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Invisible Harm
Joe, Sally, Thembi, and Peresha are best mates. They love to braai after their trail runs. They're all against tobacco smoking, so it's ironic that they have no problem with breathing in lungfuls of barbeque smoke. First, the burned fat from grilling
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Rustig Gauteng
Access 8am-5pm winter 7am-5pm summer Dogs Not allowed Fee R65-R75 / Trails 3 / Best route 13km / Ascent 850m / Difficulty Tough / Time 150min Staring up at the peak, huffing and puffing, you might think the challenge is insurmountable. That is how I
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Running Happy
You put in all the time, the training, the blood, sweat, and tears. You are as ready as you can be for your race. You have a clear goal of what you want to achieve on the day. The adrenalin is pumping on race day. Your brain is excited. You are going
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Running Saved My Life
Mike Tredway, Mooi River miketredway Knock it back to 2010. I was in a DARK SPACE, with no apparent escape. Then it got even WORSE! I had a road ACCIDENT. Drove my car under a stationary truck on the freeway. I decided then that NEVER AGAIN would I t
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Sterkhorn KZN
Access 6am – 6pm Dogs Not allowed Fee R40 / Trails Various / Best route 17km / Ascent 1,970m / Difficulty Tough / Time 5h This is one of the most beautiful and toughest trails I’ve done. There are only about nine kays to the top, depending on which r
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Post-Workout Chow-Down
A fundamental goal of training for athletes is to maximise training in order to increase potential for competition, through enhancing performance during subsequent training sessions as well as over time adapting to the repeated stress of regular trai
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Trail Film Awards
Congratulations to everyone who submitted their film into the 2018 Awards. It’s no small feat to create a film of any length, and you achieved it. Special mention to the two winners: Lost in South Africa and Juan Scholtz. Their work was rated most po
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Tranquilitas MP
Access 8:30am-4:30pm Dogs No Fee R40 / Trails Various / Best route 25km / Ascent 840m / Difficulty Intermediate / Time 160min Waterval Boven is an adventurer’s paradise: the perfect trail training ground. Tranquilitas Adventure Farm has played a majo
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Lost In The Desert
In every sport, there are winners, the people at the pinnacle of achievement. Would we call those at the opposite end of the competitive spectrum losers? Well, they are not really losers. They have not beat out the competition, but have overcome some
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Simonsberg Western Cape
Access Daylight hours Dogs No Fee Free / Trails 1 / Best route 8.5km / Ascent 980m / Difficulty Tough / Time 120min Trail runners in Stellenbosch are spoiled for hill-repeat choices. Even though Jonkershoek and Botmaskop deserve their fame, the lesse
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Jump Rope
Personal trainer RHAIN HOSKINS uses skipping rope routines to get his clients faster and stronger. Need some extra spring in your step? Skipping or jump rope may be the answer! Not only is skipping a great conditioning exercise, but it also builds re
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Trail ZA
Publisher Deon Braun | Editorial Heloise | 031 261 6133 Advertising Deon | 082 377 4669 Event listings Send info to Address 64 Feilden Drive, Glenmore, Durban, 40
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Trail Through The Pen, Lens, And Smartphone
THE HAPPY RUNNER David Roche, Megan Roche, MD | Human Kinetics R340-R439 Running coach David Roche and his wife Dr Megan Roche co-wrote this book to help you find joy, self-acceptance, and a sustainable running career. The angle is that running can g
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Autumn Gear
R2 399 | The most precise fitting running pack specifically designed for women, Advanced Skin 8 Set W has a unique shape and places the women-specific soft flasks below the breasts to eliminate pressure when it is cinched down. Th
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Plyo Strength
Engaging in the correct strength training at the right time can make a world of difference to your running. In the previous issues we discussed the first three of the four key strength aspects for runners. They should be trained in the following orde
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Make It Happen
This has been a rewarding but trying issue to create. In my personal life, I’ve had tough times preparing for the 100 mile Addo Elephant Trail Run. I write this five days before attempting it, not knowing whether I’ll want to write a new editorial no
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Octogenarian Joy
Jan van den Berg, parent to Team C (power trail couple Caitlin Lewis and Cobus van den Berg) is running short and long for the joy of it at age 86. Jan runs 5km to 8km every second day, wearing polyester shorts and a pair of beat up tekkies. He doesn
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R55 7ml tub | R85 14g tub | R130 21ml sti ck | R185 48ml sti ck | R199 57ml tub | squirrelsnutbutt Squirrel’s Nut Butter makes the world’s best all-natural, anti-chafe, and restorative skin products. Ingredients are never synthetic. Ther
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Fascia, Psoas and Injury
In my 26 years as a bodywork practitioner, I have finally managed to piece together the puzzle of how to heal a body that is compensating, dysfunctional, constantly in pain, or prone to injury. The psoas is one of the most misunderstood muscles in th
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Let It Go, And Heal Yourself
If someone told me a couple of months ago that the stress I experience would manifest as a physical injury, I would raise my eyebrows with a thin-lipped smile. But now I know better! A few too many Big Important Decisions, obligations, and a print de
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Read & Run
Compelled to put some positivity into the world, she started Read & Run after school classes with Grade 3 and Grade 4 students in August 2018. Once a week, she uses her 20 years of education experience to help with their English skills and gets the e
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R1 995 | Designed and built with the collaboration of world-class HOKA trail athletes, the Torrent boasts competitive credentials. Created as a trail racer, it incorporates a combination of cushioning and agility. The lightweight per
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Shoe specialist GRANT BRYANT answers the age-old question: Shoes are an investment, and they wear out gradually. There comes a point when continuing to use an old pair of shoes can hinder or hurt you. Let’s figure out where that point lies… First and
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MY WORDS My Viewpoint TRAILza TRAILmag I am a father of two and a medical doctor with serious FOMO for races. I moved from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth with my family in June 2018. The Department of Health accommodates us in St Geor
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Young… And Fast!
Mmeli Ndimande, Sipho Canham, and Allyson du Plooy started the INANDA TRAIL RUNNING CLUB to make a difference in this KZN community. "We are a development club that aims to introduce trail running to our community," explains Mmeli. "But most importan
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R239-R249 | Zone-specific compression provides superior comfort and support. The socks conform to left and right structure of the foot providing enhanced fit and reduced risk of blisters. The hand-linked seamless toe eliminates an ob
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My American Dream
During my two month stay in the United States of America I travelled through California, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, and visited world famous national parks and mountain ranges. My travels were prompted by a 50km race, part of the Am
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It’s All Hundreds
In a poll I'm yet to conduct, 83% of respondents will say they did their first trail run because a friend invited them. But I suspect that 100% of 100 miler runners will say a friend or fellow runner convinced them to try the 160km distance… That was
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Trail It Forward
He’s giving back to the sport and community that gave him his health. Conrad (43) is husband to a supportive wife and a father of two little girls. Six years ago he was an overweight chain smoker. A friend convinced him to do a trail run at Hedianga
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