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Volume 14, Issue 3



FALL 2011

LtC Lesley M. Lara CAP Executive Administrator

COMMANDERS CORNER Colonel William J. Moran, Commander . Wendy Wallace update

OCTOBER 1 NH WING PICNIC 3-6 G 1000 Class 5 PIO Basic Course Deerfield 7-9 Ranger Team Competition 8-9 Training Leaders of Cadets 15 Communications Jamboree 17-23 Graded Training EX 19 Commanders Call 1900 24 Venture Crew 29-30 GTTS Hidden Valley NOVEMBER 5-6 Unit CC Course NHWg 5-6 Color Guard/Honor Guard Academy Concord 12-13 GTTS 16 Commanders Call 1900 19-20 Wilderness First Aid VT 28 Venture Crew 30 Safety Survey DECEMBER 10-14 Wilderness EMT 10 WAABoscawen NHSVC 10-11 GTTS 21 Commanders Call 26-Jan 1 NER RCLS & NCOA Published by New Hampshire Wing Civil Air Patrol Wing Commander Colonel William J. Moran, CAP Public Affairs Officer /Editor Major Penny H. Hardy, CAP

National CAP Headquarters Staff has given $8,000 to the Wendy Wallace Fund. As most of you know, Capt. Wendy Wallace, NH Wing Finance Officer, had to have both hands and feet amputated because of complications from a serious infection. This has put a significant financial strain on the family. I encourage those that can to make a donation and send a check to Meredith Village Savings. Please make checks out to : Wendy Wallace Fund. All donations are tax deductible and are gifts for Wendy Wallace. Meredith Village Savings PO Box 177 Meredith, NH 03253

I cannot thank you enough for the great effort and performance of NH CAP. I received many positive comments and the Director of the NH Brain Injury Association is coming to the Sep Commanders Call to express his appreciation.

ES Tiger team to discuss ES training, call me if you would like to participate. Guided Training Exercise (SAR, Aerial Photography, Counter Drug, etc) ) Northeast Region/USAF will supervise. Oct 17-23(basically a SAREX) Please see the wing calendar at left for other activities.

Hurricane Irene
If you participated in Disaster Response please contact your squadron commander about the DR award. A special thanks to Majors Harbison and Kelly for traveling to CT to help the Red Cross survey damaged homes.


Wing Commanders and NER Staff, I wish to thank all the NER Wing Commanders, the NER Staff and all our members who took time and energy to assist our state EMAs and FEMA in support of the relief efforts following Hurricane Irene. Everyone involved acted professionally and unselfishly to fulfill the mission. This was the first major event to hit the NER as a th whole since September 11 , 2001 and so it is a tribute to everyone for answering the call and going the extra mile for our nation. We have found many areas in our operations for improvement and we will studying ways to simplify procedures, provide additional training resources and broaden communications. Even though operation have wound down, Vermont Wing will be continuing for at least another week. As a result, we may still be needing crews and equipment to support their mission. In the meantime: THANK YOU, NORTHEAST REGION

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MIT EAKER AWARD Daniel Powell Hawk MITCHELL AWARD Jesse Robinson Highlanders CONCORD Arthur Gould Maya Bloom Cole Austin Michael Officer William Dio IV Nathaniel Hillsgrove GREATER NASHUA Ryan Sullivan Jordan Kangwijawa Warren Hunt Matthias Cedras Jacob Morgan Wesley Notter Timothy Morin Petra Hunt Justin Chan Christian Brenner Joseph Cooper Christian Turcotte LEBANON Noah Johnson Benjamin Stallman Jonathan Butler Connor Gavell Rebekah Martel Katie Brechbuhl Charles Kahn Dasheil Andrews Bryce Campbell Erica Tishbein MANCHESTER James Delahunty Conor McKeogh SEACOAST Patrick Royer Christian Davila Corey Zinck Jonathan Washington Adrian Schidlovsky Connor Heyland Evan Hultstrom Christopher Cashman Robert Dailey Tristan Grieve Shawn Heyland SENIORS Russell Morin Karen Keisling Thomas Scheidegger Valerie Whittier Christopher Moisan Bruce Prince Steve Delahunty

C/2Lt C/ MSgt C/TSgt C/TSgt C/SSgt C/A1C

C/Major C/2 Lt C/CMSgt C/CMSgt C/CMSgt C/MSgt C/TSgt C/A1C C/Amn C/Amn


C/1 Lt C/SMSgt C/SSgt C/SrA C/SrA C/SrA C/A1C C/A1C C/A1C C/Amn C/Amn C/Amn

C/CMSgt C/MSgt C/SSgt C/SrA C/SrA C/A1C C/A1C C/A1C C/Amn C/Amn C/Amn

HIGHLANDERS Alan Clement Connor Shoonmaker

C/MSgt C/Amn

LtCol Capt Capt Capt 1/Lt 1/Lt 2/Lt


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Submitted by Individual Units

