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.33) -Uncertainties related with Climate Change with possibilities of increased and devastating floods all over advice extra precaution and permit little liberty to be taken with natural systems like rivers -All developmental planning is ideally to be done keeping the 100 yr frequency floods in mind .7) Except the Palla embankment.9) “No permanent structures of residential or industrial nature should be raised in the river bed” (page 3. (page 3. 1978. 1988.STATE OF DELHI Flood Prone 1977. 200. 1995. no other bund in the river would withstand a 25 year floods (page 3. (Devastating decadal floods) -NEERI report (2005) ‘Environmental Management Plan for Rejuvenation of River Yamuna in NCT’ advises due caution The Yamuna crossed its danger level (fixed at 204.83 m) 25 times during the last 33 years.

Bottled Water.STATE OF DELHI Water Scarce Demand – 830 mgd (DJB) Supply – 520 mgd (DJB) DJB Sources – River Yamuna (410 mgd). the MOST vital and valuable natural area in the city . UGC (100 mgd) DJB Extracted ground water (2300 tube wells) – 100 mgd Real ground water extraction – 100 + 310 (shortfall) = 410 mgd (Pvt suppliers. Bhakra (40 mgd). along with the Ridge. Pvt extraction – estimated 3000 tube wells) – 50% of water needs met from underground River Flood Plain (Zone O) is.

Vikram Soni) puts the economic value of existing flood plain in terms of just ground water recharge potential as a staggering Rs 10.000 crores annually Delhi is water wise badly ‘DEPENDANT’ We will build dams in Uttarakhand (MPD 2021) We will ‘develop’ river bed (MPD 2021) .STATE OF DELHI Water Scarce A bird in hand is better than two in the bush Flood plain is an underground reservoir Annual recharge and dilution of polluted ground water through benign floods each year An estimate (Prof.

1842 . 1991. 1905. 1966. 1956. 1803 . 2001. 1720 . 1505 . in a 50 yr window 1983 – 2033. 2005 River bed is most vulnerable According to Iyengar 2000. Delhi would experience PGA = .2 g (80% probability of 7 richter scale quake in the region) . 1960.STATE OF DELHI Earthquake prone Delhi sits over an Earthquake fault line (Zone IV) – 893 .

. 1997) : The state as a trustee is under a legal duty to protect the natural resources. In the absence of any legislation (Rivers fall in this category). the executive acting under the doctrine of public trust cannot abdicate the natural resources and convert them into private ownership or for commercial use.Fundamental Duty of the state (Article 48A) The State shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wild life of the country. The Supreme Court observed (In the well known Span Motels Case (MC Mehta vs Kamal Nath and others.

2112 / 2002 and WP ( C ) No. No effective steps have been taken to make Yamuna free from encroachments and pollution of all kinds. . Delhi in the case WP (Civil ) No. But the common man does not find any visible change. Encroachments on river beds and embankment have become order of the day.12.2005 River Yamuna is lifeline for the citizens of Delhi right from its entry into Delhi till it leaves Delhi.High Court of Delhi Observations of the Hon. The purity. sanctity and the cleanliness of its water has to be maintained. 689 / 2004 dated 08. HC. It is repeatedly claimed that the Government is doing its best and has already spent thousands of crores of rupees in the name of ‘Cleanse Yamuna’ Project.

Usha Mehra Committee It is because of this realization that we have entrusted the task to the Committee headed by Justice Usha Mehra (Retired). residential or commercial or any other purpose shall be allowed to exist. CP-DELHI) We direct the Committee to take up in right earnestness and day-today basis the task of removing encroachments up to 300 meters from both sides of River Yamuna in the first instance. We are making it clear that no structure whether it pertains to religious. (VC-DDA. Yamuna has to be re-developed in such a manner that it becomes the habitat for trees. CCMCD. No encroachment either in the form of jhuggi jhopri clusters or in any other manner by any person or organisation shall be permitted. forests and center for recreation. .


…… she in fact mentioned an address from where money was being doled out to farmers to silence them….. She alleged that the land – mentioned in the Delhi master plan as part of green belt – was given to a Gujarat based temple trust at a 'throwaway price'…… If a temple is constructed on that low land by raising an embankment. that would lead to serious water logging and inundation of trans-Yamuna areas like Mayur Vihar and Mandavali.2000 'Land allotment to temple trust flayed in RS' The DDA's 'surreptitious' allotment of 30 hectares of land on the Yamuna bed to a temple trust came in for sharp criticism in the Rajya Sabha (RS) on Wednesday. [and] demanded to know who the police officers had referred to when they claimed they had 'orders from the top'. . Governor of damaging the capital's environment.“Let us get back into time for a while” News Item: TOI. Making a special mention. Soni alleged. Ambika Soni of the Congress accused both the DDA and Delhi's Lt.5. 4.


