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SophiSticated Style & deSign to complement your grilling experience


Shown with optional 18" flue cover for 9' ceiling.



6, 18, 30" " "

Shown with optional 18" extended flue cover and 3" wall extension

Optional decorative flue shown here is available as an accessory.




HVi certified performance Deep 27" design to handle heat and size of outdoor grills. Optional 3" wall extension for even greater coverage without expensive wall accommodations. Heat Sentry detects excessive heat and adjusts speed to high automatically Controls are designed to resist the effects of heat and moisture.










hood Sizes
Width 36": WPD38i36SB, 48": WPD38i48SB, 60": WPD38i60SB depth 27" (30" with optional 3" wall extension)

Stocked Special Order Brushed Professional grade Stainless Steel not available Halogen, MR16; gU10-50W 2 on 36", 3 on 48" and 60" 1 Yes 4-Speed, Rotary, illuminated On/Off indicator Heat Sentry not available 304 Stainless Steel Baffle not available no SuperPro 1200 11.0 aeWPD36SB, aeWPD318SB, aeWPD330SB aeWPD36SBe, aeWPD318SBe, aeWPD330SBe aBWPD adds 3" to depth of hood aWWPD336SB, aWWPD348SB, aWWPD360SB 9.0 Max Direct Wire 10" Round not available Vertical not included

Light Type number of Lamps Lighting Levels Lighting Lamps included Control Type Control Features Control Remote Filter: Standard Filter: Options non-ducted Capability
a. installation height above the cooking surface 36" B. The distance from bottom of range hood to top of hood: 18" 24 " with optional 6" flue 36" with optional 18" flue 48" with optional 30" flue

model aeWpd3 Flue cover

Flue covers are available in professional grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and attach to the top of the range hood shell. available in 6", 18" and 30" heights. Deeper flues are also available for hoods using the 3" wall extension. Flue Cover

Blower (included)
internal Vertical Sones

Flue Cover (standard depth)
Two halogen lamps in the 36" model; three in the 48" and 60" models.

Flue Cover (extended depth) Backsplash (36" and 48" only) 3" Wall extension

installation requirements
Amps @ 120V electrical Duct Size: internal Blower Duct Size: external Blower Duct Direction Backdraft Damper 3" Wall extension


, 16

6"= 8' ceiling 18"= 9' ceiling 30"= 10' ceiling


6, 18, 30" " "


SuperPro 1200 CFM internal Blower. Tested to ensure operation in corrosive environments., in U.S.a. 800-558-1711, in Canada 866-737-7770 Best is a registered trademark of Broan-nuTone, LLC. Best reserves the right to change specifications at any time without notice. 2012 Broan-NuTone, LLC 05/12 99850903B

26715 20345



Especially designed to be installed outdoors in a covered patio or lanai area. For use over residential commercial-style cooking surfaces or gas and electric grills. This unit is not for use with a charcoal grill. A complete installation requires several optional components. Refer to page 2 when planning your installation. FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS
VOLts 120 HZ 60 AMPs 9.0 MAX. CFM 1160 sONes 11.0 DUCt 10-in. ROUND



Professional outdoor design. 27-inch depth handles heat and size of outdoor grilles (optional 3 wall extension to increase depth to 30). Brushed corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. three widths: 36, 48, and 60 inches. Powerful, superPro 1200tM internal blower - tested to assure operation in corrosive environments. Bright halogen lighting (2 x 50 watt GU10 for 36-in. hood, 3 x 50 watt GU10 for 48-in. & 60-in. hoods) (bulbs included). 4-speed rotary control - tested to assure operation in corrosive environments. 304 stainless steel baffle filters - easily accessible and dishwasher-safe. Removable grease tray - easy to clean. Heat sentrytM detects excessive heat and adjusts blower speed automatically. UL Listed for use in damp locations when properly connected to a GFCI circuit.

HVI-2100 certIfIed ratIngs comply with new testing technologies and procedures prescribed by the Home Ventilating Institute, for off-the-shelf products, as they are available to consumers. Product performance is rated at 0.1 in. static pressure, based on tests conducted in a state-of-the-art test laboratory. sones are a measure of humanly-perceived loudness, based on laboratory measurements.


extends front of hood out an extra 3 (to 30) - eliminates custom wall bump-outs. stainless steel construction - matches range hood. Attaches to wall and back of range hood.

Model AWWPD336sB - 36-in. width Model AWWPD348sB - 48-in. width Model AWWPD360sB - 60-in. width

FLUE COvER (optional)

stainless steel construction - matches range hood. Attaches to top of range hood shell. Hides ducting and wipes clean easily. extended depth available for hoods using the 3 wall extension.

Model AeWPD36sB - 6-in. high - for 8-ft. ceiling - standard depth Model AeWPD36sBe - 6-in. high - for 8-ft. ceiling - extended depth Model AeWPD318sB - 18-in. high - for 9-ft. ceiling - standard depth Model AeWPD318sBe - 18-in. high - for 9-ft. ceiling - extended depth Model AeWPD330sB - 30-in. high - for 10-ft. ceiling - standard depth Model AeWPD330sBe - 30-in. high - for 10-ft. ceiling - extended depth

Best Hartford, Wisconsin 800-558-1711 Best Drummondville, QC, Canada 866-737-7770 REFERENCE QTY. REMARKS Project Location Architect Engineer Contractor Submitted by 21C Date 99044959A


Model 441 10 ROUND WALL CAP



Model 418 10 ROUND ADJUSTABLE ELBOW (Optional)


Model 410 10 ROUND DUCT (2 ft. sections)










36, 4



8-ft. ceiling Plafond de 8 pieds Techo de 8 pies 9-ft. ceiling Plafond de 9 pieds Techo de 9 pies 10-ft. ceiling Plafond de 10 pieds Techo de 10 pies

A = 6-in. A = 6 po A = 6 pulg

B = 13-in. or 16-in. (extended) B = 13 po ou 16 po (allonge) B = 13 pulg o 16 pulg (extendido)

A = 18-in. B = 13-in. or 16-in. (extended) A = 18 po B = 13 po ou 16 po (allonge) A = 18 pulg B = 13 pulg o 16 pulg (extendido) A = 30-in. B = 13-in. or 16-in. (extended) A = 30 po B = 13 po ou 16 po (allonge) A = 30 pulg B = 13 pulg o 16 pulg (extendido)

SV06500 (x 4)
Service Part - #8-32 Phillips Truss Stainless Steel Screw Pice de remplacement - Vis Phillips Truss no 8-32 acier inoxydable Pieza de recambio - Tornillo Phillips Truss no 8-32 acero inoxibable


AEWPD Series Decorative Flue Cover for WPD38I Series Range Hood
Follow hood installation manual Steps 1-9 prior to installing flue cover, and Steps 11-12 to finalize hood installation.
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Chemine dcorative de srie AEWPD pour hotte de cuisinire de srie WPD38I

Suivre les tapes 1 9 du manuel dinstallation de la hotte avant dinstaller la chemine, puis les tapes 11 12 pour finaliser linstallation de la hotte.
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Recubrimiento decorativo de la serie AEWPD para campana de la serie WPD38I

Siga los pasos del manual de instalacin de la campana 1-9 antes de instalar el recubrimiento, y los pasos 11-12 para finalizar instalacin de la campana.
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