CONCORD COMPOSITE SQUADRON Cadets enjoyed a training and equipment demonstration at the Pembroke Fire Dept. arranged by C/Capt Heather Hill. A large number of cadets attended the annual encampment in July and all had an outstanding experience. In late August a fun day was spent at OSC Paintball in Center Strafford. An Open House was planned for Sept. 15 to recruit new members. GREATER NASHUA COMPOSITE SQUADRON The squadron provided 50 members to assist with the airshow at Pease in August. Squadron pilots conducted O flights for 20 cadets. Two of the cadets completed all 5 CAP Powered Flight Syllabus areas. They flew up the coast to Pease amidst traffic in and out with KC-135s and A-10s. They also flew around the Mt. Monadnock area as well as to Concord airport. Christopher Clarkson who passed his FAA Private Pilots checkride in late August has gone off to college at Jacksonville University where he will pursue studies in Aviation Management. . LEBANON COMPOSITE SQUADRON A large number of squadron members provided roving patrols, communications resupply and SAG station support to the Prouty Charter Charity Cancer Fundraiser Bike and Foot Race on 11 July. Cadets Tischbein and Anderson worked recruiting at the Young Eagles rally at Lebanon Airport on 16 July. Three new senior members have been signed up. LTC Charlie Freeman was director of the two NER-GCOE(Glider Center of Excellence) academies held at Hartness Springfield Airport in August. The week of August 15th saw Capt. Keith Merrick and C/MSGT Katie Brechbuhl attending the Maine Wing encampment. Katie was selected as honor cadet at the event. An Open House is planned for 10 October at Signal Aviation at 1800 hrs. MANCHESTER CADET SQUADRON The Manchester Cadet Squadron had 10 attendees at the annual encampment at Norwich University. All are now ready to apply for NCSA activities. Twenty-five members worked at the airshow at Pease back in August to earn money for their unit. Along with members of Seacoast and Nashua Squadrons the unit supported the August 21st 12 mi. Run for the Fallen in Rye, NH which began and ended at Odiorne St. Park. This was a run to support those who died on 9/11. In an annual tradition the members assisted with the Glendi, a Greek festival in Manchester which some years ago was supported by the Hooksett Squadron. A fun day of Laser Tag in Goshen, NH is planned for October 2. SEACOAST COMPOSITE SQUADRON Twenty cadets along with five seniors got a tour of the insides of a KC-135 cockpit and refueling bay. They also visited the base fire department where they tried on equipment, fired the water cannon and rode in a fire truck. They also visited the life support area where they were shown rescue gear. A group of cadets and seniors assisted with the Run for the Fallen held in Rye, NH. They helped with communications with hand held radios linked to the CAP comm. trailer in case assistance was needed. A buffet was provided for participants, families of the fallen and support personnel. Another group assisted with a Wounded Warriors tollbooth fundraiser in Dover with the American Legion and the NJROTC. They were provided with a BBQ at lunchtime. $2400 was raised for the Wounded Warriors.


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A cadet commander change of command was held on Sept 22nd with C/ 1Lt Adam Parent assuming command from Cadet Adam Madore. Cadets Royer, Ouellette, Cote, Reed and Hultstrom received first flight certificates the same evening. A cadet fun night was spent at the Hilltop Fun Center on Sept 30. .========================================================================= ========================================================================= IN MEMORIAM COL MARGIE SAMBOLD Former Seacoast Squadron and NH Wing Commander LTC GORDON CHENEY Former Wing Finance Officer and Chaplain ========================================================================= Commanders Corner continued
Congressional Gold Medal for our WW II CAP volunteers update.
Our elected NH officials in Washington say they will support but still have not signed as co-sponsors for this bill. Please email your elected officials and tell them you support and hope they will give consideration to cosponsor this very worthy bill. US Sen Jeanne Shaeen: http// - click "Contact Jeanne" US Sen Kelly Ayotte: http// click "Contact Kelly" US Rep Frank Guinta: http// click "Contact" US Rep Charles Bass: http// click "Contact Me

Cyber Patriot
To find out more, please read Maj Gen Carrs Letter of Support by clicking on the CyberPatriot box at Registration deadline is Oct 8. We must have at least one team from NH that is very computer smart.

SQUADRON LEADERSHIP SCHOOL GRADUATES Ricky Hampton Brendan Hamberger Anna Hullinger Douglas Caron Karen Keisling John Nee Sandra Riis Kevin Harbison Devin Ray Daniel Cashman

Sandra Riis, Edward Marks, John Washington, Timothy Johnson, Karen Keisling, Kevin Harbison Kevin Staveley, 1Lt Fortes(CTWg) NORTHEAST REGION PROPERTY MANAGEMENT OFFICER OF THE YEAR LT. COL H. MEAD HERRICK


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Applications to attend the 2011 Northeast Region Cadet Leadership School - North (RCLS-N) are now being accepted. Information: Dates - Starts Monday, 26 December 2011 and ends Sunday, 01 January 2012. Location - NH State Fire Academy, Concord NH Cost - $75.00 ($35.00 due with application) Website - Contact - Major Joshua McGary, CAP, Activity Director, This activity is open to all cadet that have attained the senior NCO ranks (must complete a basic encampment) through c/Major. Completion of RCLS-N will meet the requirements outlined in CAPR 52-16 for promotion to c/LtC. Application Procedures 1 - Complete a CAPF 31 (with appropriate signatures) and submit it to RCLS-N 2 - Complete a resume that details your CAP, school, and community involvement and submit it with your CAPF 31. 3 - Submit with your CAPF 31 a letter of recommendation from a person that can speak to your leadership potential, work ethic, scholarship, and moral character. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, 26 October 2011. Please visit the RCLS-N web site for complete application procedures and forms, as well as an overview of what the activity will look like. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you!

