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CH 200 L

Jolleen Balitaan, MS Chem
Ma. Cecilia M. Villaraza, MS Chem

Organic Chemistry • Compounds of carbon • Compounds from living things • Can be prepared or synthesized in the lab .

Birds Eyeview of CH 200 Lab PRELIMS PERIOD .

Birds Eyeview of CH 200 Lab FINALS .

some prelab computations -introduction on the new techniques -important set-ups -samples to bring -precautions to be aware of -preparation of the schematic diagram 2. GENERAL FORMAT 1. Submission of Logbook before the experiment.e chemical structures and purpose of the reagents. Check-on Quiz before the Experiment . Pre-Laboratory Discussion -objectives of the experiment -assignments before the experiment (i.

Experiment proper . GENERAL FORMAT 3.Reinforcement Exercise 5.minimal supervision 4. Post Lab -Prelims: Written Reports (one week after the experiment) -Finals: Oral Reports (a schedule will be given) .Lab gown and lab goggles are required . Quiz .



behavior in the lab: attentive.attitude in the laboratory and towards your groupmates . Grading System • Attendance is a requirement (5 pts) .1 absent is minus one from 5 pts • Performance (5 pts) . participative. resourceful .submit requirements on time .3 lates is equiv. to 1 absent .wears the lab gown and goggles during experient • Laboratory Reports: Oral and Written (20 pts) • Post Laboratory Report Sheet (5 pts) • Logbook (10 pts) • Quizzes ( 20 pts) • Long Exams :Prelims & Finals (30 pts) • Check-on Quizzes (5 pts) .

collated by class secretary. _________________________ PERMANENT ADDRESS: CITY ADDRESS: FATHER’S NAME ____________________ ALUMNUS? ____ (COLLEGE/FACULTY) MOTHER’S NAME ____________________ALUMNA?____(COLLEGE/FACULTY) GUARDIAN _____________________ CONTACT NOS. fastened in a folder (color coded/section) . Learner’s Profile 2x2 Picture CH 200 LAB YEAR & SECTION ____________ SEAT NO.e 3/4 RELIGION:_______________ CONTACT NO. Individual Requirements 1. computerized. 2 inches margin from top.___________ (PARENT/GUARDIAN) ORGANIZATION INVOLVED IN: indicate if school or civic (POSITION IF OFFICER/MEMBER) MEDICAL CONDITION: * 8x11 bond paper. ______ FAMILY NAME GIVEN NAME MIDDLE NAME (NICK NAME) BIRTHDAY:______________________ RANK IN THE FAMILY_______ i.

Laboratory Gown 3. Lab Manual . Individual Requirements 2. Safety Goggles 4.

No pencil (only permanent black or blue ink) 2. No liquid erasures 3.Logbook Keeping: 1. Each member will be assigned one experiment. Graded: 10 pts . A required format will be followed 5. No tearing of pages 4. Group Requirements • Logbook – a first hand data of the experiment .

all parts are in order .observations are correctly noted and complete . no liquid erasers .tables/graphs are properly labelled .computer print-out of results are attached • Procedure/Schematic Diagram (2 pts) • Conclusion (1 pt) • Set-ups are drawn and properly labelled (2 pts) . Grading of Logbook • Format (2 pts) .no tearing of pages • Table of Results/Graphs/Observation (3 pts) .use of blue or black permanent ink.

• It that starts with the sample or all of the things present in the crude reaction mixture at the beginning of work-up • Then it shows where everything eventually ends up during work-up and purification. Schematic Diagram • This is a type of flow chart. .