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Name: Clive Elsmore Lesson Focus: Grammar,

Date: 8 Mar 2012 Reading, Writing,

TP No: 4 / Stage 1 Speaking,

CAMBRIDGE ESOL CELTA LESSON PLAN Level: Upper Intermediate Vocabulary.


Main Aim By the end of the lesson the students will be speaking more accurately and fluently in the context of verbs of the senses (looks, feels, sounds, tastes, smells) aware of grammar of verbs of the senses, especially looks, looks like, looks as if

Subsidiary Aim By the end of the lesson the students will be aware of the theme of actors acting & body language

Personal Aims Give clear and concise instructions Give plenty student talking time Correct pronunciation errors and give encouraging feedback Go faster and keep on schedule

Assumptions (What you think the students will know about the topic, the grammar, the skill) The SS will probably know these expressions but are unlikely to have analysed them

Anticipated Problems and Solutions (for the students, not you) Problem Solution Students may need more time than Curtail the controlled practice exercises tell to do if time. 1 planned SS may confuse 'feel' eg I feel like a Be prepared for literal / metaphorical translations 2 banana. 3 4 Materials: Self-made computer-based presentation, based on p60 & p61 New English File, Upper Int Student's Book, OUP ISBN 9780-19-451842-0 Let Your Body Do The Talking Photo for opening question: Do you like having your photo taken? Photo of Christopher Lloyd, by Raymond Schatz Blurb from book / photos of Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future Controlled Practice Task 1 with handout Controlled Practice Task 2 with handout Photos of Alan Cumming and Michael Cumpsty for freer practice Flip chart for explaining FORM of 1)looks 2)looks like 3) looks as if Language Analysis and Vocabulary Meaning, form and phonology word looks looks like looks as if meaning appears similar to similar to form verb + adj verb + like + noun verb + as if + phrase with Vb phonology words merge to slike words merge to sazif

Procedure: What are you and the students going to do? Would another teacher be able to teach from this? Stage Focus Interaction Time Stage Aim Procedure Lead In SS 2 Create interest. Do you like having your photo taken? Why? Discuss in 1 pairs. Personalise Show photo. topic. Feedback ST 2 Provide fluency Nominate: X tell me about Y 2 practice Language SS 8 To elicit Look at this photo of a man. In pairs, discuss Presentation meaning form 1. What does the expression on his face tell you? and phonology 2. What is his job? 3. What happened just before this photo was taken? Check understanding. then show photo of Christopher Lloyd. TS ST elicit/give model sentences on WB: 1 he/the man etc looks ... 2 he/the man etc looks like ... 3 he/the man etc looks as if ... [Observing tutor says I should have given these and elicited what follows] establish meaning by asking concept questions. Is he [old]? Might he be [younger] than he appears? Do we know for sure he's [old]. He looks [old] but we don't know for sure. elicit form + mark on model sentences 1 he looks ... + adj 2 he looks like ... + noun 3 he looks as if ... + phrase containing verb. highlight phonology issues + mark on model sentences drill chorally and individually if necessary he lookslike looksazif


Focus on pronunciation

Stage Focus Feedback 4

Interaction Time S-Group 3

Stage Aim To introduce overall lesson theme (actors acting)

Vocabulary 5 Controlled Practice 6 Feedback


5 S-S Pairs

To extend awareness of similar verbs To provide controlled practice of structure To consolidate form and meaning To provide freer practice of structure

Procedure Read the text. Working on your own, answer: Who is the man in the photo? What's he doing? Show book blurb & photos of Christopher Lloyd / Doc Emmett Brown, Back to the Future Nominate and check understanding Elicit other verbs of the senses: feels, smells, tastes, sounds Chest handouts Task 1 and Task 2. Complete an example of each. Working in pairs, do down to number 6 on each. If enough time, complete. Give out. Nominate and elicit answers from all students.


Freer Practice


6 Feedback 7 8 S-Group 5 To consolidate understanding of grammar

Look at these photos of actors. Working in pairs, describe the actors using: looks.... looks like.... looks as if.... Confirm instructions. Display photo. Feedback: Nominate X, tell me about photo A: using looks, looks like, looks as if