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Toxic Avengers
NAILING DOWN THE motive behind a mass shooting is often difficult. Shooters tend to be driven by a poisonous blend of entrenched grievances, personal setbacks, depression, rage, suicidal urges, and in some cases, serious behavioral disorders or menta
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A New Leaf
FOWHEN THE IDA B. WELLS housing project opened on Chicago’s South Side in 1941, its up-to-date kitchens and grassy lawns drew more than 1,500 black families looking for somewhere decent to settle. But over the decades, the project fell into disrepair
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In the last four years, senior reporter SHANE BAUER has worked undercover as a private prison guard in Louisiana, joined a right-wing border militia in Arizona, and, for this issue, sneaked into Syria to investigate American involvement in the crisis
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Not In My Backyard
IN LATE AUGUST LAST YEAR, 39-year-old Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer exited La Gitana bar in Arivaca, Arizona, took out his phone, and started recording a video for his Facebook page: “So down here in Arivaca, if you like to traffic in children, if you l
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Fueling the Conflict
IN THE DESERT not far from Deir Ezzor city, an American special forces convoy zooms past, leaving me and my escorts in a cloud of dust. Out here, fighters, backed by air support from the US-led coalition against ISIS, are pushing into the last few vi
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Roads to Damascus
1970: Hafez al-Assad seizes power in a coup within the Baath Party. He becomes president of Syria the following year. 1980: Syria and the Soviet Union sign a treaty of friendship and cooperation. 1982: In response to a Sunni rebellion in Hama, Assa
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The Tao Of Bao
DURING THE 2019 ACADEMY AWARDS ceremony, director and illustrator Domee Shi made her way onstage to accept an Oscar for Bao, Pixar’s first short film directed by a woman. “To all of the nerdy girls who hide behind their sketchbooks,” Shi told the cro
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What’s The Best Way To Change An Abuser?
Treatment programs for domestic offenders are meant to reform violent men. It’s not clear if they’re working.
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Getting Warmer
BLINK AND YOU would have missed the most substantial reference to climate change in the three 2016 presidential debates. “I think the science is real,” Hillary Clinton affirmed in her first showdown with Donald Trump, not because she was asked about
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Revolutionary Dreams
AT THE HEADQUARTERS of the SDF in Hasaka, three white men in camouflage pull up in a pickup truck. The commander, a thirty something Frenchman with a closely shaved head, is driving. A somber, mustachioed Irishman is in the passenger seat. In the bac
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Tweets and Retreats
March 16, 2012: We should have gotten more of the oil in Syria, and we should have gotten more of the oil in Iraq. Dumb leaders. June 15, 2013: We should stay the hell out of Syria, the “rebels” are just as bad as the current regime. WHAT WILL WE GE
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Crossing the Red Line
BEFORE THE WAR, Mohammed Abdullah—or Artino, as people called him—worked for Apple in Damascus, studied English, and listened to heavy metal. He was an Alawite but hated being a member of the ruling clique, knowing he could get what he wanted if he j
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High Culture
ONE NIGHT IN February, activists lined the spiral ramp of New York City’s Guggenheim Museum and dropped a flurry of paper slips onto the rotunda below. The demonstration, led by photographer Nan Goldin, was the latest in a series of protests demandin
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Sneaking Into Syria
THERE ARE FOUR main types of Americans fighting on the ground in Syria: special forces soldiers, CIA agents, Islamic extremists, and anarchists. As I putter in a motorboat across the Tigris River one afternoon in May 2018, I have no idea which of the
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Generation X
The term “Latinx” is both celebrated and reviled. Peering into its history helped me better understand my identity.
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Othe Real Border Emergency
In Tijuana, migrants grapple with the absurdities and dangers of the immigration crisis Trump created.
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Arms With Legs
SINCE 2015, the Pentagon has spent at least $2.2 billion arming and training Syrian fighters. While that equipment helped crush ISIS on the battlefield, some of it has fallen into the wrong hands. The United States has a spotty record of keeping tab
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“There Is No Compromise”
BEFORE THERE was war in Syria, there was revolution. In early 2011, the Arab Spring protests swept the Middle East and North Africa. Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak stepped down. Anti-authoritarian uprisings erupt
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Into The Line Of Fire
JAMES FOLEY, A 38-YEAR-OLD former prison literacy teacher, went to Syria in 2012 to cover a civil war in which the United States was a major player—and which Americans were largely ignoring. He believed in the power of witnessing, and in the human ca
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High Steaks
IN OCTOBER, SCIENTISTS convened by the United Nations issued a dire warning: Unless carbon emissions fall by about 45 percent by 2030, we will face a world of climate chaos—more frequent droughts and floods, decimated coral reefs, and cities swamped
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Beto And The Builder
Bill Sanders helped launch his son-in-law’s political career. The real estate mogul has haunted it ever since.
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Boy Meets Hate
A high school rumor. An underground Nazi cell. A rendezvous in the dark. What happens when self-loathing meets the new age of extremism.
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Weapon Of Choice
What happened when one woman tried to make safe and cheap abortion pills available through the mail
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THE OFFER WAS TOO GOOD to resist: Go to rehab for a week, get $1,000 in cash. It was early 2017, and Brianne, a 20-year-old from a woody Atlanta suburb, had come to South Florida to leave her heroin addiction behind. At a residential facility called
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The Cadence Of Conflict
CAROLYN FORCHÉ was surprised, one day in 1977, to find a mysterious stranger at her door. The man had driven all the way from El Salvador to San Diego to see her. Civil war was coming to his country, and he wanted an American poet to bear witness. “A
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With Friends Like These...
Facebook talks a good game about connecting us, but it’s really tearing us—and our democracy—apart.
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Get in Line. Follow the Rules. Go to Jail.
A Haitian asylum-seeker’s nightmare journey shows the extreme human toll of Trump’s immigration regime.
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Very Private Prisons
FOUR DAYS BEFORE Christmas 2016, Heather Ashton Miller, an inmate in Davis County Jail outside Salt Lake City, slipped while climbing down from her bunk bed. The 28-year-old, who had been arrested a day earlier for alleged drug-related misdemeanors,
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We Will Bot You
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JONATHAN LEE KROHN published his first book, on conservative philosophy, at the age of 13 and was a frequent speaker at conferences and on cable news. He has since reported from Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey for The Atlantic and USA Today, cataloged the di
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