed her day in Dover.. Great job. and Facilitators to Make a Difference That was fantastic. I got a great deal of information. Thanks again for a job well done. Blessings to you and many swims with Dolphins! Kim M. Lyle Nalli. the races. the conference was very insightful and my wife. masters swimmer I enjoyed the conference.. I sat in awe as Gerry described modern open water race training. President.Open Water Source www. It will be one of those days (out of the water) I'll remember for a Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones p. Jim Miller was meticulous about healthy nutrition for athletes—especially swimmers. I especially enjoyed the two sessions I attended with Jim Miller and Ram since he was a swimmer I could relate to since we both did not grow up in a pool and tool up open water later in life. Presenters. The collection of experts and open-water swimming wisdom was absolutely unbelievable…I will never forget this experience…it was an AMAZING experience. Thank you so much for developing this. fitness swimmer Thanks again for putting this all together. especially the networking. Victoria Rian. What a humongous collection of resources. Cabrillo Beach Polar Bears and USA Triathon Level I Coach & Race Director What an incredible experience you offered in Long Beach. and Dr. I will never forget Penny Dean’s whispered workshop and the brownies she brought! I want to especially thank you for the incredible Almanac. former professional triathlete. Swimmingly. White. the fun. the conference. and I would attend future conferences if circumstances allowed. the people. I am still digesting the fact that I brushed shoulders with such legendary For someone that started swimming about four years ago. Developing Trainers. Thank you!! Guila Muir and Associates. Herman Arrivillaga.

Many thanks once again and best regards. And thank you for inviting me too speak.openwatersource.. Lots was simple event management. National Team Performance Support I really enjoyed the conference. English Channel. 3 .. Mike Saltzstein. your passion and your education. if any of the sessions were taped will we eventually be able to enjoy them online? Lori Christensen. I see it growing over the next few years. Swim Las Vegas Thank you so much for inviting Ram and myself. USA Swimming. viXen training LLC Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones p. conference management and all. YOU ROCK!!! Great job. I really enjoyed my first viewing of open water and meeting some of the passionate and amazing people within the system. thank you for setting it up! There were so many interesting sessions but as we could only be in one place at a time. Molokai Channel. USA Swimming Know that you did an incredible job putting all together for this weekend extravaganza.if only there was some way to bottle Shelley's enthusiasm and distribute it. John York and Philip Rush took the time to listen is just simply astounding. Your vision and your dedication to your sport is incredible. Forrest Nelson. TO imagine that Penny.. I made invaluable contacts and am looking forward to future collaboration with many of my new colleagues. Kara Robertson. South Africa Your work this last week was nothing short of phenomenal. Catalina Channel and Cook Strait swimmer The conference was great. former Vice President. Waikiki Roughwater Swim Committee and Kaico Sports Thank you so much for all of the follow up emails from the event this weekend. Lisa Wemhoff. Others may have the vision but implementing it is what you have done. Cadiz Freedom Swim. Well done on a great networking and information sharing opportunity. President.Open Water Source www. But the way you put everything together was quite a tribute to who you lifetime. Craig Doonan. Kaia Hedlund. As an event organizer..

I kept hearing "You're Steve's sister? He's the nicest guy". I am glad to have come! Thanks for inviting me. Sports Performance Consultant. I hope you felt good about the event. Mark Perry. Much appreciated. I would be prepared to talk about 2006 – 2008 and the lead up to Beijing.Open Water Source www. Open Water Performance Manager. Keep it up. Mariejo Pasion. It was great being there and think you did a great job. Founder Purple Patch Fitness An amazing job! Your passion for open water swimming is obvious and people love your sweet nature. Shinji. I learned a lot. 4 . USA Swimming Thanks for the airport lift and for organizing the Conference etc. Dr. While it is not 'my world' on enjoyed it. Sid Thank you so much for having me down at the conference. former FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee chairman Just wanted to take some time to say thank you for pulling together the event. I learned a great deal about the sport. and he was very emotional when he met me yesterday.openwatersource. and was also highly impressed with the organization and effectiveness of the conference. Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones p. Wish I could have stayed for dinner. Japan International Open Water Swimming Association Congratulations today! The event was great and your presentation at dinner was very impressive. Matt Dixon. and I hope to explore more about Open Water Swimming. Congratulations! Stacey Munatones Hensley PLENTY of people around the world appreciate your Herculean efforts – great job …. Naya Higashijima. Well done. MSc. If you want me to speak next time. I must say that I thought you are Steve put on a wonderful conference. British Swimming Thank you very much for putting this wonderful event together and including everyone who loves the sport. Aziz happened to be a long time friend of my dad. I did hear a lot of positive things from coaches. It was great to meet so many people and I enjoyed many talks. The moment like this is so valuable today when we are addicted to the digital world.

