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Medium and High Voltage

Three Phase Induction Motors

Transforming energy
into solutions
Three Phase Induction Motors
Medium and High Voltage

In conjunction with a world renown consultant company, WEG developed its three phase induction motors which
allow easy maintenance and high performance level. Divided in two different lines, M Line and H Line, the WEG
three phase induction motors became the best solution for those applications requiring such motors.
Due to its mechanical design flexibility, M Line (Master) motors can be applied on a wide variety of applications
with different operational requirements. In addition the M Line can be easily modified to match existing motors.
H Line (High Performance) motors have been designed in such a way to withstand the most demanding applications
and are regarded as both a reliable and low maintenance cost solution under such conditions.
With the application of modern software’s which were developed in conjunction with Universities of
Europe, USA and Brazil ensuring high design accuracy, WEG provides superior performance from these
Optimized design, quality of materials used, associated with manufacturing process duly controlled on
all production phases make these motors suitable for several market segment applications including
mining, sanitation, cooling systems, cement, oil and gas, steel plants, pulp and paper and others.
In order to comply with highly demanding world markets, WEG has its Quality System certified by Bureau
Veritas Quality Institute in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. As well as ISO 14001 environment
certification, all WEG medium and high voltage motors are also certified by internationally recognized
certifying institutions such as CSA (Canada) and PTB (Germany).
M Line - Master

Output ratings up to 50,000kW (70,000HP)

Voltages ranging from 220 to 13,800V
Speed from 3600 to 300rpm
M Line motors are manufactured in different configurations in reference to cooling methods and degree
of protection. As a result, a motor configuration can be defined in such a way to better meet operating
and environment conditions.
Motor supplied in frame sizes IEC 280 to 450 (NEMA 4400 to 8000) are manufactured in cast iron frames.
Those motors manufactured in frame sizes IEC 500 (NEMA 8800) and larger have their frames built in
welded steel plates.
Main advantages in using WEG M Line motors include:
- High efficiency
- Degree of Protection IP23 (WP-I), IP(W)24 (WP-II) or IP(W)55 / IP(W)56 / IP(W)65
- Reduced noise level
- Low and easy maintenance
- Can be built to meet API 541 standards
- Squirrel cage rotor
Slip ring (wound rotor)
- Bearings
Oil lubricated sleeve bearings
Grease or oil lubricated ball or roller bearings
- Interchangeability with existing motors.
M Line Nomenclature M G F 560 A

M – Master Line

G – Squirrel cage
A – Slip ring (Wound rotor)

A – Open self-cooled
D – Self-cooled by ducts, air inlet and outlet
T – Forced cooling, air inlet and outlet by ducts
V – Forced cooling, cooling on top of motor and air outlet by ducts
F – Self-cooled with air-to-air heat exchanger, heat exchanger on top of motor
R – Self-cooled with air-to-air heat exchanger, heat exchanger around the stator
I - Forced cooling on the internal and external air flow, air-to-air heat exchanger
W – Air-to-water heat exchanger
L – Air-to-water heat exchanger, forced cooling on the internal air flow

IEC 280 to 1800
NEMA 4400 to 28,000
IEC (S, M, L, A, B, C, D, E)
NEMA (06,07,08,09,10,11...)
H Line - High Performance

Output rating from 100 to 3150kW (135 to 4000HP)

Voltages from 220 to 6900V
Speed from 3600 to 600rpm
With simple and compact construction, H Line motors are widely used due to their high reliability making them
suitable for the majority of the driven machines found in industries.
The frame construction consists of a high resistance solid block and it is fitted with external cooling fins. The
whole cooling system, which consists of an internal and an external air flow, provides an homogeneous blow of
cooling air inside the frame for maximum performance of such motors.
Main advantages in using WEG H Line motors include:
- High efficiency
- Degree of Protection IP(W)55 / IP(W)56 / IP(W)65 (TEFC, TEBV)
- Reduced noise level
- Low and easy maintenance
- Robust solid high strength cast iron construction
Can be built to meet IEEE841 (2001) mill and chemical duty
Can be built to meet API541 standards
- Bearings
Oil lubricated sleeve bearings
Grease or oil lubricated ball or roller bearings
- Cooling
Self cooling
Forced cooling, usually required for VFD applications.
- Interchangeability with existing motors
- Internal air flow
- Heat exchanger not required.
H Line Nomenclature
H G F 450 A

H - High Performance Line

G – Squirrel cage

F – Enclosed, finned, internal and external air flow

IEC 315 to 630
NEMA 5000 to 10,400

IEC (L, A, B, C, D, E)
NEMA (06,07,08,09,10,11...)

Squirrel Cage Motors

Due to their design versatility and excellent operating conditions, H and M Line motors are used on a wide variety
of applications in the industry. Among other equipment, they are used to drive machines and equipment that require
either variable or constant torque applications such as fans, pumps, grinders, conveyor belts, compressors, laminating
machines, mixers and others.

