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Sweet Bows
• 3.2m (3 3/8yd) solid white fabric (block backgrounds) • Assorted floral print fabrics in pink, blue, green, yellow and mauve to total about 4.5m (4 7/8yd). Raid your stash. If purchasing fabric, 30cm (/8yd) cuts work well. You could also use layer
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Hibiscus Days
Jenny Edlin, • Fat quarter bright green/ blue batik (centre block background) • 1.1m (1 1/4yd) light cream mottled print fabric (Hibiscus block backgrounds and Summer Frame blocks) • 85cm ( 7/8yd) light teal mottled print fabri
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Debby Dewhurst
Where do you live and work? I live in leafy Macarthur, south-west of Sydney, NSW. We are still in the family home but now that the children have their own homes, I have an ex-bedroom all to myself. I could stay in there all day surrounded by beautifu
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Getting to know … JENNY EDLIN
Tell us about where you live. I live just out of Cairns in Far North Queensland at Holloways Beach. My husband and I have been here for 25 years after moving across the ditch from New Zealand. We love the warm balmy tropical days and nights, tropical
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Geometric CATS
• 30cm ( 3/8yd) white cotton/linen blend fabric (background) • DMC Stranded Embroidery Cotton – Very Dark Cranberry (600), Medium Yellow (743), Dark Cornflour Blue (792), Mediterranean Sea (4022 – variegated) • DMC Perle No 12 – Black (310) • Anchor
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Colourful Floor Pillow is from Sew Cuddly: 12 Plush Minky Projects for Fun & Fashion – Tips & Techniques to Conquer Cuddle by Judy Gauthier. Republished with permission from C&T Publishing. Available in Australia from Search Press. • 65cm ( 3/4yd)
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Bobbie Watts
Where do you live and work? I live in the beautiful state of Tasmania. I am lucky enough to have river and sea views from my workroom windows, which does prove to be quite distracting at times but is also a great source of design inspiration. How di
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Sticks And Spots
• 7m (7 3/4yd) green spot print fabric (background) • Assorted scraps of print fabrics to total about 3m (3 1/2yd) (small sticks) • 70cm ( 3/4yd) orange print fabric (binding) • 2.5m (2 3/4yd) extra-wide backing fabric • 60cm ( 5/8yd) each of four
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Bonnie Macramé WALLHANGING
• 100m (110yd) of 5mm (/4in) cotton rope or string – available from • 50cm (20in) piece of dowel or a suitable piece of driftwood Finished size: 50 x 85cm (20 x 33 1/2in) 1 Cut eight cords, 3m (3 1/3yd) and 16 cords, 2.5m (2
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Getting to know … JOANNE FARMERY
What’s next on the agenda for you and your quilts? A friend and I have been collecting used cotton clothing (mainly men’s shirts) and bed linen, laundering them and cutting the usable fabric for quilts. They make lovely delicately coloured and soft q
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Where do you live and work? We live in Geraldton, Western Australia. My sister, Nikki Stokes (above right), and I run our business, Knot Knitting, as a home-based warehouse (our garage) and in our living rooms surrounded by our families. Wanting to
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Autumn Winter YARNS
The largest Australian yarn manufacturer is The Australian Y arn Company (A YC), which produces and distributes fi ve well-known brands: Heirloom, Cleckheaton, Panda, Patons and Shepherd. The business has three sites including a mill at Wangaratta an
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New Zealand YARNS
When choosing yarn to make socks, be sure to choose one that is created especially for socks. These yarns are generally a fibre blend that is hard-wearing Alpaca, wool or mohair blends, which will create a snug warmth. Keep in mind that they need reg
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Socks With Dots
• Patons Patonyle Merino 4 ply 50g: one ball of Sand (1003) for Colour 1 (C1) and one ball of Dark Grey (1005) for Colour 2 (C2) • Malabrigo Sock 100g: one skein of Ravelry Red (611) for Colour 3 (C3) • One set each 2.25mm [UK 13/US 1] and 2.5mm [UK
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Kitchener Stitch
Hold the two knitting needles with wrong sides together so that needle with the 50cm (20in) end attached is at the back and the end is on the right-hand side. Thread the end onto a yarn needle. You will work across the sts from right to left. Take ca
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Diary Dates
Verandah Post Quilters' Annual Quilt Show Macksville Senior Citizens Centre, 39 Princess Street, Macksville. Open 10am-4pm, Entry $5. More information: Diane Banks (02) 6568 1829 Eastwood Patchwork Quilters’ Biennial Quilt Exhibition Brush Farm Hous
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Monkey Business
Fiona Tully, Two Brown Birds – Blog: • 40 x 90cm (16 x 36in) each of wool felt in two different shades of mid/dark brown (bodies) • 10cm (4in) square of light pink wool felt (inner ears and cheeks) • 10 x 25cm (4 x 10i
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“I’ve always loved daisies. I grew up with them as they covered our garden at home. Perhaps they give me a sense of nostalgia, reminding me of making daisy chains with my sister and picking them for my mum when I was younger. She would use an egg cup
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Anne Oliver, Lolli and Grace – Website:,Instagram: @lolliandgrace, Facebook: Lolli and Grace Last issue we brought you Part 1 of the instructions to make this stunning doll. Now that you have made the doll's body, we share the
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Aldershot Meadows
Finished quilt size: 203cm (80in) square Note: Refer to the Fabric Key for the specific fabrics used in this project. Seam allowances of 1/4in are used throughout for the piecing. Instructions are given for working from the printed Pattern Sheet in
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Anne Oliver
Describe the space that you create in. I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated room for my work space. And even though it’s just inside our front door, I can just close the French doors to my room and pretend it’s all neat and organised in there. What
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Owl Be Watching Yoooooo!
Renette Opperman, • 35cm ( 3/8yd) cream tone-on-tone print fabric (appliqué background) • Scraps in assorted colours (appliqué and block frames) • 30cm ( 3/8yd) yellow mottled print fabric (sashings and Border 1) • 90cm (1
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My Home And Family
Our home is my sanctuary and my place to create. Currently with three children under one roof and two very active Pugs, there is always something happening. Mind you, things have become a little quieter as the children have got older. It was not unus
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Renette Opperman
Where do you live? My husband, Danie, and I live and work on our cattle farm in the northern part of rural South Africa near the small holiday town of Bela-Bela. The area where we live is typical African bushveldt and is well known worldwide among th
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Ebony & Ivory SCARF
The piano was invented in Italy by Bartolomeo Cristofori around the year 1700. Traditionally the black keys were made of ebony and the white keys were made of wood and covered with strips of ivory. ED note: Thank you to my godson Ziggy for being our
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Debra Kinsey
When did you start knitting? My mother taught me to knit in early primary school and we also had to knit and crochet in Grade 4 at school. My first project was a blue-and-red-striped garter stitch scarf, which I still have. I also learnt to sew in se
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The girls at Knot Knitting have premium string and yarn perfect for your crochet, knitting and macramé projects. The colours are all on trend and the yarn, cotton and string are lovely to work with. Find out more at, or find t
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