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Birds And The Flight
“To study the anatomy of bird wings together with the pectoral muscles, which move them”, recorded Leonardo on his notebook. “To do the same with man, to demonstrate the possibility of him being able to sustain himself on the air by beating wings”. D
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Dilemma Between Pilot And Machine
An automatic device is at the center of the debate about the new Boeing’s aircraft family after two fatal accidents in less than six months. As is well known, the 737 MAX version was given improvements in relation to the Next Generation, which has ge
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What Precautions Shall I Take When Entering And Exiting A Helicopter?
Contrarily to aircrafts, helicopters allow passenger boarding and unboarding at helipads with the engine on and the main rotor blades rotating. There are discussions about whether this procedure is safe or not; but what has to be understood here is w
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Air Fun
This year, Sun ‘n Fun, the traditional aeronautical meeting in Lakeland, Florida, has commemorated 45 years of existence with a series of actions and many exhibited novelties, as well as a significant change of name. The traditional Aerospace Center
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Air Defense
The 2019 edition of LAAD Defense and Security, which again has occurred in Riocentro convention center in Rio de Janeiro, has attracted over 450 domestic and international exhibitors from the defense and public security sectors. The proposal of the e
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Cutting The Engines
The Japanese company All Nippon Airways (ANA) officially has become the last operator of Airbus giant four-engine aircraft, the A380, which will be discontinued from 2021. ANA received its first A380, out of three, in a special ceremony in Toulouse,
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The Navigation Of The 737 Max
Two accidents in less than six months with the death of 346 people have determined the suspension of flights of the new generation of the most popular aircraft family of all times. In a chain effect, authorities throughout the world temporarily restr
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Pilots Report Anomalies
American pilots that pilot the Boeing 737 MAX formally recorded anomalies in the aircraft behavior during the flight under a series of situations. No one of the reports behaviors was expected by the aircraft manuals. In one of the reports a pilot sta
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Over The Andes
However experienced a pilot may be, flights to different places and with high degree of complexity always cause a certain anxiety, since we want everything to occur in the best possible way. Leaving our comfort zone and the places where we are used t
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Many Promises, Little Novelties
This year edition of Heli-Expo was the first one in Atlanta, one of the United States’ largest cities. The fair demands nearly 90,000 square meters of exhibition area to house over 700 exhibitors with an average of 60 helicopters exhibited in the con
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Is It Worth To Buy An Old Aircraft?
Aircrafts are long durability goods. In Latin America the fleet of certified aircrafts in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, continues to be present in the everyday life of operations, meeting a wider spectra of activities in relation to that proposed by t
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Do You Fly Safely?
You and your aircraft are flying safely? The question may seem impertinent, but should be asked for reflection of who flies. A professional pilot, flying for a commercial aviation regular airline, (that s ells tickets), is continuously exercising ski
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Bandeirante, The Wild Explorer
There are dozens, if not hundreds, of stories of renowned aircrafts conceived and produced. Some of them are iconic, like the Ju-87 Stuka, a true symbol of the Nazi blitzkrieg, or the B-52 Stratofortress, obscure legend of the Cold War. Other revolut
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Purchase And Sale Of Aircrafts
The circumstances of 2019 seem to be more favorable for the fly and the aircraft purchase and sale market is reviving. In this scenario, we have prepared our already traditional Buyer´s Guide with certified aircrafts for sale in the leading markets o
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Make A Rational Purchase
Business aviation benefits are numberless – privacy, mobility, productivity - and when a businessman acquires his own aircraft, the decision normally represents a milestone in the company’s growth and soundness. However, if the process is unduly plan
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Brazil’s Largest Rescue Force
A dense reddish brown layer causes a wound in the heart of the town, making a huge trail of destruction. Seeing through the Squirrel windshield, the air view of the small Brumadinho, in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte is distressing. The unli
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The Uncertainties Of Embraer
Since it was made public, in July last year, the agreement between Boeing and Embraer for the creation of a joint venture for the manufacturing and marketing of commercial aircrafts for regional flights underwent several atypical situations in and up
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After a period marked by the entry into service of remotorized models, which have dominated the aeronautical industry over the last five years in the regular aviation market, and some setbacks, a series of novelties is coming to view in the horizon o
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The Fighters
The air support offered to firemen fighting the flames in California has a large variety of aircrafts and helicopters, we highlight the most representative. They are aircrafts undergoing high structural fatigue on the wing spars due to the type of mi
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Tax Incentive
Walking around the corridors of the Orange County, in Orlando, the US’s second largest convention center, it was surprising the number and the size of stands of aircraft manufacturers during the world’s largest business aviation fair. At NBAA-BACE 20
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Paul Allen, The Father Of Space Tourism
Like many people born in the fifties, Paul Gardner Allen, the billionaire cofounder of Microsoft, when he was a child, was captivated by the space. While the United States and the Soviet Union challenged themselves on the knowledges about future spac
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Presidential Air Crafts
Air Force One perhaps may be the world’s most famous presidential aircraft. It uses to be associated with the blue and white 747-200 of the US air force, but the designation is officially used for any aircraft transporting the US president. Although
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Greatness Among The Medium Ones
Aviation evolution has never go at such long steps. Construction engineering and on-board technological advances surprise at each launch, whatever the manufacturer or size of the equipment. From simpler to more complex models, helicopters offer tools
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A Generous Legacy
Leaving is mark as philanthropist, businessman, sport entrepreneur, sport and art lover, the intuition and technological talent of Paul Allen made him a billionaire with little more than 30 years old. And his influence was felt much beyond his belove
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Sales Begin To Recover
The world’s largest business aviation fair confirmed the growth that was shown in the world market since the last year. During the NBAA, over a million people could follow up, in real time, the digital coverage that our team made in the United States
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Supersonic Flight
During the NBAA-BACE 2018, Aerion Corporation announced the new tacks of the AS2 program, for a supersonic business jet. The main novelties were the choice of GE for the development of the engine, which will be the greatest challenge on the program o
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Latin America In Debate
Held in Panama, the annual Airline Leaders Forum (ALTA) in 2018 one more time met together the leading executives of Latin-American Aviation and from several companies and entities of the world. The most outstanding issues during the meeting addresse
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