thank you for allowing him to participate! Christine Wilson. Thank you for giving us this opportunity! Thank YOU so much for organizing this event. Sam being present was in large a wonderful way to touch those who had never experienced Special Olympics at any level. We made a lot of progress this weekend. Swimming New Zealand Thanks for a great weekend of events and knowledge. Aside from making some wonderful connections for future follow up and promoting open water within Special Olympics. Thank so very very much. Brazil Thanks for a great weekend back in New Zealand now 6 windy and very wet. It is inspiring to watch someone put so much energy. King and Queen of the Sea and President of Effect Sport. you are on a roll! Keep up the great work! I hope your swim went well too! I had to bolt to the airport. Special Olympics Northern California Thank you so very much for a fantastic weekend. it really was spectacular and wellrun. It was an honor to attend the swim conference. Linda Kaiser. There was a great deal of interest for Cook Strait. Open Water Programme Manager. Director Special Pedro Rego Monteiro.Open Water Source www. and am now in Monterey for another event.. I totally enjoyed every minute. Catalina Channel and Manhattan Island Marathon Swimmer Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones p. Thanks and talk to you soon! Jen Schumacher. 5 . Again. Co-Founder. I'm so impressed with the amount of work you put in and it definitely showed in the quality of the conference.. Thanks again for having me. travelling home it was all he could talk about. Philip Rush. effort and heart into something and it is appreciated by me and so many. Thank you for all you do. It really meant the world to him. Thanks again for the energy you put into all of this! Doug Woodring. Co-Founder Project Kaisei Awesome experience. There is a lot to learn from Greg and Mark when they want to let it on. Take care.openwatersource. He was very proud of himself. I'd love to see some of the talks I missed. Aloha. You did an incredible job. famed Hawaiian Island Channel swimmer Thank you both for swimming with Sam as well. Not only did he have a tear in his eye after the swim.

Christine and I will fill you in on our numerous follow-up items to build on the positive momentum and goodwill generated this weekend as we move towards the inaugural Open Water Swimming demonstration at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens. Greece. Germain. MD. Thank you. Jon-Paul St. Founder Pacific Rim Sports Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones p.openwatersource. It was the first conference I have attended and being diagnosed with severe ADHD a year or so ago. Brent Imonen.Open Water Source www. due to your work. Generic Events Congratulations on a very well received conference and swimming event. Great work! Jim Miller. Sports Development and I think that I can speak for the rest of us by saying that we are all in awe of the work that you put in to get us all together and host the Conference. Thank you for making this happen. and being on site yesterday got me thinking about my interest in Hawaii Open Water Swimming as well as WOWSA. 6 . I appreciate you introducing me to your world of swimming and allowing me to get involved over the weekend. The information was extremely useful (and has been applied) and it really made the time seem fractioned. Drew Porter. It is the first of its kind and I am sure it will not be the last. Founder. Special Olympics Thank you so much for the time and effort you spent organizing the conference. Quixotic Racing Great event . I am very interested in getting involved on the ground floor. Thanks again.I can't wait till next year! Brennan Lindner. FINA Sports Medicine Committee We were truly in awe as you brought together all corners of the Open Water community together to pull off a great conference in the middle of a world class competition. I enjoyed meeting all of the other lecturers and always come away from something like this excited about our sport. serving as meet director is really over the top. The conference was definitely worth the money. It was a tremendous weekend for Open Water Swimming and Special Olympics in general but seeing the joy and gratitude expressed by Sam for being provided the opportunity to participate with world champion swimmers was a poignant moment for sport. I thought I would spontaneously combust if I had to sit still for more than an hour. IN addition to all of this. Director. Mahalo.

