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Painting a Holistic

Picture of Student
Research Practices
Joelle Thomas
User Experience & Media Technologies Librarian
University of Connecticut

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About UConn

About Ethnographic Research in


g Students, ed. Foster and Gibbons

atory Design in Academic Libraries (CLIR report), ed. Foster

Want to Do Anthropology in Your Library? (ERIAL Project), Asher and Miller

tanding the Research Practices of Humanities Doctoral Students at Yale University, Hers

Why Ethnography?

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Planning and Prep

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Conducting Interviews

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Molecular and Cell Biology

It [discovery layer] will bring you to

PDFs that I can download to my
computer and carry around with me
everywhere. I print those out and
I annotate them by hand.

I also will sometimes email the files

to myself and put them on my

I didnt know if at the time there

was a search system online here,
and if so how to use it.

Political Science

I went through the miserable

process of getting on JSTOR.
Its awful! Its the worst part
about using the databases, is
getting on them, is that theyre
not searchable as one.

Obviously I understand that

librarians arent working all
through the night, but for me, I
write at night, I dont write
during the day.


I didnt do anything for a very

long time, and I probably should

It took me a lot of sifting


After one class, I joked with my
professor that I couldnt find any
information on the topic on a
reliable website. And he said,
yes, its a broad topic. So that
was kind of my reach for help.

What I do know about the

library and the resources on
campus are only through the
friends that I have made who
have already used them.

When youre doing a research

paper, the last thing you want to
research is how to do a research
paper effectively.

Sophomore, English: I havent really had a problem with

the research process, just the writing.
Sophomore, Allied Health: If you know a way that can
work, why try anything else?

In Their

Sophomore, Human Development and Family Studies: I

think my first step would be a TA or a professor. Probably a TA
because they feel like theyre more like, I dont know, maybe
they have more time to help us or something.
Junior, General Studies: I dont use books because I feel
that they are outdated.
Senior, English: I looked on WorldCat. I couldnt find it, and I
thought, all right, Ill use Homer. But Homer confused me so
much. Im just, Im going to Google it. I didnt request it. I
just read the pages that it allowed me to read. I dont like
asking for help.


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Lessons Learned

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