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Viewpoint John Gilbey
Your first photographic purchase after the camera itself is often a case to carry it in. There was a time when this was easy, with most manufacturers offering what was laughingly called an Ever-Ready Case (ERC) for most of their models. They weren't,
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Panasonic Lumix G90
When Panasonic announced that it was to form the L-Mount Alliance with Leica and Sigma and enter the full-frame market, one of the first things that entered many people's minds was what it would mean for the future of the G series? Panasonic has made
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Early Mirrorless
My first camera, back in around 1952, was a medium-format (2.25x3.25in) mirrorless camera with interchangeable sensors. It had a built-in close-up lens that focused to 6ft. It was a Box Brownie and I was at primary school. We made contact prints in s
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Focal Points
In addition to Wi-Fi, the G90 offers Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth lets you create a fast connection when you want to use a smartphone as a remote trigger. The main advantage of Bluetooth is that it consumes less power than using Wi-Fi. Those wh
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It seems that instead of being a gateway to photography AP is now becoming a mouthpiece for the mirrorless brigade (AP 18 May). Hasn't it occurred to anyone there that a great many photographers prefer an optical viewfinder and do not need to see a ‘
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Using A Flatbed Scann Er
Most good flatbed scanners, more often used for scanning flat artwork or photos, can be equipped with a film scanning hood or lid that will scan negatives or transparencies of different sizes. This an old but still serviceable Epson Perfection 4490 s
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Live View Composite mode
We've seen Live View Composite modes on other cameras before, but this is the first time we've seen it featured on a Panasonic camera. It's intended for those who enjoy shooting long exposures at night with moving elements – traffic trails, fireworks
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Kit List
If you place a grey card in front of your subject – in the same light – take a spot-meter reading from it, and lock in these settings, you will achieve correct exposure. These days most photographers prefer to use histograms instead. A handheld ligh
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WE ADMIRED the Lumix G80 when we reviewed it in 2016. Panasonic has made a good camera even better with the G90 by filtering down advanced features from the excellent Lumix G9 and packaging them inside a smaller and lighter body. The jump in resoluti
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Maximum Exposure
Ross Hoddinott is one of the UK’s leading landscape and natural history photographers and a regular contributor to the photography press. He is the author of several books, including The Digital Exposure Handbook. Ross lives in North Cornwall with hi
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Canon EOS 6D
The EOS 6D will be remembered as Canon's first ‘affordable' full-frame DSLR. It went down a storm with enthusiasts and attracted professionals who liked the idea of owning a reliable and lightweight back-up body that was cheaper than the EOS 5D Mark
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Exposing To The Right – Is It Still Relevant?
EXPOSING to the right (ETTR) is a raw-only exposure technique, where you push exposure to the right of the histogram as far as possible, without any clipping occurring. Technically speaking, you are overexposing the file, but without actually sacrifi
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Mindshift Gear Photocross 15 backpack
● £169 ● CHOOSING a camera bag usually involves making some sort of compromise. Shoulder bags give quick and easy access to your camera and lenses, but limit the amount you can carry comfortably. Backpacks are much better for yo
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Exposure Top Tips
Ensure your camera's highlights alert is switched on – normally accessed via the Playback Menu. Doing so will help you to avoid poor exposure. This warning shows exactly which parts of the photograph are overexposed by blinking (like a strobe light)
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Professor Newman On... The Trials Of Product Testing
Pity the product reviewer. Whatever they do, there will be a group of people who will insist that they have been unfair to their favoured product. One wonders why, if someone already knows how good a product is, they would be consulting a review, but
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How To Read A Histogram
HISTOGRAMS are important tools to help digital photographers assess and interpret exposure. Most DSLRs allow photographers to view a ‘live' histogram in live view, while mirrorless cameras allow you to preview the histogram through the EVF. You can a
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Final Analysis
Jill Freedman is a highly respected New York City documentary photographer. She has exhibited internationally and published many books. Dorothea Lange and W Eugene Smith were her early inspirations, fuelled by reading LIFE magazines in her parents’ a
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Amateur Photographer Of The Year
DARREN ROSE from Bedfordshire is the winner of Round Two of APOY 2019. Darren can choose Sigma products of up to £1,000 in value (based on Sigma's RRP) as his prize. Particularly popular with landscape photographers is the Sigma dp0 Quattro. One of f
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News Round-up
Sony has released a firmware update for the Alpha 6400 enabling Real-time Eye AF for animals. When photographing humans or pets, their face and eye position is recognised by AI and tracked in real time with extremely high precision, to give the most
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Thurston and Grace
In February 2004, I was given a commission by The Sunday Times to shoot a portrait of a famous photographic couple: Thurston Hopkins and Grace Robertson. Thurston was then 90, while his wife Grace was a relatively youthful 73. Both talented photojour
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Crying Girl On The Border
It’s highly likely you will already be familiar with this World Press Photo award-winning image. Taken on 12 June 2018 in the Rio Grande Valley of Southern Texas on the US-Mexico border, the image quickly went viral online and was also widely used on
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Also Out Now
By Fred Sigman, Smallworks Press, £23.58, 188 pages, hardback, ISBN 978-0977880683 WHEN we think of American locations, be it the arid vistas of California's Death Valley or the neon-saturated metropolis of New York's Time Square, we often do so in
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Ten Tips For Top Scans
1 Use a fine-hair lens brush to clean any dust or tiny hairs from the film before copying or scanning. 2 Film has a shiny reflective side and a dull emulsion side. For correct picture orientation, the shiny side should face the camera lens or scanne
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