100 Nights of Remembrance at NHSVC The end of the 100 Nights of Remembrance, a nightly remembrance of those who are buried at the NH State Veterans Cemetery by the playing of TAPS from Memorial Day through Sept. 11th was marked by an educational day for CAP cadets, ROTC cadets and Naval Sea Cadets. This years event was held on 11 Sept 2011.The day included a tour of the cemetery, an enactment of a military funeral, a massing of color/honor guards, tour of the chapel with an explanation of the mural done by Jackie Nevin, a historical view of NH veterans and a BBQ. A final sounding of TAPS by as many brass players as could attend would end the event. Three cadets from Hawk Squadron and Capt. Eric Perron attended this event to represent the Civil Air Patrol. It is hoped that this will be a yearly event for cadets.

NER GLIDER CENTER OF EXCELLENCE The Glider Center of Excellence conducted two glider academies in August at HartnessSpringfield Airport in Vermont in August. Lt. Col Charlie Freeman was the director and Col Dale Hardy was the director of operations. Twenty four cadets attended from as far away as California and as close as NH. A number of other NH CAP members assisted with the events conducted over 6-14 August and 21-27 August. With two Blanik gliders and one Schweizer


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and two tow planes each cadet was provided with 20 flights each for a total of 480 sorties. Several cadets were able to solo, having had previous glider flights prior to the academies. Those who did not solo were given pre-solo wings at graduation. One cadet was able to receive an FAA Private Glider license. Seven glider instructors and six tow pilots from several wings within the NER provided the flying expertise.


Col Moran with C/Capt Brendan Flynn at the National Flight Academy In Augusta July 2011


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Capt. Blain Cote with IACE Cadets and Escort



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WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA The annual Wreaths Across America ceremony at the NH State Veterans Cemetery will be held on 10 December 2011. The monies received from our wreath sponsorships will be given to the Wendy Wallace Fund. All units must have a designated person to take sponsorships, receive donations, keep a tally of donations and send the donations to WAA offices. Last year we obtained sponsorships for 200 wreaths for the NHSVC. Some units chose a local cemetery to receive their sponsored wreaths. We only have two months to get sponsorships so the time is NOW to begin your units drive. For each wreath sponsored we will receive $5 back which is where the money for Wendy will come from. The WAA events are held throughout the country and this endeavor which started very small six years ago has become a very big thing. It is wonderful to see our veterans honored for their service to our country and the cemeteries look so beautiful with the fresh green wreaths with red bows adorning the headstones. WING ROCKET COMPETITION

In spite of the low ceiling and misty conditions a number of rockets were successfully launched at the annual rocket competition held at the National Guard Training Site in Center Strafford on Saturday October 1, 2011. Hawk Squadron received a trophy for the best range angle of 46degrees while Highlanders received recognition for being closest to the flagpole. Shortly after all the rockets had been launched Lt John Stevens cranked up his radio controlled model airplanes and gave the crowd a show of their


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capabilities. There were also some radio controlled gliders in the air. Shortly after that it began to rain in earnest and everyone tried to take shelter under two small popup tents. Fortunately it was about time for lunch and the cooks were firing up their grille while being protected from the rain by several umbrellas until one of the tents could be moved over to the cooking area. After lunch Col Moran began giving out the annual wing of the year awards and some other ones that were new this year. The awards are as follows: Cadet of the Year C/Capt Daniel Powell Logistician of the Year Lt. Paul McKeogh Cadet of the Year C/Col Alecia Hagman AEO of the Year LtCol. Nic Goupil Staff Member of the Year LtCol. H. Mead Herrick Senior Member of the Year Col Dale Hardy ES Ground Member of the Year Maj Cameron Thompson ES Air Crew Member of the Year Lt Col Hank Dalquist Cadet Programs Member of the Year Maj Joshua McGary Squadron CC of the Year Capt. Blain Cote Communicator of the Year 1/Lt Doug Caron Flight Instructor of the Year Capt. Edward Marks Commanders Commendations were awarded to several others for their efforts in various areas in the past year. They were Maj Peter Blais LtCol Charlie Freeman Maj Robert Shaw Encampment------Lt. Col Mark Varney NCOA--------------C/Capt Daniel Powell C/CMSgt Rebekah Martel Maj. Kevin Harbison Achievement Awards went to: C/2Lt Elizabeth Clough 1/Lt Jesse Kapsten Maj. Kristin McStowe Maj. Cameron Thompson Maj. Paul Kelly


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