Slip Ring Motors

Slip ring motors are usually applied on high inertia loads or on high resistant starting torque loads. They are also
required when there is starting current limitations on the power supply system.
The most common loads driven by these motors are: ball mills, crushers, fans, exhausters, shredders and grinders
for cement and mining industries, steel plants, among others.
These M Line slip ring motors can be supplied with motorized brush-holder system or fixed brush-holder system,
as required by the load and operating conditions.
Slip ring motors fitted with motorized brush-holder system offer important advantages in terms of maintenance once
they allow the brushes to be in contact with rings only during motor starting. Hence, avoiding brushes and slip rings

Supply: MAF400, 331kW (440HP), Supply: MGF8809, 930kW (1240HP), Supply: MGF630, 1070kW (1430HP),
6600V, 6 poles 4160V, 2 poles 13,200V, 8 poles
Application: Conveyor belt Application: Pump Application: Pump
Vertical Shaft Motors
WEG also offers medium and high voltage vertical shaft motors.
These motors can be supplied with either grease lubricated ball
or roller bearings, or angular contact bearings. Depending on
the application, specially when subject to high inertia and high
thrust loads, vertical motors can be supplied with oil lubricated
roller bearings or sleeve bearings. H and M vertical shat motors
are designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements
for pump, crusher, mixer applications, among others.

Hazardous Area Motors

For explosive atmosphere applications, WEG manufactures
motors with specific safety characteristics and suitable to Supply: HGF450, 1170kW (1570HP),
operate in areas where flammable products are continually 480V, 6 poles
Application: Grinder
handled, processes and storaged so as to avoid personnel
injury and damage to facilities.
EEx e (increased safety) and EEx n (non sparking) motors are
supplied in H and M Lines, while M Line also allows EEx p
(pressurized) application.
Explosive atmosphere motors comply with national and
internationally recognized standards and are tested and certified
by renown worldwide certifying institutions.

Supply: MAF450, 920kW (1230HP),

4160V, 4 poles
Application: Ball mill

Supply: HGF355, 290kW (390HP), Supply: HGF450, 630kW (845HP), Supply: HGF450, 810kW (1086HP),
3300V, 4 poles 6600V, 2 poles 4000V, 6 poles
Application: Centrifugal pump Application: Blower Application: Debarker
Constructive Characteristics

Manufactured either with welded steel plates or cast iron, the frame is motor structural
component that accommodates, supports and protects the active magnetic part of the
motor. Its rugged construction offers excellent mechanical strengthen to the motor along
with low vibration levels.

Regarded as the static magnetic part of the motor, the stator consists of a steel laminated
core. The coils forming the stator winding are fitted into the lamination core slots. The
stator core is mounted directly on the motor frame.

The winding process supplied by WEG is specially designed and specified for the
voltage and application they are intended for. Medium and high voltage motor coils are
manufactured with rectangular copper wire, form-coiled and totally mica tape insulated.
Conductive and semi-conductive tapes are also used to insulate the coils to ensure
improved resistance to corona effect.

Frame Winding Rotor

Regarded as the rotating component in the electric motor, the rotor consists
basically of a shaft and a steel lamination core. On slip ring motors, either the
squirrel cage or the rotor coils are fitted into the lamination core slots. The
squirrel cage can be built with aluminum die cast or with copper or brass.
The rotor is designed taking into consideration the required starting torque
and motor operating conditions.
Shaft is manufactured with several types of thermally treated steel such as
AISI/SAE 1045, 1524 or 4140.

Insulation System
WEG MICATHERM insulation system is based on the “Vacuum Pressure
Impregnation” (VPI) system, which was developed in conjunction with
renown suppliers of insulating materials all over the world.
Applying special epoxy resin, this system provides perfect to the motor
protection process which has no emission of harmful gases to the
The VPI system for many years has been reliable and efficient on electric
rotating machines for a wide variety of applications. The insulation system
is applied on medium and high voltage machines manufactured with form
coils ranging from 380 to 15,000V.

WEG counts on a series of equipment to perform balance up to 3600rpm.
Computerized equipment allow accurate balance on all rotors. As a
consequence, WEG motors present significantly reduced noise levels.
The standard balance is provided in two planes. However, the company has
the capability of providing three plane balancing whenever required or when
requested by the customer.

Balance Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Machining

Cooling System

WEG medium and high voltage motors can be supplied with usual cooling methods which may vary based on the type
of machine to be driven, by the application and environment conditions.

