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Patent Office Reopens Major CRISPR Battle Between Broad Institute And Univ. Of California
The patent office reopened a fight between the Broad Institute and the University of California over who invented CRISPR.
STAT4 min readPolitics
It’s A Big Week For Debates About Drug Prices, Whether Pharma Likes It Or Not
D.C. Diagnosis is STAT’s weekly newsletter about the politics and policy of health and medicine. Sign up here to receive it in your inbox. This week’s Democratic primary debates (two 10-candidate panels, each at 9 p.m. on MSNBC this Wednesday and Thu
STAT2 min read
AbbVie To Acquire Allergan For $63 Billion In Megamerger Of Pharma Giants
AbbVie said Tuesday it will acquire Allergan for $63 billion — the latest megamerger between two pharma giants seeking new ways to grow.
STAT3 min readPsychology
Opinion: In A Medical Emergency, Who In Your Social Network Will Call For Help Quickest?
Applying the "strength of weak ties" theory to medicine, a weakly connected familiar in your social network can be the outside voice of reason who isn't afraid to call for…
STAT4 min readPolitics
A Q&A With Leana Wen: Planned Parenthood’s President On Roe V. Wade, Title X, And 2020 Candidates
A Q&A with Leana Wen: Planned Parenthood’s president on Roe v. Wade, Title X, and 2020 candidates.
STAT1 min readSociety
Watch: At This Hospital, Drones Are The New Medical Couriers
See how drones are changing the transport of medical samples across one hospital's campus. Watch now:
STAT2 min readPolitics
Consumer Genetic Testing Companies Team Up To Lobby On Privacy Policy
Ancestry, 23andMe, and Helix are teaming up to lobby on genetic privacy issues in Washington.
STAT2 min readSociety
PatientsLikeMe, Forced By U.S. To Ditch Chinese Investor, Sold To UnitedHealth Group
UnitedHealth Group is purchasing PatientsLikeMe, a health technology firm, just months after it became public that the Trump administration was forcing the tech startup into a fire sale.
STAT3 min read
Why Are Elite Athletes Different Than The Rest Of Us? Take A Look At Their Microbes
Elite athletes really are different from you and me. Or, at least their gut microbes are. Scientists who analyzed stool samples of 15 runners a week before and after they competed in the 2015 Boston Marathon found unusually high levels of one particu
STAT4 min readSociety
Opinion: For Want Of A Form, A Baby’s Life Could Be Lost
Instead of vilifying medical paperwork, we need to make it better, closing the gap between the documentation patients need and what doctor's offices can provide.
STAT4 min readSociety
Patients With Feared Superbug Shed Large Amounts Of It From Their Skin, Study Says
Some hospitalized patients who carry the fungus shed large amounts of it from their skin, contaminating the environment in which they are being treated and leaving enough of it to…
STAT4 min read
Alarmed By New ‘CRISPR Babies’ Plan, Top Science Figures Say They’re Powerless To Stop It
Outraged by a new plan to create "CRISPR babies" in Russia, leading science figures concede that their organizations are powerless to stop it.
STAT3 min read
VA Declines Broad Coverage For New J&J Depression Drug Touted By Trump
The VA has declined to offer widespread coverage for a depression drug that received an express endorsement from President Trump.
STAT2 min readSociety
FDA Approves Controversial Women’s Libido Drug
The FDA approved Vyleesi, an under-the-skin injection women take before sex. Skeptics balk at the idea of a drug playing a role in sexual desire.
STAT2 min read
Rivals’ Disappointing Results In Asthma Trial Drag Down Shares Of AnaptysBio
Disappointing clinical trial results from Sanofi and Regeneron raise questions about the future role that certain drugs might have in treating asthma and other inflammatory related diseases.
STAT4 min readSociety
Opinion: Toxic Stress: The Other Health Crisis Politicians Should Be Talking About
There's a burgeoning public health crisis that few presidential candidates are talking about: toxic stress.
STAT4 min read
Opinion: Should The FDA Speed Up Or Slow Down Approval Of New Cancer Drugs?
When making decisions about the required level of evidence to approve cancer drugs, the FDA should continue taking a more patient-centered approach.
STAT4 min readSociety
How Europe Is Building A Sweeping System To Study Medication Safety In Pregnant And Lactating Women
More than 88 organizations have joined a sweeping new effort in Europe to tackle the research gaps on medication use in pregnant and lactating women.
STAT10 min readSociety
The 23 Best Health And Science Books To Read This Summer
Need a new book to dive into? Check out the great health, medicine, and science reads on STAT's annual summer book list.
STAT9 min read
While Addiction Crisis Raged, Many Surgeons Overprescribed Opioids, Analysis Shows
Amid the addiction crisis, thousands of surgeons continued to hand out far more pills than needed for postoperative pain relief.
STAT2 min read
How The Kaiser-Johns Hopkins Analysis Was Done
Kaiser Health News' analysis of surgeons’ prescribing habits was done in collaboration with researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
STAT5 min read
Is Sexual Desire A Medical Issue? An Experimental Drug For Women Revives An Intense Debate
In the coming days, the FDA will decide whether to approve a drug meant to increase women’s drive for sex. Not everyone is convinced the agency should.
STAT1 min read
Listen: A Controversial Desire Drug, Courtroom Genealogy, & The Quest For Longer Life
Is desire a matter of medicine? Can you convict on genealogy? And what do you get the alleged bride who has it all? We discuss all that and more on the latest episode of “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. First, we discuss a new drug meant t
STAT3 min readPolitics
Pharma CEOs Didn’t Show Up For A Congressional Scolding, So Progressives Shadowboxed Instead
Progressive lawmakers invited six drug industry CEOs to Capitol Hill to prod them about high drug prices. None showed up — so the Democrats scolded their empty chairs instead.
STAT4 min read
Federally Funded Research Drives Nearly One-third Of U.S. Patents, Report Finds
Federal funding of basic research is "like this reservoir, this sponge of scientific knowledge. They keep nurturing it and it just continues to pay off more and more."
STAT2 min read
A New ‘DNA Microscope’ Peers Deep Inside Living Cells
A “DNA microscope” shows locations of DNA (and its cousin, RNA) in a cell and their precise nucleotide sequences.
STAT3 min read
Opinion: You Can’t Pay For 21st Century Medicines With A 20th Century Payment System
The U.S. pays for 21st-century drugs with a 20th-century payment system. It's like using a 1999 road atlas in the era of Google Maps.
STAT9 min read
Employers Are Steering Workers Toward A Controversial Stem Cell Therapy
A stem cell clinic has persuaded over 100 employers to include its controversial therapy in their health insurance plans.
STAT4 min read
Opinion: Assessing The Value Of New Food Allergy Treatments Must Include Quality Of Life
Breakthrough treatments in immunotherapy offer people with food allergies a choice beyond avoiding foods, a shot of epinephrine, and a trip to the emergency room.
STAT5 min readSociety
Opinion: We Were Inspired To Become Primary Care Physicians. Now We’re Reconsidering A Field In Crisis
The long hours and low pay of primary care tell only part of the story why so many physicians are turning away from it. Primary care training is also complicit.
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