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Best Tech For everything
BEST TECH FOR… The new version of the Paperwhite is the thinnest and lightest so far, packing in a 300ppi display and more storage. With an IPX8-rating, it’s safe to read in the bath or at the beach. You can easily switch between reading and listenin
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Sporty Wireless Headphones
1st £69.99, optoma.co.uk DESIGN & FEATURES With IPX5 waterproofing (so the ‘phones can resist rain or sweat, but not withstand immersion) and fast charging (two hours battery from a 15-minute charge), these are great for the gym. AAC and AptX Bluetoo
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Gift worth £49.99 FANTASTIC SOUND These wired in-ear buds sound as good as headphones twice their price. So good, in fact, we rank them in our ‘Best of the Best’ list on p102! They were also rated 5/5 by our friends at What Hi-Fi? PHONE FRIENDLY With
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80 HUAWEI P30 PRO 84 SAMSUNG GALAXY S10E 86 SPORTY WIRELESS HEADPHONES 87 APPLE IPAD AIR 88 HUAWEI MATEBOOK X PRO 90 ERGONOMIC MICE 92 CHRIS (IN-CAR AI) In T3, we feature only the finest gadgets out there, and we believe that you – our loyal reader –
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LOST IN MUSIC Noordung also makes a Music model (approx £6,000), which boasts many of the same features as the Voyager but does away with the electric power, and the Individual, which offers you the chance to create a custom paint job With micromobil
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Wireless Smart Security Cams
Home security has never been more approachable than it is today. There’s no need to invest in a full PVR system constantly recording footage to a hard drive, and no reason to drill holes through your walls and run wires through your home. Modern wire
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Apple iPad Air
From £479 apple.com Originally, Apple used the ‘Air’ name for products that were thinner and lighter than anything that had come before. But this new iPad Air, like the recent new MacBook Air, doesn’t actually fit this description. Now, Apple seems t
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Editor’s Letter
These days, there’s pretty much no part of my life that I’m not trying to make easier through the judicious application of gadgets. Cleaning? Yep. Gardening? Naturally. Reading? Of course. Making coffee? Transformed. Viewing art? Why not. That’s what
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Product 01: swann Wire-free
Outwardly there’s no difference between the 1080p model of the Swann Smart Security Camera and its 720p predecessor. Both use the same compact casing, both use the same mount – and that latter feature is a shame. In theory the rubberised magnetic dis
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Huawei MateBook X Pro
€1,999 (approx. £1,730) consumer.huawei.com If there’s a single product that really relegates Huawei’s reputation as a maker of budget gadgets to the past, it’s this laptop, even more so than its very fine phones. From the moment you open it, the fit
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Product 03: d-link Mydlink Pro
This one had us torn. On the one hand, it’s a well designed camera and hub combo, with a long-lasting battery, at a decent price. On the other, there are some big issues to look past. To begin with, the picture quality is a tad questionable. Detail a
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The Best Ergonomic Mice
Are you experiencing wrist or hand pain? If yes, it could be time for you to alter part of your computing setup. Whereas a standard mouse places your palm flat in relation to the desk, giving your wrist a workout, a vertical design puts more of the e
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• £4,250, uk.leica.com Sure, we love the convenience of taking quick photos and video with our smartphones, but when it’s time to get seriously creative with photography, we believe that nothing quite beats the feel of a proper compact camera. Especi
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Product 02: arlo Ultra
Side by side with its competitors, you’d be hard pressed to outwardly tell the difference, but fire up the Arlo app and the quality gap between this and others is all too clear. It starts with connectivity. Setup of the Arlo hub and its paired camera
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1 Of 3 Smart Beko Autodose Dishwashers Worth £399!
WORTH £1,197 TOTAL! The dishwasher’s status as humankind’s greatest invention (sorry, The Wheel) is unquestioned, but there’s nothing that can’t be improved. The Beko AutoDose Connected Dishwasher uses extra smarts to make sure that not only do your
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Get The Very Best From Your Wireless Camera
Direct sunlight can cause problems both in terms of motion detection and battery life for wireless cameras, since changing light conditions force them to refocus and readjust constantly through the day. Pointing your cameras at more shaded areas, or
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Chris (in-car Ai)
£299.99 chris.com Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant may have taken over our homes, but there’s still one area where voice assistants are lagging behind: our cars. We find this strange, because it’s also where voice control would be most useful, as
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A Running Commute Kit
Alice wants to start running her 30-minute commute. She’d like new running clobber, including trainers and a backpack that holds her office outfit and laptop. Tech journalist Becca regularly tests new sports gear that performs well and looks great, w
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5 Essential Add-ons
When it’s time to recharge your Arlo setup, you could pull the whole unit off the wall and charge it with the indoor cable, but why not slap two batteries in the Charging Station instead? They’ll refill up to 15% faster, and you can keep your camera
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What To Wear To A Wedding
We’re fast approaching peak wedding season, and if you’ve been invited to a friend or family member’s nuptials, and aren’t part of the immediate bridal party, you’ll face the usual conundrum of what to wear. If a dress code isn’t mentioned on the inv
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Where To Go
A large part of living the high life means getting away, as often as you can, to luxurious, opulent and exclusive destinations. And there’s nowhere better to start than by checking into an Aman hotel, for these are widely considered to be the most ex
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Drop It Like It’s Hot
As The Beach Boys never tired of telling us, nothing beats cruising around town on a sunny day with your roof down. Sadly, a Little Deuce Coupe probably wouldn’t pass modern-day emissions regulations, but there are some pretty awesome new drop-tops t
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VIP Experiences
Scroll through your social feeds and it won’t take long before you come across people who seem to be living the high life, sipping cocktails at fancy bars and celeb-spotting at events that sold out before you could even log on to buy a ticket. How do
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Far From The Madding Crowd
Just imagine you could escape to a private island for a week or more. We’re not talking about an enclave as imagined by Daniel Defoe in Robinson Crusoe, but islands where your every whim might be catered for. Well, it’s entirely possible – whether yo
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How To Spend It
Keep your favourite timepiece dust-free and in perfect nick with Wolf’s handsome watch winder, designed with patented technology that delivers the exact number of turns your watch needs each day. £469, wolf1834.co.uk Elevate your games room with this
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