Totally Enclosed
IC411 (TEFC)
IP(W)55 / IP(W)56 / IP(W)65
Totally enclosed
Forced cooling
IC416 (TEBV)
IP(W)55 / IP(W)56 / IP(W)65

Totally enclosed
Air-to-air heat exchanger
IP(W)55 / IP(W)56 / IP(W)65

Totally enclosed
Air-to-water heat exchanger
IP(W)55 / IP(W)56 / IP(W)65
Totally enclosed
Independent cooling
Air-to-water heat exchanger

Totally enclosed
Independent cooling
Air-to-air heat exchanger

Contaminated area Contaminated area

Non-contaminated area

Non-contaminated area

Non-contaminated area

Non-contaminated area
Totally enclosed
Self-cooled by ducts

Totally enclosed Contaminated area Contaminated area

Non-contaminated area

Non-contaminated area
Independent cooling
by ducts
Non-contaminated area

Non-contaminated area


Open (Self-cooled)
IC01 (ODP)
IP23 (WP-I)
IP(W)24 (WP-II)

Open Warm air Warm air

Independent cooling Cold air Cold air Could air Could air

IC06 (OIV)
IP23 without ducts
IC26 (OIV)
IP(W)24 with ducts
Accessories and Special Features

Accessories and Special Features

WEG medium and high voltage motors are supplied with standard accessories required for their correct
operation and/or for monitoring of the main components.
When specifying the motor, buyer must include additional accessories and special features to be included.

Standard Accessories
- Temperature detectors - PT-100 – in the stator winding
- Temperature detectors - PT-100 – in the bearings
- Space heaters
- Shaft grounding brushes for VFD applications, or all motors in frame size 450 and larger.

Special Accessories
- Vibration detectors
- Bearing
Oil thermometer
Oil flowmeter
Lubrication hydraulic unit
Oil pressure system (Hydrostatic Jacking)
- Capacitors
- Lighting arresters PT-100 in the bearing
- Current transformer (CT)
- Independent cooling
- Temperature detectors for air inlet and outlet (cooling)
- Air thermometer (cooling)
- Position indicators (encoder or tacho-generator)
- Air-to-water heat exchanger
Water flowmeter
Water flow sight glass
Water thermometer
- Water leakage indicator
- Anchorage plate
- Noise muffler
- Surrounding muffler
- Speed non-reversing ratchet (vertical shaft motors)
- Rail base Rail Base

Special Features
- Mounting
- Special painting
- Class H insulation (only for low voltage)
- Reduced vibration level
- Reduced noise level
- Degree of Protection IP56 / IP65
Tapered shaft
- Labyrinth taconite
Labyrinth taconite
- Sleeve bearing
- Oil lubricated ball or roller bearings
- Oil-Mist bearings
- Special shaft:
Tapered shaft end
Double shaft end
Hollow shaft
Special shaft end
- Squirrel cage rotor material
Copper Surrounding Muffler
- Modified main connection box
- Additional main connection box
- Protection for classified area motors
EEx n (Non spaking) NEC
EEx e (Increased Safety) NEC
EEx p (Pressurized) NEC

Pressurized system for

Thermometer Sleeve bearings classified area
Testing Laboratory

All WEG motors are tested in a modern

laboratory in accordance with IEC 6034-1
Standards, NEMA MG1 and IEEE 112. With
testing capacity for medium and high voltage
motors up to 10,000kVA and voltages up
to 15,000V, the WEG testing laboratory is
computer monitored and controlled for extreme
Tests are divided in three groups: routine, type
and special tests.
Routine tests are performed on all motors
produced. Besides routine tests, type and
special are usually performed on one jiece in a
batch of identical machines or under customer

Test Laboratory Control Room Surge Test

Routine Tests
Resistance measurement at cold
No load test
Locked rotor test
Hi-pot test
Insulation resistance test

Type Tests
All routine tests
Vibration measurement at cold
Breakdown test
Temperature rise test
Load test at constant voltage

Special Tests
Noise level
Shaft voltage
Vibration analysis
Curve performance
Full spectrum noise
Service and Costumer

Customer Services
WEG offers its customers complete service and after service support. Included in this package of
services are response to general requirement and field service such as identification of problem causes
and commissioning of machines. In addition to that, its skilled Service Team is permanently available
to give prompt support all over the world.
Manuals supplied together with the equipment provide detailed and precise information related to safety,
installation and maintenance instructions.
WEG Service Department counts on a qualified and well-trained team capable to provide support on
any field requirement with the application of modern equipment so as to ensure reliable results.
As leading provider of motors and generators, WEG offers a complete package of additional services to
its customers including repairs, rerating of small and large size machines, including other manufacturers
machines, specialized applications within the following scope:
- DC traction motors and generators (AC)
- Squirrel cage and slip ring motors in output ratings up to 50,000kW (70,000HP) and voltages up
to 13,800V
- Synchronous generators, brushless or with brushes, medium and high voltage
When performing repair services, WEG employs the same technology and facilities used on the plant
manufacturing process for superior performance.

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