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I Taught Myself How to Read in Prison. Then I Sued the System and Won
“Just like the rest of life, everything about the court system is a puzzle I’ve had to piece together.”
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I Lost 25 Pounds in 4 Months Eating Prison Food
I was born in 1965, the fourth child of six in a blue-collar Italian neighborhood where everybody knew everybody and a lot of pizza and pasta were consumed. By the time I was 3, I’d started vomiting and having diarrhea after every single meal. After
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California Law Says This Man Isn’t a Murderer. Prosecutors Disagree
When lawmakers said accomplices aren't the same as killers, Neko Wilson was the first person freed. Now he may go back to jail.
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Is There a Connection Between Undocumented Immigrants and Crime?
A lot of research has shown that there’s no causal connection between immigration and crime in the United States. But after one such study was reported on jointly by The Marshall Project and The Upshot last year, readers had one major complaint: Many
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Why Mothers Are the Unsung Heroes of Prison
“I’ve seen disasters averted, even a gang war set aside because of these simple words: 'What would your mother think?'”
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Treatment for Opioid Addiction, With No Strings Attached
Some doctors are abandoning the long-held belief that treating addiction is impossible without talk therapy.
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Let’s Make It Easier for Kids to Visit Incarcerated Parents
Nonprofits in a few states provide transportation to help children visit their imprisoned parents. Now New York may revive a state-funded free busing program.
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More Immigrants Are Giving Up Court Fights and Leaving the U.S.
Some decide it’s better to leave the U.S. than languish in a detention facility or fight in court.
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What I Learned When I Googled My Students’ Crimes
As I walked through the door of the Sing Sing Correctional Facility in New York, I was directed toward a first-floor classroom. Instead of the lines of prisoners led by guards that I’d seen at a previous facility, the hallway was swarming with men in
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How Fear Contributes to Cops' Use of Deadly Force
Police employ lethal violence in response to perceived threats at vastly different rates across the country. Racial bias is just one factor.
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Do Soldiers Face ‘Double Jeopardy’ in Military Courts?
When Austin Greening shot and killed his friend and fellow sailor in 2013, he was charged with murder in a Virginia court and pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to serve three years, with two and a half years suspended. Gre
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They’re Haunted by ‘Ghost Warrants’ Years After Their Arrests
Outdated or inaccurate charges often linger on people’s records and lead to devastating new stints in jail.
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The Death Chamber Next Door
Serving a prison sentence is difficult in and of itself. The deplorable living conditions, the separation from loved ones, the brutality—you know about all of this. But do you know what it’s like to serve your time at a prison where executions are o
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Indiana Safeguards Rights of Parents in Prison
The Marshall Project reported that thousands of incarcerated parents were losing their children forever. Now Indiana has passed a law to prevent the severing of family ties.
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The U.S. Prison Population is Shrinking
The number of people in U.S. prisons fell to a nine-year low of just under 1.5 million last year, a 1.3 percent decrease, according to a report released today by the nonprofit Vera Institute of Justice. The prison population declined in 31 states la
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Who Begs To Go To Prison? California Jail Inmates
SACRAMENTO — Ever since he stole his first car at age 10, Cody Garland has spent much of his life behind bars. Now 35, he has served time at eight different California prisons. But the hardest stint, he says, was not in a state penitentiary. It was i
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Drawing from Memory: A Former Prisoner Creates Art from Pain and Loss
The incarcerated artist Vincent Nardone stopped painting when he realized he might be annoying his cellmate. “I ended up slinging paint all over him and the room,” he said. He picked up a ballpoint pen. “I thought, there must be a way to transform t
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My Passover in Prison
Passover is a holiday that commemorates the Jewish people escaping slavery in Egypt. It is often referred to as the “festival of freedom.” My Passover in prison was at a place called the Wallkill Correctional Facility, 75 miles north of New York City
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Took a Plea? Brooklyn's District Attorney Will Support Your Parole
In 1996, when Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez was just starting out as a junior prosecutor, his younger brother was shot and killed in the Bronx. “I know how much the loss of my brother impacted my family,” said Gonzalez, who was 27 at the
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He’s Living With Severe Mental Illness. Should He Face the Death Penalty?
A South Dakota case reflects the national debate on whether execution should be banned for the mentally ill.
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Can Better Data Fix Florida’s Prisons?
Florida has one of the largest and most expensive prison systems in the country. Each year, the state spends nearly $2.4 billion to keep roughly 100,000 people behind bars. And the system is rife with racial disparities: Black people make up 17 perce
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Money Changed Everything for Me in Prison
My federal prison sentence ended three months ago, and for someone who’s been free only that long, it would appear that I have accomplished quite a lot. During my last year of confinement, I moved into a halfway house and enrolled at Portland State U
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When Prisons Cut Off Visits—Indefinitely
It’s been nearly 25 years since Michigan adopted a controversial visitation policy. Families have been fighting it ever since.
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The Day I Didn’t Serve on a Jury in a Sex Assault Case
“As I left the courthouse it dawned on me that the judge had assumed the role of therapist.”
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When “Violent Offenders” Commit Nonviolent Crimes
Forgery and selling drugs near a school are among the offenses some states classify as violent.
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“Blindfold” Off: New York Overhauls Pretrial Evidence Rules
Prosecutors will be required to turn over information to the defense much earlier in a criminal case, among other changes.
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In Military Prison I Learned The True Meaning of Service
It took me more than 20 years to become a lieutenant colonel. Then I was sent to Leavenworth.
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A Man Died in a Private Prison Van. The Company Says: Not Our Problem
Johnny Smith spent almost 24 hours shackled in the back of a prison van—barely conscious and muttering incoherently—before he died there in 2011. A private company was hauling the 48-year-old to Florida from Kentucky to face a drug charge: possession
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Introducing News Inside
The Marshall Project launches a print publication that will be distributed in prisons and jails.
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Susan Chira Named Editor-in-Chief of The Marshall Project
Susan Chira, whose decorated four-decade career at The New York Times included stints as deputy executive editor, foreign editor and senior correspondent focusing on gender issues, has been named editor of The Marshall Project, the award-winning non-
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