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C on ten ts
1. In trod u ction
2. A b ou t N S P L
3. IT C om p an y V s Train in g In stitu te
4. Proof O f B ein g A n It-In d u stry
5. List O f Prod u cts
6. C areers A fter Train in g
7. Tech n olog ies U sed
8. S ervices
9. Prod u cts
10. Tech n olog ies
11. Train in g S tru ctu re O f(A S P.N et/P H P )
12. C ertif i
cates Provid ed
13. R u les & R eg u lation s

Institute Name . Purpose of Training   .IN TR O D U C TIO N Hello This is (Trainer name)(Designation) NSPL Congratulates this batch for industrial training Tell me Your Name . Qualification . Objective .

A B O U T N SPL IT Industry  Software Developer Training  Web Designer Training . Retail Industry  Floor Coordinator Training  POS Operations Training BPO Industry  Technical Support Executive  Training Customer Care Executive Training .

.” IT-Com panies in India” .biz/verifi cation Trainees can show their training details (certifi cates and training perform ance)through this link.nspl. Training Link: training.then you fi n d that N SPL com es in Top m ost ITCom panies.IT C O M PA N Y (N S P L) V S TR A IN IN G IN S TITU TE Top Most IT-Company : If you w illsearch at G oogle .

Prep ared Profession al S oftw are En g in eers/W eb D esig n ers : O ur aim is not to give you the readym ade know ledge. W e are transform ing fresher students into experienced professionals. but to teach you how to learn things on your ow n.   . W e are focusing on the theoreticalconcepts in short but w ith m ore em phasis on im plem enting then in real projects.

training is conducted by the trainers . But At training institutes. . the remaining period include Live Project Training.Training conducted Engineers of NSPL : by experienced Software “You can make 100s of Trainees but to make few professional software engineers is a tough task” The 6 months long program will include 12 weeks of Lectures and practical training conducted by experienced Software Engineers of NSPL.and they are not able to solve problems occurs during the project development phase.

Strength Of Trainees In Batch: Idid not heard a single place that has batch of 5. . N splhave strength of 5 trainees in batch. H ave you ? 15-20-50 and even upto 100 w e hear.

To becom e a professionalyou have to balance of your life and w ork but to becom e a student your w ork is m ore im portant than your personallife. .W eekly A ssig n m en ts A n d Tests: Trainees fi n alm arks or grade w illbe depended on perform ance of w eekly assignm ents and evaluation of tests. You have to spend a lot of tim e (at least 5-6 hours except training period per day) on your w ork .

N splgive them proper guidance and m aintain a levelof project. .you w illw ork on LIVE project. Project G u id an ce A n d Level O f Project: Each and every student is able to com plete their training but they don’t have confi dence to m ake projects. Live Project M eans W ork on projects according to the requirem ents of client.LIV E Project: A fter com pletion of your training session .

Extra C u rricu lar A ctivities: O n e d ay trip s In d u strial V isits S p ecial lectu res S p oken En g lish & p erson ality D evelop m en t . Prep aration O f V iva & Fin al Presen tation : N splProvide a speciallecture for trainees for preparation of fi n alviva and presentation. H ow to explain about your project and your com pany w here you done your training.

d o you th in k th at .Proof Of Being an ITCompany N ow . yes! W e h ave p roof. . b ecau se on ly an IT com p an y can m ake th eir p rod u cts/softw are like M icrosoft an d ab le to d o th eir m arketin g . w h at is th e p roof th at N S P L is an It C om p an y.

LIS T O F P R O D U C TS H otelFront D esk Softw are Point O f Sale Softw are Accounting Softw are SM S Softw are Production M anagem ent Softw are O nline RetailM anagem ent Softw are Sales M anagem ent Softw are CRM Softw are Construction M anagem ent Softw are Library Softw are .

C A R EER S A FTER TR A IN IN G   Project M anager Business Analyst Q uality Analyst Softw are Engineer Softw are M arketing InternationalBusiness Executive TechnicalSupport Executive Content W riter (W eb) Installation & Training Executive Softw are Testing .

Technologies U sed .

Train in g S tru ctu re O f A S P.N ET Train in g : Fram ew ork C# (O O PS.AD O . N et RD BM S(SQ L Server & M y SQ L) ASP. N et( AD O .N ET. N et M od u les O f A S P.N ET. CrystalReport) Ajax Silver Light .CrystalReport) H TM L/CSS JavaScript (D O M ) Interface D esign In ASP.

O O P s . N et) X M L P arser RD BM S(SQ L Server & M y SQ L) AJAX(Searching & Sorting) JO O M LA/Virtue M art W ord press Zen Cart Fram ew ork O f CAKE PH P .A D O .Train in g S tru ctu re O f P H P M od u les O f P H P Train in g : H TM L/C SS JavaS crip t/D O M P H P (Lan g u ag e .

C ertif i cates Provid ed  6 m on th s train in g certif i cate exp erien ce certif i cate for w orkin g on U .A b ased live p rojects P lacem en t op p ortu n ity w ith N S P L Job op p ortu n ity w ith N S P L & allied com p an ies .S .

You are requested to put your I-card daily. Q uality 6. Innovation CONTINUED…. Job Skills 7.R u les & R eg u lation s 1. Q uantity 5. Your perform ance w illbe judged on follow ing param eters every m onth by the H R departm ent: 4. 3. 2. . D iscipline 8. You are required to m ark your attendance as you com e in and m ove out along w ith your signatures and date.

The assignm ent has to be subm itted regularly w ithout any excuse. . 10. 11. 9.Continued… . Your placem ent is directly linked to the perform ance being appraised by the H R departm ent during your training period. 12. You are requested to report to the H R departm ent once in a w eek. w hich w illbe considered as a part of perform ance appraisal. You should appear in allthe m odule tests and events.

Any Questions? .

Thank you .