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Mapping Global Phytoplankton Yields A Surprise
Researchers have charted the distribution of phytoplankton in the world’s oceans for the first time and investigated the environmental factors that explain it. They conclude that plankton diversity is only partially congruent with previous theories o
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Glassy Beads On Hiroshima Beaches Came From Nuclear Blast
Minuscule glassy beads formed from debris of the atomic bomb blast that devastated Hiroshima nearly 75 years ago litter nearby beaches, according to a new study. The beads, which no one seems to have noticed until now, apparently formed in the atomic
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These Medicinal Plants Put Brakes On Cancer Growth
The leaves of a variety of medicinal plants can stop the growth of breast, cervical, colon, leukemia, liver, ovarian, and uterine cancer, a new study shows. Researchers found the effects in leaves of the bandicoot berry (Leea indica), South African l
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Three Ways To Spot Dodgy Nutrition Advice
Misguided nutrition advice can be more than ineffective: It can be dangerous. Over 20,000 people end up in the emergency room because of supplements each year, and a quarter of those cases are due to weight-loss related supplements. So how can you st
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Ancient Ash Is Likely Behind Odd Mineral Deposit On Mars
Ashfall from ancient volcanic explosions is the likely source of a strange mineral deposit near the landing site for NASA’s next Mars rover, a new study finds. The research could help scientists assemble a timeline of volcanic activity and environmen
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Quality Preschool Benefits Multiple Generations
Early childhood education programs can benefit life outcomes in ways that span generations, new research shows. As reported in a pair of companion papers, the children of children who participated in a landmark 1960s study saw improvements in educati
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Gene Discovery Could Boost Corn’s Nutrition
A new discovery could improve the nutritional value and crop yields of corn, report researchers. The research could benefit millions of people who rely on corn for nutrition in South America, Africa, and elsewhere. The world’s corn supply depends on
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Marijuana Increases Odds Of Couples Feeling Intimate
For couples who frequently use the drug, episodes of marijuana use increase the likelihood couples will experience “intimacy events,” according to new research. The study’s definition of intimacy events included love, caring, and support. “We found r
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EEG Scans Can Detect Signs Of Parkinson’s Disease
Researchers have zeroed in on what may be easily detectable markers of Parkinson’s disease. The evidence is in the specific angles and sharpness of electrical waves in unfiltered raw data from scalp electroencephalograms of patients receiving treatme
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New Opioid Has Speedier Pain Recovery Than Morphine
Researchers have developed a new type of opioid that accelerates recovery time from pain compared to morphine. It also doesn’t have the side effect of increasing pain sensitivity, according to a new study with rats. Morphine and other opioid-based pa
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Switch 1 Greenhouse Gas For Another To Fight Climate Change?
New research outlines a seemingly counterintuitive solution to climate change: converting one greenhouse gas into another. The relatively simple process could help turn the tide of climate change while also turning a healthy profit. The study describ
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Why Crop Yields Aren’t The Right Fix For Global Hunger
Too much of the work to end global hunger focuses on increasing crop yields, researchers argue. Members of the University of Michigan’s Sustainable Food Systems Initiative reviewed recent academic papers that discuss the United Nations goal of ending
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Moms With Multiple Jobs Have Higher Depression Risk
New research finds a link between working multiple jobs and a 3-4 percentage points increase in the probability of depression among a sample of low-income working moms. The association is strongest for those mothers who work more than one job and hav
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Masculinity Class For Boys Could Prevent Violence
Teaching teen boys about positive expressions of masculinity could combat violence against women and girls, research shows. The findings suggest an intervention for middle school boys improved attitudes related to the use of coercion and violence in
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Skipping Pills? Doctors Should Ask About Med Habits
A simple question at the doctor’s office could help people with medication adherence, a new study shows. A visit to the doctor’s office typically begins with a series of questions, including one about medications. New research recommends doctors ask
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Without ‘Roadblocks’, Diabetic Mice Get More Insulin-making Cells
Researchers have discovered a new way to get the mouse pancreas to make more insulin-producing beta cells. By the time someone gets a diagnosis of diabetes—in either of its forms—the insulin-making factory inside their body has ground to a halt, or a
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Estrogen Receptor Could Offer Shield From Obesity
An estrogen-activated protein inside cells appears to offer protection against obesity—in both men and women—according to a new study with mice. The research, reported in two separate studies, indicates that the protein reduces various metabolic dise
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Nanomaterial Can Protect Electronics From Major Heat
A new nanocomposite could help flexible electronics, energy storage devices, and electric devices better hold up to heat. The nanocomposite combines one-dimensional polymer nanofibers and two-dimensional boron nitride nanosheets. The nanofibers reinf
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You Should Learn The Signs Of Alcohol Poisoning
Here is expert advice on how to avoid and recognize alcohol poisoning—both in yourself and others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 2,200 alcohol poisoning deaths occur in the United States each year, an average of six peop
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Spiders Inspire Nerve-like Sensors For Drones
New sensors take inspiration from spiders, bats, birds, and other animals and their real-life “spidey senses.” If drones and self-driving cars had the tingling spidey senses of Spider-Man, they might actually detect and avoid objects better, says And
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Joint Pain Supplement May Lower Heart Disease Risk
Regular use of glucosamine supplements may be linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease events, according to a new study. The findings suggest that glucosamine could help prevent coronary heart disease and stroke, but further clinical trials w
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Prison Time For The Sake Of Public Safety? Not So Fast
New findings challenge tough-on-crime measures, such as mandatory minimum sentences, and make the case for the greater use of prison diversion programs for people who are eligible for probation. Locking away people who have committed assault, robbery
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These Factors Limit Minority Blood Donation
Medical mistrust is a significant barrier to blood donation among minorities, research finds. Better community education and communication are critical for increasing levels of blood donation among minorities, according to the new study. Nursing asso
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Invasive Mosquitoes Protect Local Ones From A Parasite
A mosquito native to Missouri can thank the larvae of an invasive intruder for keeping parasites away, say researchers. “The extra energy put into fighting an infection, or lost to consumption by a parasite, can lead to changes in behavior in the hos
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Hyperspectral Camera Gathers Data In An Instant
Engineers are building a portable spectrometer that can attach to a small satellite, fly on an airplane or a drone, or someday even be handheld. Bioengineer Tomasz Tkaczyk and his colleagues at Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering and Wiess
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Mindfulness App Cuts Smoking. Brain Scans Suggest How
People who tried a new mindfulness app reported smoking fewer cigarettes a day, according to a new study. Further, the researchers say the people who most reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked also showed decreased reactivity to smoking-relate
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Video Captures T-cell ‘Training’ Program
For the first time, researchers have captured on video what happens when T-cells undergo a type of assassin-training program before they get unleashed in the body. T cells are the contract killers of the immune system, responsible for wiping out bact
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Maps Reveal Symbiosis In The World’s Forests
A new effort to map the most abundant of the symbiotic relationships among trees, fungi, and bacteria—involving more than 1.1 million forest sites and 28,000 tree species—reveals factors that determine where different types of symbionts will flourish
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Child Abuse Linked To Elder Abuse Of Chinese Americans
Chinese Americans abused as children and those who experienced intimate partner violence face an increased risk of abuse when they are elderly, according to a new study. Researchers surveyed 3,157 Chinese American adults over age 60 and found that th
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Why Progressive Candidates Should Talk Like Conservatives
In political messages, values can be more persuasive than policies, research finds. When political candidates talk about progressive economic policies in language consistent with traditionally conservative values—such as patriotism, the American drea
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