5. Delhi has guaranteed that the Games Village will be constructed well in advance of the Games although no specific development schedule has been provided (Village construction timetable is anticipated to be 2 years). city and the venues is excellent and will allow all athletes to live in one Village. . The proximity of the Village to the airport.2 Village 1. The Village will feature low to medium rise buildings.Excerpts from CG 2010 Evaluation Commission 2003 report (What was presented to the Voting members of CGF) 3. 4. The Government is constructing the Village on a pleasant and high quality site. 2. 3. Post games the Village will become University accommodation.4.

WHAT IS THE STATE CLAIMING ? We have all the approvals ! Consider the facts: 1)Yamuna Standing Committee (CWC) 2) Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) 3) Usha Mehra Committee of Delhi HC 4) Ministry Of Environment and Forests (MOEF) 5) Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) Recommendations of the NEERI report (2005) Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS) report 2007 .

” .Yamuna Standing Committee RTI Act response from CWC dated 25 July 2007 “No specific permission was accorded by the Yamuna Standing Committee (YSC) to DDA for raising of permanent residential multi storied flats in the name of “Common wealth Games (20100 village” alongside the Akshardham Temple in the flood plain in river Yamuna.

.Central Ground Water Authority Yamuna Flood plain ‘notified’ dated 2 September.. 2000 RTI Act response from CGWA dated 16 July 2007 seeking Is the CGWA aware of the plan of DDA to build residential complex in the name of CG 2010 …….including a mall under construction ? No permission for construction of any borewell / tube well has been accorded by CGWA for this purpose.

Usha Mehra Committee No report (18 reports till date) of Usha Mehra Committee makes a mention of it .

MGK Menon for looking into the merits or otherwise of the matter.” (Letter no. 31(7)/2006 – DUAC dated July 5. . 2007).DUAC Accorded approval to the Building Plan in the month of May 2007 27 June 2007 YJA presented to full membership of DUAC “ The presentation gave evidence for not locating the CG Games Village in the Yamuna Flood Plain. The Commission was of the view that it would be appropriate to set up an independent Committee headed by an eminent scientist for instance Prof.

.06.12.1. 22.07 and 2.2006 c) First Clearance letter provided for raising only temporary ‘dismantable’ structures so that river bed could be restored to the river d) DDA served ultimatums on MOEF on two occasions 16 Jan 07 and 7 March 07.07. 29.3.4. e) If Akshardham could be built then why not Games Village.07) b) Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) expressed serious environmental concerns and recommended change of site on 3.11. h) 4th clearance letter on 2 April 07 provided for DDA to construct permanent or temporary structures subject to…… Clearly the DDA has ‘extracted’ the clearance from MOEF not on merit but persuasions and ultimatums (Mockery of EIA process at MOEF) . f) MOEF found serious shortcomings in the CWPRS report of Feb 2007 g) 2nd and 3rd clearance letters on 22 Jan and 29 March 07 provided for DDA to plan for permanent or temporary structures subject to….MOEF RTI response received from MOEF informs a) MOEF issued 4 Clearance letters (14.

Where are the approvals? Yamuna Standing Committee (-) CGWA (-) Usha Mehra Committee (-) MOEF (+?) DUAC (+?) NEERI (-) CWPRS (+?) .

then why can’t that plan become THE PLAN today? . UNSAFE and DISTURBED Earthquake (Residents ever in risk) Floods (What if the decadal floods come calling in July 2010) Disturbed (Next to NH 24 and Railway Line) Sunken bed at site and Polluted water (Ground water is contaminated and unfit for use) WHO WOULD BE ACCOUNTABLE IF AN EARTHQUAKE (remember Mexico 1985) OR A DEVASTATING FLOOD (Mumbai 2005.The Site itself in river bed is RISKY. London 2007) WERE TO HAPPEN and bring devastation made worse from construction in the river bed ? In the light of above Do we have a contingency plan for the proposed site? If NO then why NOT If yes.





not listening to reason and expert advice but resorting to issuing incorrect statements and half truths Safe alternatives exist for the games village site in the city .PONDERABLE Clearly a dangerous. wrong and unauthorised / illegal act is happening in the RIVER BED in the city which would badly compromise the ability of the river to recharge ground water but become yet another precedence for concretisation of the river bed. Concerned authorities are not only.

Future of river Yamuna GONCT 1. Set up ‘Yamuna Preservation Authority’ and begin desilting of river bed GOI 1. Implement 1994 MOU between six riparian states of Yamuna for minimum flow of 10 cumesec 3. Moratorium on any new construction in the river (Zone O) 2. Review and re-notify EIA norms so that EIA is not required to be commissioned by an interested Party but only by an independent body . Heritage issue will get automatically resolved. An independent expert committee to review (with public hearing) all existing structures from public safety and environmental impact angle 4.WE SEEK CG 2010 Village Immediately shift the site out of the river bed as a win – win step from all angles. Notify RRZ (Rivers Regulation Zone) whose draft is lying with MOEF since 2002 2.

Thank you .