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How To Find Free Music And Movies Online

Click play on these free films and songs. Kari Shea/Unsplash and Ciker-Free-Vector-Images/Pixabay If you want to access endless entertainment for a reasonable fee, you can cough up some cash to Spotify for music or Netflix for movies. But if you're on a tight budget and can't part with even a dime, then don't fret—you can find plenty of free entertainment online. In this guide, we'll point you to some of the best resources for playing music and videos without dipping into your wallet. YouTube boasts lots of free music and even some decent movies. David Nield/Popular Science YouTube is a goldmi
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Tristan Walker's Challenge: 'How Can I Be the Best CEO I Can Be?'

The 40 or so students sitting before him nod. They’re assembled here at the Stanford Graduate School of Business for a class called Entrepreneurship from Diverse Perspectives, where female and minority entrepreneurs and investors are invited to speak. The hope is to cultivate an appreciation for the value of diversity among the country’s next business leaders. If you’ve ever heard Tristan Walker speak, diversity was almost certainly the topic. A Stanford grad himself, he keynotes conferences on the subject. He’s been a fixture at SXSW. Almost any newspaper article, radio segment or magazine st
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The Underground Network of Wikipedia Editors Will Create a Page for You

Three years after launching an online magazine for young entrepreneurs called Foundr, Nathan Chan decided it needed a Wikipedia page. “Any legitimate brand has one,” he says. “All our competitors have pages.” There were just two problems. Wikipedia strongly discourages people from creating their own pages. And the site’s five-million-plus articles are largely created by 200,000-some volunteer editors, and it’s unlikely one of them would suddenly take an interest in a small startup and build a page themselves. Related: 6 Ways To Increase Your Brand's Online Credibility This spring, Chan posted
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An insider’s hilarious account…

Take a look at how Silicon Valley culture has run amok. What are all the wealthy people doing inside the tech bubble, and if they’re getting away with all that, what could possibly make it burst? Martinez relates his personal antics as a former Facebook and Twitter employee with cutting humor to paint a damning picture of unchecked privilege.