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Anonyous Usage Stats 1.0 (Sends stats to SE) android.tts (TTS Service 2.3.2) Chinese Keyboard com.sonyericsson.androidapp.microblog.apk (Weibo) com.sonyericsson.digitalclockwidget.apk (Digital Clock 1.0) (small digital clock from X10) com.sonyericsson.learningclient 1.0.0 (Stock keyboard word learned. Not needed if you use a different keyboard) com.sonyericsson.widget.digitalclock.apk (Digital Clock 1.11.0) (new larger digital clock) com.sonyericsson.youku.apk (Youku) CrashMonitor 1.0 (Sends crash info to SE) Data traffic 1.0 (turns data on/off. Don't need if you use 3rd part switcher like Extended Controls) Default Input 3.0 (Stock keyboard) devicemonitor 1.0 (Not sure about this one but I haven't had any problems with it disabled) Diagnostic Tool 1.0 (Not sure about this one but I haven't had any problems with it disabled) email 3.0.0 (stock eMail app. Not needed if you use Gmail) HDMI (will probably disable the HDMI-functionality!) Home screen tips 1.0 (Widget that gives you tips about android) Japanese Keyboard Let's Golf HD LiveWare Manager (activates programs when earphone/usb/bluetooth devices are attached.) Magic Smoke Wallpapers 2.3.2 Media server (Allows you to share your media with other wireless devices. aka DLNA.) Media shortcuts 1.0 (stock widget that lets you start the gallery or music player) Music Visualization Wallpapers 2.3.2 (includes 4 live wallpapers "Spectrum, VU meter, waveform and Many") News & Weather Office Suite OMA Client Provisioning 1.0.0 (Not sure about this one but I haven't had any problems with it disabled) Play Now POBox Touch 4.0 (Apparently has something to do with Chinese keyboard) Postcard (Postcard app that lets you send a postcard electronically) QC SEMC Service 1.0.0 (As far as I can tell, SE monitoring junk) Retail Demo 2.4.0 (Don't know function but it sounds like junk. Removed and no side effects seen) Setup guide Sony Ericsson Home 1.0 (Stock launcher. Not needed if you use other launcher. i.e. Launcher Pro, ADW, etc...) Sony Ericsson Sync (Sync your contacts to Sony's servers. Not needed if you use Google's sync)

androidapp.timescapefeedsplugin EventStream EventStreamPluginCallLog EventStreamPluginFacebook EventStreamPluginFoursquare* EventStreamPluginShowNearby* EventStreamPluginTelephony EventStreamPluginTwitter (com.eventstream.0 (can be removed if you use other powercontrollers.sonyericsson.) Timescape related com.Sony Ericsson Sync client wizard Support & Setup Guide (Electronic users guide) Track ID (Identify songs. Can alternately use Shazam from the market) Whatsapp messenger Widgets On/Off 1.11.twitterplugin.apk) Extension Search (searches the market for more Timescape extensions) Kaixin plugin for Timescape Spotify extension for timescape TimeScapeSpline TimeScapeWidget Twitter extension for timescape . like extended/widgetsoid etc.sonyericsson.

