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ALIANZA REGIONAL POR LA LIBRE EXPRESIN E INFORMACIN Noticias de la Alianza Regional en Freedominfo.

org 1) OAS Approves Resolutions on Access to Information, Truth Prior to the meeting, the Alianza Regional por la Libre Expresin e Informacin praised the draft resolution on access to information and protection of personal data and urged its adoption. 2) 01/07/2011 Ley modelo y legislacin local en Dominicana Karina Banfi, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Alianza Regional por la Libre Expresin e Informacin destac El inters y persistencia de debatir este punto por parte de los funcionarios llam la atencin, en especial sobre el concepto falaz de la propiedad de la informacin pblica en posesin del estado 3) 1/07/2011 Conferees Discuss FOIA Reforms in Dominican Republic

On June 9 and 10, the International Seminar Inter-American Model Law on Access to Information and its application in the Dominican Republic was held in Santo Domingo () On this, Banfi stated: The laws passed before the case Claude reyes vs. Chile (2006), the principle of the Inter-American Judiciary Committee (2008) and the InterAmerican Model Law on Access to Information (2010), among other international instruments, demand the update of the legislation. The refor of the laws need to be considered as natural an necessary for the improvement of the exercise of fundamental rights and the modernization of public administration. 4) 22/09/2011 Access Advocate Organize, Raise Support in Paraguay The Alianza Regional por la Libre Expresin e Informacin has been supporting, since 2008, the Promoting Group on Access to Public Information (GIAI), a coalition of Paraguayan civil society organizations that promote access to public information, that for years had been struggling for Paraguay to have a Law on the subject. 5) 21/10/2011 FOI Notes: Open Data, Latin America, ICIC, Morocco, US Latin America: A delegation representing the Alianza Regional por la Libre Expresin e Informacin will present a report Oct. 24 in Washington at a hearing about access to public information before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights. The Alianza Regional report aims to demonstrate the need of a permanent promotion, proper implementation and sustainable defense of access to public information, as well as expose important future challenges for the region regarding the subject. The coalition said: As for the promotion, we will argue the need to advance in the

legislative process to promote the enactment of laws according to international standards. The focus on implementation, will show progress and setbacks in the fully exercise of access to information. Finally, the report will identify challenges in the exercise of this right that allow the access to other fundamental rights, as well as tensions related to the independence of guaranteeing bodies.