It was quite a weekend! Anne Cleveland. It was a highly successful conference. Catalina Channel and English Channel swimmer You did such an awesome job with everything this weekend Steve! It was so much fun! Lexie Kelley Thanks for putting together such an awesome event! I had a great time! Mallory Mead. You should be proud and should consider repeating it – maybe it should be part of all future Open Water Nationals. from the USA Championship races to the Open Water Conference was a brilliant success and I feel very privileged to have been a part of it. English Channel swimmer Quite a weekend Steve ..nice show! Hank Wise Thank you very much Steve. 7 . It was really a great weekend. Nelson Vargas Jr. Khwaja Aziz. USA Swimming Open Water Swimming Official Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones p. Founder RCP Tiburon Mile and RCP Tiburon Sprint Classic Thank you for the invitation which allowed me attend the Global Conference on Open Water Swimming. It was the first of its kind. Dr. Bob Placak. Great job!! Ken Really appreciated being included in your conference this weekend and congratulates you on a very well produced event.openwatersource. There was a great “buzz” from all who participated. the Clinic and the Conference. Nationals. former FINA Sports Medicine Committee and current FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee member Thank YOU for putting on such an incredible event! Everything. CEO Acuática Nelson Vegas Long Beach was awesome. I only wish that it could be bigger and better.Open Water Source www. The list you provided will be helpful.

USA Swimming Ohio Local Swim Committee official Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones p. There was so much information I want to say great thanks to both of you for the effort you guys put out to host this conference. Thanks for putting so much energy to raising the awareness of the sport and for bringing people together. It was much appreciated by all! We’re also looking forward to working with you on your other competitions that you have plans for…in hearing at the reception the number of e-mails that you send out to those in FINA and your sport…you are an amazing catalyst! Thanks again… Steve Goodling. again. Absolutely amazing!! Thanks. 8 . Many thanks to you for allowing me to be part of this experience. Thanks for bringing them to Long Beach. I was amazed at the talented speakers and guests. Joel Wilson. very enjoyable and fun! I especially enjoyed Ram's and Penny's presentation. too much info to squeeze into the time available. Still. It was a great event and you did a phenomenal job in getting strong participation. Lake Tahoe world record holder Thanks…. My participation gave me incredible insight and experience into the organization and execution of USA Swimming's premier Open Water event. I can't tell you how much I learn from reading the posts and am continually inspired. crossing in 1978. I was very happy to be able to attend even though I had to fly in and fly out on Saturday.and congratulations again. Chip Carrigan. I enjoyed watching the 10K from a gondola. President/CEO. Long Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Words cannot begin to describe how professionally run the Open Water Nationals and Global Open Water Conference was in Long Beach. Santa Cruz Masters I am very remiss in tell you that I thought that the Open Water conference in Long Beach was great.openwatersource. and meeting up with past friends and acquaintances.Open Water Source www. I hope that it’s the start of a long series of conferences over the upcoming years!! I'd be happy to help with future conferences especially if it means that I can help to escort Greta Anderson or some other amazing swimmer :-) Your website is fab as well. for your efforts and I look forward to the next open water conference. Penny should be honored and remembered as one of the greatest open water swimmers for her incredible E. meeting new people. along with the 10 K Champs. Patti Bauernfeind.

Ekeren.Open Water Source www. Dean M. It was a terrific fun and I was very impressed by the athletes and the organization. at the World Championships in Roberval. Canada. You worked really hard to make everything happen and I hope it was a success for you. and I look forward to seeing you again in August. USA Swimming National Events & Marketing Director Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones p. Simon Gowen of The Simon Gowen Triathlon Show I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for all your efforts during the USA Swimming Open Water National Championships and World Championship Trials at Long Beach Marine Stadium.S. The venue set-up has absolutely raised the bar for future USA Swimming Open Water Championships. It was a pleasure working with you in Long Beach.openwatersource. Because of your efforts we were able to select an outstanding team to represent the U. 9 .com Thank you so much for letting me experience the Open Water Nationals at first hand.