apk — Flash support AntHalService.apk — calendar service CdfInfoAccessor.apk — credential manager CustomizationProvider.) AccountAndSyncSettings.apk — HTML viewer (view HTML files directly from file manager) InfiniteView. keeping them is rather insignificant.apk — phone contacts Maps.apk — Account and Sync AdobeFlashPlayer.apk — phonebook info page LearningClient.apk — event listener (unsure of trigger.apk — app installer GoogleBackupTransport.apk — plug and play monitoring DMClient.) Note: Many of these only run when needed while a few of them are persistent services that are about 1mb sizes.apk — Hardware Abstraction Layer ApplicationsProvider.apk — System boot properties CalendarProvider.apk — ASP service Bluetooth.apk — OTA services download and purchase/billing services .apk — Market downloader DownloadProviderUi.LIST 2 Apps that are unsafe to remove or are linked to phone’s capabilities: (Keep them if you want access to all of your phone’s features.apk — My Uploads MtpAppGB.apk — Media Transfer Protocol NetworkLocation.apk — regionalization CustomizationSimPayType. hardware and handsfree keys work without it.apk — software component descriptions CertInstaller.apk — hardware capabilities DefaultContainerService.apk — regionalization CustomizedSettings.apk — google maps MarketUpdater.apk — learns user typed words for default keyboard LiveWallpapersPicker.apk — Bluetooth bootinfo.apk — Network Fast Dormancy FmRxService.apk — FM receiver service genericappinstaller.apk — access media services MediaUploader.apk — DRM sync service DrmProvider.apk — Network Location Manager OMAClientProvisioning.apk — OTA network settings download OmaV1AgentDownloadServices. Note: Some of them can also be removed if you have replaced or removed the main app they are tied to.apk — web container service device-monitor.apk — Android Backup Service for apps GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk — contacts sync GoogleServicesFramework.apk — regionalization CustomizedApplicationInstaller.apk — calendars sync GoogleContactsSyncAdapter. but read the descriptions carefully! Quote: Originally Posted by oddbasket AccessoryKeyDispatcher.apk — certificate installer CredentialManagerService.apk — Change Live wallpapers LocalContacts.apk — mobile data on/off trigger DefaultCapabilities.apk — default browser download folder DrmDialogs.apk — regionalization datatrafficswitch.apk — DRM service enhancedusbux.apk — google services framework HTMLViewer.apk — android market updater MediaProvider.apk — usb driver FastDormancy. While removing them may give you a few mb more.apk — Software Updater DownloadProvider.

apk — Shutdown Animation SoundPicker.apk — VPN WallpaperPicker.apk — Voice Search VoipCallLogProvider.apk — Timescape Twitter extension facebook.apk — Notification bar Talk.apk — Timescape Telephony extension EventStreamPluginTwitter.apk — package installer Phonebook.) Quote: Originally Posted by oddbasket Calculator.apk — Facebook GenieWidget.androidapp.apk — Settings service ShutDownAnimation.whatsapp.PackageInstaller.apk — User Agent UserDictionaryProvider.apk — Phonebook services SemcHdmiControlService.apk — clock widget EventStream.apk — VOIP Call Log VpnServices.apk — Text To Speech usb-mtp-update-wrapper.foursquare_ext_ts3.apk — MTP polling usb-mtp-vendor-extension-service.apk — MTP extension UseragentProvider.apk — user dictionary.apk — Google Talk TtsService. user saved words for default keyboard Vending.a pk — Timescape Feeds com.apk — News and Weather Gmail.apk — System settings SettingsProvider.apk — HDMI SemcPhone.apk — Android Market VerifyCertificatesDummyAppApplication.apk — OMA account services SystemUI.sonyericsson.apk — Timescape EventStreamPluginCallLog.timescapefeedsplugin.apk — HDMI CEC SemcHdmiEnabler.apk — Whatsapp CrashSMS.apk — Settings Menu SemcTelephonyProvider.androidapp.apk — SMS record SemcCameraApplication.apk — chinese keyboard com.apk — WAP push Safe to remove: (These apps can be removed without ill effects to the Arc’s health.apk — Change wallpaper WapiCustomization.apk — Timescape Foursquare Extension com.apk — Gmail app .apk — default calculator chinesetextinput.apk — Sony Ericsson querying service ReadyToRun.apk — Camera SemcContactsProvider.apk — SVOX Text To Speech service (used by navigation/translators/dictionaries) qcsemcservice.apk — Telephony service ServiceMenu.apk — WAP settings WapPush.apk — Sound picker Sync.apk — Certificate identifier VoiceDialer.sonyericsson.apk — Certificate identifier VerifyCertificatesDummyAppShared.apk — Timescape Facebook Extension EventStreamPluginTelephony.apk — Service Menu Settings.apk — Certificate identifier VerifyCertificatesDummyAppPlatform.apk — Phonebook PicoTts.apk — debug helper DigitalClockWidget.apk — dialer SemcSettings.apk — Voice Dialer VoiceSearch.apk — Certificate identifier VerifyCertificatesDummyAppMedia.apk — Timescape Call Log Extension EventStreamPluginFacebook.

