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Tatva We partner organisations in

Developing Leadership Talent

We facilitate the process of enabling individuals to first
connect with their core / essence(Tatv in Sanskrit)and then
using wisdom, compassion and humility to inspire others to
achieve breakthrough results.

Do your leaders
See the Big picture?
Inspire higher performance?
Nurture and develop people?
Conceive and execute innovative strategies?
The top companies of the world are putting a premium on
leadership development and despite the chaotic, crisis strewn
atmosphere of the last 2 years they have continued to make
leadership development their top priority. They dont see it as a
perk but as a necessity", says John Larrere, who heads Hay
Group's leadership and talent practice in the U.S.

Tatva Development
The Game Changers
We offer leadership development
Senior Management
Middle Management
Women Leaders
Our leadership programmes focus
on enabling leaders to become
more visionary and strategic,
think and act as whole beings, be
conduits to support people to tap
their own power and make choices
based on passion and authenticity.

Developing Leaders from Within

Identify, Nurture and Retain
Inspirational leaders spend a
larger portion of their time
helping team members
discover / re-visit the deeper
source of inspiration within
themselves. When people
discover their talents, skills
and hidden resources, they
areinspired to build new
competenciesandtake on new

Skill Building
Developing skills to enhance
professional competence
Interpersonal skills
Presentation skills (Basic)
Creativity & Innovation
Coaching Skills
Problem solving & decision making
Execution skills

Train the Trainer

Developing Internal Capacity within the
Our Train the Trainer programmes
aim at working with these
individuals to develop their
necessary skills for effective
We offer this programme at two
Facilitation Skills for New Trainers
Advanced Facilitator programme

Executive Coaching
Unleashing potential for
the future
Executive Coaching is
modelled on the leadership
practice of bringing out the
best performance by getting
peopleto think deeper and
sharperrather than providing
them the answers and
constant instruction.
This helps in building
confidence and potential.

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Contact Person: Ms. Garima Bora
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