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Seas Of Success
It’s hard to see the appeal of a struggling ferry service called ‘Philanderer Ferries’. Named in honour of its founder, the operation barely broke even conveying mainly Kangaroo Island residents to and from the mainland. But in 1989 a Malaysian compa
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Virgara’s Garden
Sarina and Francesco Virgara operate one of the best market gardens in South Australia. They are a mainstay for Willunga Farmers Market regulars and Virgara’s is often the first stop; a long table covered in hessian sacks and stacked with fresh veget
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A Rare Find
The day prior to my first meeting with Robert Jennings and Elizabeth Blieschke in Goolwa, it was a whopping 46 degrees in and around Adelaide. ‘A good test for any home and it was about 26 degrees in here (without air-conditioning) so pretty good,’ s
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There are a few different ways to get those bubbles in the bottle. Knowing the basics of how it happens and a few of the terms that indicate style and technique on the bottle can really help you find the perfect drop for you. At the end of the day, i
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Karl Meyer – Nature Is A Teacher
Karl Meyer is an artist and designer specialising in public art. He originally studied industrial design in Adelaide before discovering a more creative outlet through exhibition design. It was here that Karl found a rewarding niche. ‘It is everything
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Fleurieu Weddings
When Andy Dallisson and Alicia Turner were setting a wedding date, December 21, 2018 was an obvious choice – it was exactly six years since the start of their relationship. Selecting a destination for the event was just as simple; many of the couple’
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A Fertile Mind
The collection of titles in David Paxton’s office bookcase is an eclectic one. Wedged between bestsellers and crime novels are the ‘The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop’ and ‘Cottage Gardens in Australia’, and a hefty variety of others. They speak of some
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Social Pages
Music, wine and good vibes flowed from the aqua shed of Big Easy Radio in Aldinga on Saturday 12th January for Under The Palms. Music from their viticulturist Sammy B, along with Ollie English and Sidwho ensured dancing continued well into the night.
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The Story Of Your Life
Shortly before my father died I recorded his memoirs and made them into a book. Difficult though the process was, it ignited something in me. I went on to volunteer in the Biography Program at the Calvary Hospital, recording the stories of people in
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A Label Of Love
Imagine you own a wine label (neat, right?) Once you’re done daydreaming about the perks, think about the challenges you’ll face in your endeavour (aside from trying not to get high on your own supply too often). You’re one of an estimated 2468 winer
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Issue 30 and seven years in print are rapidly approaching. I feel a party is in order. Jason has worked as a graphic designer and creative director both locally and overseas for over thirty years. When not in the office, he can usually be found tweak
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Coffee Revolution
Every few weeks, Jim Banman from Villeré Coffee rolls down my driveway to deliver a fresh batch of artisan coffee beans, skilfully roasted by his business partner and wife, Carol. This week we’re drinking the Brazil blend – the tasting notes tell me
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Brand Culture
The Oliver family’s collection of handcrafted wines maintains the same authenticity as William Oliver’s original batch nearly two hundred years ago. The family’s long standing respect for ‘good old gut instinct, that only comes with a lifelong knowle
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Spoilt For Choice
The records keep tumbling in South Australian tourism. The state’s visitor economy, buoyed by the likes of regional events such as the Tour Down Under (which had its thrilling finale on the Fleurieu for the first time this year), reached an all-time
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Welcome to FLM
It’s almost autumn and we’re having our last hot gasp of summer. Welcome to issue 28! Recently, we took the time to read the Onkaparinga Council’s strategic plan for tourism and the statistic we found most interesting – as one of many small businesse
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A Taste Of Autumn
As I sit here writing this, the Fleurieu is in the middle of a heatwave, so it’s hard to contemplate that autumn is just around the corner. Quite frankly, I think I’m ready. I’m sure our air conditioner has been on for seventy-two hours straight and
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The Good Oil
The Mediterranean climate here on the Fleurieu is perfectly suited to growing olives, producing a fantastic array of olive oils. There are many nuances in flavour – and like wine it often boils down to personal taste. Some like it peppery – and some
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Surprise And Delight
When Cindy Westphalen thought about her dream property, she had very specific criteria in mind. It wasn’t necessarily about the size of the property, or its particular location or facilities. It was about the feeling she wanted to experience. ‘I want
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The Changing Tide Of Tradition
The Armfield Slip and Boat Shed is named after renowned Goolwa riverboat captain and boatbuilder Samuel Armfield (1861-1933) and is the birthplace of the the South Australian Wooden Boat Festival (Australia’s largest) at Goolwa on April 27-28. The wh
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Karri’s Idyllic Locality
Some may recognise Karri as one of the friendly faces behind the coffee machine at Aldinga’s Goodness Coffee Co. Along with a knack for making a mean latte, Karri has a talent for anything she turns her hand to; whether it be in the kitchen, the vegg
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Six Local Businesses That Will Ensure Your Getaway Is A Luxe Escape
Goolwa This beautiful private hotel is a luxury haven; a space to reshape time, to suspend visibility, to lull, to pause. Before we close in mid June, consider a celebratory one or two night Weekend Gourmet package including the Saturday public dinin
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Many Hands Make Light Work
Since beginning Fleurieu Living Magazine in 2011, we have had many amazing contributing writers and photographers. During production of issue two, Heidi Lewis from Heidiwho Photos came forward to offer her photography services. Each issue since has f
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Remembering Clive
If you dropped by Noon’s cellar door at McLaren Vale in the 1980s, chances are you’d be greeted by a tall man wearing a leather cap. He’d remember your name and what you bought, even if you’d only been there once, years before. ‘Did you find that shi
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Brick By Brick
The first time Michael Scarpantoni stood inside Daringa House, he was just a child. His best friend was the nephew of Ken Maxwell, who owned the house at the time. Then, it was cold and damp. Concrete had been rendered part way up the wall in an atte
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Fleurieu Galleries
Consisting of an exhibition gallery, professional artisan studios, a retail shop and artist run workshops, Fleurieu Arthouse is set in a historic warehouse space in the beautiful garden grounds of Hardys Tintara winery in McLaren Vale. Discover an in
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Tasting Australia
Ditch the garden hose and take a breath. Autumn gives you permission to enjoy a full-bodied Tasting Australia experience, with top notch food and wine. One of the nation’s flagship events is set to launch a 10-day sensation overload. Fully immerse yo
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Autumn Book Reviews
by John Simons Published by Sydney University Press ISBN 9781743325865 $35.00 Obaysch, a hippopotamus captured from the Egyptian Nile and transported to live out his life in a Victorian English zoo, has been much studied and admired. His popularity a
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Meeting Megan
Turning up the skinniest of driveways opposite the Almond Train on Main Road, McLaren Vale, you come across the humble structure that is home to ‘She Sews’. But once inside the tiny beige building, a veritable Aladdin’s cave opens up. And there, in a
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Sandy shorelines, spectacular nature walks, cosy accommodation and an array of delightful cafes, restaurants and an award-winning brewery await to welcome you and your much-loved companion. With no need to make arrangements for your pets to stay else
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