apk — clock widget widgetonoff.apk — Google Street view SyncWizard.apk — sound recorder StatusSwitch.apk — Timescape plugin TimescapeSpline.apk — Sim Tool Kit Street.apk — Status switch widget Stk.apk — Live wallpaper widgetdigitalclock.apk — japanese keyboard skin POBoxSknWood.apk — setup wizard SemcVideoEdit.apk — Picture Frame widget playnowappinstaller.apk — Touch notes postcard trackid.apk — Liveware Manager MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk — Sony Ericsson Sync PhotoWidget. it may be advisable to setup your calendars using the default calendar app before removing it.apk — default Music player widget officesuite.apk — usage reporting GooglePartnerSetup.GoogleFeedback.apk — widget toggles YouTube.apk — media server SEMCSetupWizard.apk — japanese keyboard letsgolf_A_353.apk — Playnow POBoxSknPink.apk — Office Suite OmaDatasyncService.apk — Timescape widget touchnote. Ensure your clock of choice has alarms or have another alarms app installed.apk — default web browser .apk — Let’s Golf game LiveWallpapers.apk — Live wallpapers pack LivewareManager.) Warning: Sony Ericsson’s home launcher should not be removed until after another third party home launcher has been installed and properly set up to take over it’s function.apk — usage reporting GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk — FM radio retaildemo.apk — Media shortcuts widget MusicWidget.apk — Support VisualizationWallpapers.apk — video editor SoundRecorder. Quote: Originally Posted by oddbasket Browser.apk — Sony Ericsson Sync Account timescapelegacywrapper.apk — debugger SemcDlna.apk — Timescape TimescapeWidget. Note: Removing the default clock widget will also remove the alarms feature.apk — japanese keyboard skin Protips.apk — Playnow updater playnowclient.apk — retail demo SecureClockJava.apk — web clock service SemcCrashMonitor.apk — Anonymous Usage Stats JapaneseIME.apk — Pro Tips widget Radio. Note: Depending on the third party calendar app of choice.apk — YouTube Can be replaced: (These apps can be safely removed and be replaced by preferred third party apps of the same function.apk — google search box IddAgent.apk — Live wallpaper MediaWidget.apk — TrackID usersupport.

Deleting the ones in /system/app is recommended since future updates will replace them and saves space on the rom. And if it stops working. The apks currently with updates are: Quote: Originally Posted by oddbasket facebook.Calendar.apk — Adobe Flash Player .apk will cause you to lose your facebook contacts. Hence the newer version will be installed as a user app in /data/app.apk — default messaging Home.apk — default calendar Conversations. Note: Doing either method for facebook. Warning: It is safer to remove System apps from /System/App after you have updated them. simply tap the one in /data/app to reinstall it properly. Manually moving it to /system/app will not work. when system apps get updated. So. you can manually replace the newer ones from /data/app to /system/app. Note: Having only one instance of Android Market will also fix the bug where some users’ Market will not correctly show all the apps that are installed under ‘My apps’. It only works when it’s properly installed.apk — Google Maps Vending. Or.apk — Android Market AdobeFlashPlayer.apk — Whatsapp Maps. they can be restored by launching the facebook app.apk — default music player textinput-tng.apk — default home launcher SemcDeskClock. then menu button > Settings > Sync Contacts. the original ones in /system/app can be deleted. To save space on your rom.apk — Facebook com.apk — default gallery SemcMusic.apk.whatsapp. press back button. the original apk in /system/app cannot be replaced automatically.apk — default keyboard Updating of System apps: Unlike user apps.apk — default email app SemcGallery3D. Note: The exception is AdobeFlashPlayer. However. simply delete the one in /system/app instead. You will also have to manually resync the ones that have been manually added using ‘Join Contacts’ as well.apk — default clock and alarm SemcEmail.